Bitcoin is right now creating a golden Cross and you need to see this so I will Be exactly discussed what is currently Happening Here for Bitcoin I will talk About this gigantic move that is just Getting started because if we're looking At history this move could get way more W so make sure to watch this video till The end I'm going to exactly explain About all the things that currently are Going on and many more important charts So without any further Ado don't forget To slap up the like button on today's Update video and let me jump straight Away in and yes guys once looking at the Iment shortterm for Bitcoin yesterday we Once again exactly hit my resistance box And that was the point where Bitcoin got Rejected from and this is also what I Yesterday said on Twitter I mean Honestly Bitcoin it could be moving up Here and indeed it was breaking out of The symmetrical triangle but really the Point where Bitcoin needs to be breaking Above off is this horizontal resistance Range here because I personally think That this box right here is the Liquidity box and this is the point Where Bitcoin is probably going to see The majority of the rejections and if we Can confirm the break Above This level Then I will be expecting yes Bitcoin is Probably going to go much much higher But since it was weekend also over the

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Course of the last weekend I did not Exactly traded this breakout right here Potentially we do right now have an Opportunity to be trading the upper Sloping support line or potentially in The near future the downward sloping Resist line anyways Bitcoin was trading Over the course of a weekend so Bitcoin Created another CME Gap and honestly Over the last weekend we also create the CME Gap and if you waited for that CME Gap you got absolutely wrecked and that Is why I always say you should never 100% anticipate the CME gaps and you Should never wait to be accumulating Bitcoin for such kind of a CME Gap Because that is how the majority of the People get fools and that is also how Some friends of mine literally missed Out of buying Bitcoin around $9,000 us So right now Bitcoin is creating another C Gap likely it's going to get filled up Here but it's not 100% sure but if we're Going to be looking at Bitcoin the C Close price is around 34.1k so it is Very possible that we're going to go Down there but I'm not 100% convinced That it necessarily has to to be Happening but just be on high alert we Are currently creating one and then at The same time the 200 day and 50-day Moving average are currently Crossing Again here what means that we're Currently creating a bull cross Golden

Cross better set and this is Historically an indication that better Times are coming and this is also an Indication that the market is once again Reversing back towards the upside we Literally saw it of course happening Over here that was also the beginning of That move towards the upside here we had A death cross and actually Bitcoin only Moved up after the death cross what is Quite ironic in my opinion but honestly If we're going to be looking at these Crosses these are super lagging Indicators and all they are telling is Basically what has already happened I Mean here we had a death cross and this Was actually indicating some gigantic Lag towards the downside here as well we Had a death cross Bitcoin didn't Necessarily move much towards the Downside but these are lagging Indicators so indeed we are having a Golden cross right now here but in the End of the day it is not necessarily Meaning so much maybe in hindsight it Meant a lot here but honestly I should Take this with a grain of salt then Quickly looking at this region between $29,000 and $36,000 you can see that the Majority of the liquidations are Actually not laying below us anymore but Actually above us what is quite Interesting in my opinion there are a Lot of liquidations laying around 35.5k

Here so a lot of people are actually Shorting this move here and honestly I Am still very much convinced that we can Be moving up and my upwards targets I'm Going to talk about it in a second from Now on so make sure to stick in the Stream because I've got some insane Targets that I'm going to be aiming for And I'm going to reveal them all in this Video so if you want to be trading Bitcoin on a breakout or a breakdown or Basically on this massive move towards The upside and I know a lot of my Followers did so yeah congratulations For everyone who did took the straight Towards the upside and if you want to Claim a free trade worth $1,000 you can Do so right now here all you need to do Here is sign up the account using that Link below deposit $100 within 7 Days Compl complete kyc and you can claim That insane deposit bonus up to $1,000 What is absolutely insane in my opinion With let me right now talk about what Currently is going on with Bitcoin Because on the weekly time frame Bitcoin Is about to get overbought again here And what does it mean overbought is Basically an indication on the RS side That the relative strength index is Extremely strong and that we are in Overbought territorium but it's not Necessarily bad to be in that Territorium because every single time

Bitcoin is in that stage it usually Stays there for a little bit longer and It is giving an indication that there is A lot of fomo or a lot of interest in The market and we are about to be going Overbought for the first time in Approximately what is at 938 days what Is of course the beginning of the bull Market what is absolutely insane if you Would ask me here so Bitcoin really Baning back here and I mean you saw it In the last bull not the last the bull Market of 2017 you saw it in the the Previous bull market but you saw also a Small little spike in the previous bare Market recovery phase are we right now In this phase it looks to be that we're In somewhat of such kind of a stage so Interesting times I had here in my Opinion but of course Bitcoin is mainly Moving up here due to the anticipation Of the Bitcoin spot ETF that is is Probably going to hit the market in the Coming 70 days so make sure to get ready For that as well at the same time Bitcoin is creating this massive cop and Handle pattern right breaking outside of It breaking above this region and I've Said this several times before guys we Are literally right now breaking in Towards the bull market region Bitcoin Broke outside of this 4 500 day Consolidation phase below us 550 day Consolidation phase below us and Ry is

Moving back towards the bullish region So if Bitcoin were to be having a retest Of this level right here guys that would Definitely mean a gigantic opportunity For everyone out there in the market and If I would see a retest on that level I Personally would take it with both hands Here so I'm looking forward towards Seeing that potential retest hit the Market then at the same time 36.5k is Going to be the main resistance for me To be looking at and the main support is Of course going to be this massive Horizontal line that I just talked about And that's going to be 31.7k so if Bitcoin were to be moving up here if Bitcoin were to be breaking Above This Level right here I think 36.5k is the Level to look at why is because this is Literally the region low on the weekly Time frame and yeah and Theos provided Support so I can guarantee you of course I can't guarantee anything in the market But what I am looking for is 36.5k is Going to be a massive point where Bitcoin is going to have a rejection I Mean once we had this move towards the Upside right here I also exactly got 31 To 31.5k was the resistance point and I Mean calling these resistances is not so Hard but you have to understand the game You have to look through the order books You have to look at these important Levels and I've done it all so that is

Why I will be looking at 36.5k as the Resistance and personally I don't think We're going to break through it straight Away but if we really break through 36.5k straight away um it may sounds a Little bit ridiculous but the next Target is going to be $443,000 what is Of course even more up so that's is what I will be looking at right now on the Ed Short term at the same time on the BLX So all the charts combined here the Volume is still dropping on bitcoin what Is quite interesting I've already seen It here on onchain matrixes the Bitcoin Volume and interest is not necessarily Rising while the price is here so this Definitely the smart money that's Currently accumulating Li ing so that's Definitely a very interesting take in my Opinion here the people that are were Already interested in crypto are Actually right now the ones that are Buying not the newbies that are coming In the market right now here so Following that the ETF could even create More buying uh pressure in my opinion But what is interesting the volume Remains to be dropping so there is still A big move lying ahead of ourselves and Bitcoin is moving up with relatively low Volume what basically means that the Reason why Bitcoin is also really moving Up right now here is that there are not A lot of sell orders in the market and

If nobody is willing to sell his Bitcoins for $35,000 what it looks to be Right now here since we're already Trading Above This level for more than Six days if I say correctly yeah more Than six days it could basically go Higher because if no one is willing to Sell Bitcoin is just going to go higher And you can see it clearly in the Bitcoin dominance as well so money from Altcoins is starting to move back to Bitcoin so exactly like we've been Predicting so Bly I think the shift from Um the Bitcoin to altcoins is probably Going to happen once Bitcoin breaks its Tim my here and probably we're going to See like a few dumps here in the Bitcoin Dominus and a few moov moves for Altcoins before that happens but the big Move and the big reversal uh what I'm Talking about like these kinds of moves Here in the Bitcoin dominance I think It's going to happen once Bitcoin breaks Its altim my because it happened also in The last time and it happens in the last Two bull runs so I won't be surprised if That is going to be happening again here So I will be looking out for that this Was it for me in today's up the video Guys make sure to share this video with Your friends because honestly I think a Lot of people could learn from these Videos about what currently is going on With Bitcoin and of course once these

ETFs hit the market I'm going to explain It all on Twitter on YouTube so make Sure to follow me right now here Subscribe to the channel and see you Guys on the next one peace out goodbye

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