Bitcoin dumped exactly towards the Downside like we discussed on Yesterday's video and on today's video I Will exactly discuss the most important Support for Bitcoin why this has been Happening for Bitcoin what are my next Targets for this move towards the Downside and when will Bitcoin be Finding support so without any further Ado don't forget to slap all the like Button back up 600 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that of Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and and yes guys Yesterday I talked about that Bitcoin Was breaking below this very important Support line and was breaking below the Symmetrical triangle and that my price Targets were going to be somewhere Around $35,000 and exactly that was the target We've been reaching right now Bitcoin Still Remains to be actually holding up The upward sloping support line what is Still quite a decent thing here but Actually also we are still holding up This green box of support so things are Still looking quite decent only Bitcoin Saw a small correction and I've been Saying this on the channel for a while Here on the top side that Bitcoin was Looking like it was stopping out and That it was looking very dangerously why Is because we saw the fing rate was

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Extremely high and now it is coming down Again here and even on some exchanges it Is negative what means that are more Short positions active but this is a Very good wipe out in the market because On this move towards the downside that Bitcoin created here we saw more than 400 million US dollars in Bitcoin open Interest getting wiped out in just a Matter of a few hours this move towards The downside is purely to be shaking out These long positions so I exactly said It on yesterday's video I said it on Literally the last four or five videos Here on the channel and yeah right now Honestly I think Bitcoin is going to see Somewhat of sign withs consolidation I Do remain to be thinking that we're Going to be holding up the sloping Support line but if we do fail to hold This level honestly my next Target is Going to be this region right here Around 33.5 to$ 34,000 and if we break that level I Think the next big support is going to Be 31 to 31500 so these are my support Targets on the lower side and I'm going To show them in the charts in a second From now and but like I discussed Yesterday guys this is why it is so Important to identify the trends here Because yesterday we saw a change of Character after Bitcoin created that Lower low in the market right here right

We created that lower low and that was Basically the change of character and Once again I've been discussing it so Many times before on the Channel first You have these uh not very exponential Move then a little bit more exponential Move and then boom the exponential move Towards the downside so I do right now Think that the move towards the downside Is over because this is the typical Behavior Bitcoin has and honestly what I'm expecting is most likely sideways Consolidation between 3534 to $38,000 so if you want to be trading or Benefiting from any volatility Bitcoin Is right now creating make sure to go to Buby because if you sign up an account On buby you can claim a deposit bonus up To $40,000 and without this link is only 400 and you can actually claim an insane Insane extra a bonus you can claim a Free $1,000 air position for only Depositing $100 within the first 7 days After signing up and one thing is very Important you have to sign up using that Link below otherwise you can't claim it So super simple to do and you could be Claiming this insane deposit bonus right Now further on we can see that Bitcoin Of course created that bearish Divergence we talked about the momentum Loss as well on the channel for quite a While right now here so yeah Bitcoin is

Creating some bearish momentum however On the imate short term right now we are Creating an higher high on the On the price action and a lower low on The RSI so Bitcoin is right now creating An hidden bullish Divergence honestly I Am not super bearish right now anymore I Don't necessarily think that Bitcoin is Going to drop significantly and I've Discussed this many times before if Bitcoin really were to be coming down Toch let me quickly search for the chart Towards this level right here if it Really comes down to 30 to $32,000 it honestly would be a gift so If Bitcoin comes down towards that level I'm going to be benefiting from it I'm Going to be opening up big positions but Yes on the IM the short term we're Seeing some slight momentum loss for Bitcoin also in the daily time frame We're creating a small little bearish Adverage right here but honestly we're Seeing uh Bitcoin has been going up very Exponentially towards the upside and Honestly I won't be surprised if we're Getting to see somewhat of this price Actually like some consolidation right Here and then the ETF news is going to Hit the market and Bitcoin is going to Go to the next stage and honestly for The price action of Bitcoin it will be Also very good if we're going to see Somewhat of consolidation around this

Region and yes guys if we are going to Be looking at the bigger perspective Honestly Bitcoin is just is looking Super bullish we're creating that cop And handle breakout we're breaking out Of the massive symmetrical triangle and Quickly going to be giving you guys an Heads up here but in the past 24 hours We saw more than 300 million US dollars In crypto liquidation so it feels like We're re-entering a boom Market again Because that is also the period where We're seeing so many liquidation uh but This time around it was in Long Liquidation so be careful with longing The market once it is so overextended And that is why I think it's important To watch these videos because I warned You guys for the last seven days that This was not really the time to be Looking at Longs because the risk was Most certainly increasing because if Everyone is longing I don't really think It's the best time to long because if Everyone is leaning to the left side Usually Bitcoin goes to the right side Also a thing to be considering here is Ethereum and ethereum got also once Again rejected from that $2100 us Barrier and this is actually the level That we want to be breaking because if We break this level we're breaking out Of this massive asending triangle and This asending triangle is a price around

$5,000 so yeah this is quite quite Massive so this was it for me in today's Update video it was definitely a very Short update video but I quickly wanted To be updating everyone about what was Going on here so thanks so much for Watching and see you guys on the next One peace out goodbye

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