Bitcoin is right now getting ready for Another gigantic move and on today's Update video I will be getting exactly Into towards the details about what my Next move is going to be how I will be Trading Bitcoin right now and I will be Exactly go over my strategy I will be Discussing it in detail on today's video So without any further Ado don't forget To snap up the like button back above 1,000 likes that will be absolutely Incredible with that being said let me Jump straight away in towards the Content so on the imminent short term we Can currently start to see that Bitcoin Is actually once again starting to Create a new consolidation phase here on That 1our time frame and you can clearly See the downward sloping resist line is Already getting created the upward Sloping support line as well and Basically we're expecting that tomorrow The big moves are going to be happening Again since tomorrow it's Monday and on Tomorrow we are most likely to see the Most amount of volume getting traded on The market so yeah maybe Bitcoin is Still going to be breaking towards the Upside or maybe Bitcoin is going to be Going lower but since we also created This massive wick on the lower side Right here I am honestly expecting that We are still going to be going lower Eventually and my price targets remain

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To be the same I still think that Bitcoin is going to take out all this Lose liquidity that has been laying here In the market for weeks right now and I Think that Bitcoin will be going a Little bit below it grab that liquidity And move towards the upside so there's a Lot of unta liquidity right here in the Market that I think Bitcoin is going to Be grabbing and I will be using this in My advantage not in my disadvantage you Have to understand that with my Bitcoin Hle position on my ledger I am not going To be selling off anything because there I am stacking more and more every single Day but with my trading positions I am Looking to be opening up a massive long Position right here around that 39.7 to 39.5k level because I do really think That that is the point where Bitcoin is Most likely going to be finding very big Support so this is my game strategy Right now here Bitcoin looks at on the Four early time frame it is getting Ready for that next next move here on The four early time frame it already Looks like Bitcoin is getting ready for That next move and I am going to be Maximally benefiting from it you could Also trade this symmetrical triangle Right here if we break either below Support or above resistance so what is My strategy right now here and what am I Looking at right now in terms of support

And resistance so I think that Bitcoin Will be consolidating a little bit in This region and potentially if we break The green line of support I think we're Going to go towards my buy targets and If I'm currently clearly looking at the Bitcoin chart right now here you can see That on the top side the big resistance Is sitting around 43.3k so if we break Above the 43.3k potentially we could Even go back towards 44.8k but if we break below the 42.3k I Think we're even going to go down to 40.6k or even to 49.7k so these are the two most Important buy regions and these are the Two most important resistance regions Above us I mean you've clearly seen this Previous level provided massive Resistance for Bitcoin currently once Again providing resistance and this Level is well in the past provided big Support and currently once again Providing support and I can guarantee You that this level on the way down is Also going to be providing somewhat of Support so these are the two most Important levels to be looking at on the Immin the short term and if we break it We're going to go towards the next level And that is how I'm approaching Bitcoin Currently right now so here on the 4ly Time frame we had that Rising wedge Pattern I discussed while we were

Trading in it here exactly in the top Side the price target of this pattern is Still sitting around 40.5k a little bit Lower where we're currently trading F But I personally still think we are Going to be reaching the target it's Going to be a matter of weeks before We're going to be reaching that then on The bigger perspective ther is still Printing more money and as ster is Injecting more liquidity in the market I Still think that the macro perspective For Bitcoin is going to be bullish so You have to understand that indeed Currently I am saying and I'm waiting For Bitcoin to come down a little bit Lower but you have to understand that on The bigger perspective the more money is Getting injected into towards the Ecosystem also with the ETFs the more Likely it is that Bitcoin is going to go Up over time and of course we've seen That more than 10 million US dollars in Volume was recorded in the first two Days of the Bitcoin sport ETF so yes Indeed I think that in the coming year We're going to be having a very bullish Year but maybe the coming week or coming Two weeks are going to be a little bit More tough so that is what I am at least Expecting you can clearly see that on The daily time frame we're creating Lower highs on the RSI and higher on the Price action so Bitcoin is really just

Getting ready for that next big move That we're about to be creating so the Bearish Divergence once again perfectly Played out on bitcoin so if you want to Be trading any of these moves that we're Currently looking at make sure to go to Buybit in the link of today's video Description because you can currently Claim a deposal bonus worth $40,000 and without this link it's only 400 so it's definitely a win-win Situation and on top of that guys you Could currently claim a free $1,000 Trade for only depositing $100 in your First 7 days if you sign up an account Using that link below so this is a Massive Theos bonus that is currently Running on bybit and you could be Claiming it right now and if you can't Trade buy it because you can't do kyc Check out FX where you can get a 10% Cash back on everything you are dep Posting on the exchange so looking real Quickly at the liquidation heat map guys We can currently see that not a lot of Liquidity is spawning up above us or Below us and if we're looking at the Monthly you can see it even more clearly There's just at the moment not a massive Amount of liquidity that we can chasing Can be chasing just like we saw here There was a massive amount of liquidity And boom We chased it out right so once We're clearly seeing liquidity spiling

Up somewhere in the market that is the Point where I will be expecting okay Right now Bitcoin is just going to have That big squeeze towards the upside or The big squeeze towards the downside so If that were to be happening again you Will be the first one to know if you are Subscribed to this channel because I Will be discussing this every single day In my update videos so on the 3-day time Frame we can currently also clearly see That Bitcoin is also creating that Bearish Divergence maybe the effect on The 3day time frame we have not seen yet Because yeah the uptrend has been quite Huge and if we break it there could be a Big macro uh Trend reversal for Bitcoin Right there could be something uh big Coming if we are going to be flipping The macro here but honestly I don't Really believe that that is going to be The case this time around but here on The bigger perspective on the weekly Time frame you can clearly see the the Resistance to break for a Bitcoin is $48,000 48,000 Is the level to break for Bitcoin you Can clearly see the massive rejection we Got from it you can see it also here on This chart and of course guys you have To understand in 97 days from now on we Are going to be having the Bitcoin Hing And once the Bitcoin Hing is going to be There that is the point where I think

The next gigantic big bull run is going To be starting for Bitcoin so uh just 97 More days before it's going to be there It's going to be mid of April so make Sure to get ready for that here at least I am already ready um so yeah thank you So much for watching and I hope and I Hope to see guys back tomorrow on the Update video because tomorrow it's Monday tomorrow trading opens again and Then we're going to be seeing more Volatility and yes guys if we are going To be reaching my targets I'm going to Be having a different bias but currently I still think we're going to go a little Bit lower so this is my expectation Thanks so much for watching and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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