Bitcoin is exactly pumping like we have Been predicting for days right now and On today's video I will talk about my Price targets where I think Bitcoin is Going towards why it is pumping right Now here and many more important charts That are telling us something about Where Bitcoin is heading towards next of Course I will be also discussing the News regarding the Bitcoin spot ETF Approval because we've got some very Important news we need to discuss right Now that will tell us something about What we're going to be seeing in the Coming 24 to 30 hours what is going to Be the window for the bcoin sport ETF Acceptance so without any further Ado Don't forget to slap up the like button Back above 600 likes on today's update Video that will be an absolute pleasure And with that of being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Yes guys first of all I quickly want to Be stating in this entire region on the Lower side if you've been subscribed to The channel you've been absolutely Winning like crazy because yes in this Entire region below I've been stating on My YouTube channel that this is a bear Trip and you shouldn't get fooled Because you have to understand the Bigger perspective with the Bitcoin SP ETF people are not going to necessarily Sell it no it's going to be another

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Runup and just make sure to stick in the Video because I'm going to also talk About where we're going to be heading Towards from off this point so we saw That Bitcoin create this massive Consolidation phase and we exactly broke Above the downward soing resistance line And yes we exactly broke above this Trend here we were basically forming Lower highs every single time and at This point we confirmed at higher low And that was also the point where we Were breaking above this very important Horizontal level I also discussed in Yesterday's video you can clearly see we Broke Above This level flipped it into Support and after retesting it we had That extreme big blast towards the Upside and currently if we're looking at The Bitcoin price setion let's say we're Going to see a slight pullback what is The level where I will be very Interested it is going to be this 45.7k Level because previously ran this was The level that provided Massive Resistance and if we can't hold that Level it's going to be 5 5.3k so these Are two very important levels if Bitcoin Were to be coming down where I will be Interested on even opening up bigger Positions on bitcoin but definitely Right now we're already seeing that First leg towards the upside and we can Even see that right now on the imminent

Short term we're creating a new Consolidation phase and maybe you could Be approaching it differently that we're Even creating a bull flag pattern for Bitcoin right now here so there are Different kinds of patterns currently Emerging but where I should definitely Look towards is the downward soing Resistance line and the downward soing Support line and of of course we could Potentially break this upper sloping Support line right here because I don't Really think that the touch points are Good enough here so this is at the Levels that I'm currently looking at and Of course if Bitcoin does decide to be Breaking resistance we could potentially Start to see the next move getting Initiated but you have to understand That these moves on bitcoin are really Getting initiated due to the news and of Course the news is of course that that Bitcoin SP TF is around the corner that It is about to be happening and I've Been stating this for days in a row Right now here that yes most likely in This news era Bitcoin is just going to Go up here because yes people are going To get super excited but the reason why We move towards the upside yesterday is First of all due to the fact that fek Bought more than 72 million US dollars In Bitcoin to seat its ATF so of course If they're buying Bitcoin from the

Market it is going to be increasing buy Pressure and also another reason why we Had this massive search towards the Upside was due to the fact that Gary Gensler literally wrote a threat about Bitcoin he wrote a sweat about Bitcoin And what you need to have to keep in Mind if you were to be investing in it So if this isn't a sign that the ETF is Going to get accepted what is honestly And also yesterday we got all these ETFs Uh basically uh refiling for their um Fee structure and also someone said due To the additional comments uh from the SSC it is most likely going to be a Delay uh but this is not what James Seford is thinking he said yes indeed It's true we are indeed getting these Comments back here but he is still Expecting to see more amendments coming Towards the market today so on Tuesday And then he still thinks it's going to Get accepted on Wednesday so what he is Saying and he is a Bloomberg ETF Specialist what he basically is saying Is that today we're probably going to See some more amendments and then Tomorrow we're going to get the Bitcoin SP ETF accepted so that is what we're Looking out for right now here I think Tomorrow is going to be a gigantic day For Bitcoin today is still going to be a Day where we're going to be having some Calm before the storm so yeah you can

Clearly see I discuss this also in Yesterday's video I said once we break Off the red box here guys then I think We're going to go absolutely absolutely Exponential and it was definitely a very Good word to use for it because yeah Literally once we broke up off the red Box and if you've been subscribed to the Channel you know it um yeah I've been Saying this but we went also very much Exponential because you can just clearly See on how important this red box here Is for Bitcoin uh basically for the last Two and a half months we've been getting Rejected by this level so this is just a Very important level to be paying Attention towards so looking at the Bitcoin liquidation heat map of course I Discussed this in in every single video Right now there's not necessarily a big Amount of liquidity above us or below us So I can't really make my op opinion About it but of course we have been Making so much money from of this Indicator all L because every single Time I've been seeing that there's a big Amount of liquidity piling up above us Or below us I pointed out and almost Every single time Bitcoin tends to be Moving towards it at the same time the Fing rat is becoming a little bit higher What is definitely a sign of worry but It is not high at all so it's still Looking quite okay here and honestly it

Is still suggesting Bitcoin could go Much much higher from off this point Onwards and of course I discussed this As well guys we are still holding up the Daily support line that is a very good Thing here and right now also we're Seeing another breakout from this Potential Asic triangle where we first Of all saw a massive fake out from and We got more rejections here before that Right now we clearly breaking out with a Confirmed candle towards the upside so If you want to be trading yourself here Guys make sure to check out bit because Bit allows you to get a $40,000 to of Bonus and on top top of that you could Claim a free $1,000 position and all you Need to do for this position is Literally this is the only thing you Need to do is go to the link description Of today's video sign up an account Using that link below deposit $100 in Your first seven days and complete kyc Level one and then you could claim this Insane free $1,000 trade and yeah make Sure to sign up using that link below Because it's only valid if you use that Link but definitely a massive win-win Situation and honestly if you can't use Kyc on bybit make sure to check out FX Where you can trade without KY And they're giving you literally a 10% Cash back on everything you're Depositing so uh yeah I just got a

Message from someone who I'm working With on FX and we distributed more than $40,000 use doar in the last month so if You want to be using FX and get the 10% Cash back make sure to check it out in The link description of today's video Going further towards the content we can Currently see and I stated this also on The previous videos is that the T market Cap is going exponentially up and Usually once the data market Gap goes up Bitcoin tends to be following and once Again this is exactly like we have been Seeing over here you have to understand The bigger perspective if there's just More liquidity in the market the market Tends to go up here so if tedar prints a Couple billion US Dollars yeah most Likely the market is going to go up here So so make sure next time if we're Seeing tedar is printing a significant Amount of money you know you should be Paying attention towards it further on We can see the daily eme ribbon still Holding strong on bitcoin and of course Here on the 3-day time frame we're Having this massive breakout of this Symmetrical triangle and honestly this This is just the beginning I've stated This several times before here that We're just in the beginning stage here Of this next big breakout I mean if You're zooming out on bitcoin you can See that the big resistance in the past

Was of course this high in the market Right here sorry uh this high in the Market right here so this was the high We couldn't break above of and this was The high where we got a massive Rejection from and look about what level We're currently retesting we're Literally retesting that previous high In the market so are we right now at a Very important stage in the market yes We are you you can clearly see it also In the weekly time frame we are Literally trading at massive weekly Resistance also at massive 3-day Resistance but we are currently just Sitting at the pivot pivotal point in Bitcoin but once again I want to be Pointing this out here again because the Real reason why Bitcoin is moving right Now is not necessarily because of the Technicals no it's because of the news That is currently having such a big role In Bitcoin because honestly if I were to Be looking at this region without the News and without the narrative here on The daily time frame I would have been Quite bearish if we didn't have this Pump right here right so we're creating Some bearish momentum on The Daily time Frame but I do understand that once the ETF gets accepted we're probably going To go see even more upside for Bitcoin So it's also that you have to understand The fundamental reasons why to be

Bullish or bearish but also the Technical reasons so it's a little bit Of a combination between both and I Totally understand that so that is why It's important to subscribe to the Channel right now because this was it For you today's update video tomorrow I Will be back with another update and Tomorrow is the day where the bit sport ETF is going to get accepted so make Sure to tune in tomorrow Smash Up The Bell notification because because if the ETF gets accepted I will straight away Make an update video for you guys out There and potentially even go live here So make sure to subscribe and I'll see You guys then peace out goodbye

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