Right now Bitcoin continues to drop Towards the downside and in this exact Video I will be talking about where Bitcoin is going to find its big support On the lower side because yes we've been Exactly predicting this move towards the Downside and in this exact video I will Be giving you the most important levels Of support to be watching the price Targets of this breakdown my next trade And also an update on my previous Bitcoin short position and much more Important stuff so don't forget to slap Up that like button on today's update Video this will be a very important Update video so don't forget to snap up That like button and can we smash it Back above 800 likes today that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and once looking at The image short term we can see that Bitcoin currently is in somewhat of a Parabolic move towards the downside and If you really invert this chart there You can clearly see it Bitcoin is in Somewhat of a parabolic rally but right Now of course since it's inverted it's a Parabolic dump and yes the parable I've Done comfortable and at some point I can Tell you this already of currently we Can see that the conditions are Significantly oversold but I still think That we have not officially reached our

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Price Target because where I think the Big support for Bitcoin is going to get Found is a relative's level of 26.6 k 26.6 k is the level of support to be Watching right now you can clearly see This has been the level of previous big Support in the market like you can see Right here and basically in this time Where we were consolidating here below That 28 000 we consolidate this in this Region for about 24 days and that is why I still think that this level will be Providing some support for Bitcoin of Course we fell down quite significantly From the top side and I think that There's going to be a small bounce here Before potentially continuing the way Down why is because currently if you're Looking at the daily time frame if You're looking at the 12 hour time frame We're breaking down on all these time Frames with and confirmed lower low and Of course I've been saying this for Quite a while ever since Bitcoin broke Above thirty thousand dollars I was Opening surface positions and it was of Course warning everyone for this exact Movement we're currently generating Because currently we're breaking down of The rising wedge and the target of this Rising wedge is 23.9 K to 24.1 K this is Exactly the price Target that I will be Also aiming for because currently if You're looking at the daily time frame

There is just one big level that is Currently standing at and I've been Talking about it ever since we broke Above it here all the way back in the Beginning of March I always said if I Will get the opportunity to potentially Open up a long position on this exact Level I am most certainly going to do so And that is what I will be doing right Now as well I am going to be very Patient right now now maybe it could Take a while here before we're going to Retest this level of course right now so Far the market has been moving down very Quickly towards the downside but once we Re-test this level right here I am going To be opening up a gigantic Bitcoin long Position but only if we get the retest There of course I'm going to start Scaling in towards my position from off Twenty six thousand dollars and what I Will be doing here is use low leverage But high margin and then I can still Build up a significant trade worth an Approximately five or six hundred Thousand dollars so that is currently my Strategy that is currently what I will Be doing and if you want to be following Me on this exact trade right here don't Forget to subscribe to the channel Because then you will be exactly knowing When I will be opening up my trade and How I will be basically starting to Dollar cost averaging in towards the

Straight so if you're interested in Trading don't forget to check out Bible Because by bit is the exchange if you Want to be trade buy with allows you to Trade Bitcoin cryptocurrencies altcoins Whatever you want and if you sign up an Account using the link in the Description right now you can actually Claim it to post a bonus up to thirty Thousand dollars so make sure to go to The link in description right now and Claim your own deposit bonus furthermore We can see that actually still on The Daily time frame I've been warning for This for quite a while here we're seeing More and more lower highs getting Printed on the volume so the volume is Decreasing while the price section is Going up what means that currently yes We are expecting a big move to be be Happening and currently it looks to be That we're in the middle of this big Move because volume looks to be picking Up from the moving average and also Right now we are seeing some movements Happening in the chart again so really Where I think the big support is going To get found is 25 000 and yeah we're Currently also trading at an important Level if I really zoom in here on the Daily time frame you can see that Currently on the daily time frame there Are two really levels that are pointing Out that is either the 25 000 so the

Target I just talked about and the 27 000 and currently we're trading around Twenty seven thousand dollars it's a Daily support and that is what I'm also Expecting that I wouldn't be surprised Yeah we could go a little bit lower here Before having a bands but we could be Seeing a small little bands for Bitcoin Before potentially continuing the trend Towards the downside so I don't think That this is necessarily a bad range to Start doleicles averaging in towards Your trades again but I still think we Could go lower you can see also on the Daily time frame that currently we're Actually breaking below this important Trend line you can see previous Resistance we broke above it and we Flipped it into support and right now We're trading below it again here so Bitcoin is breaking below this important Daily level of support and like I've Been saying for quite a while we are Expecting that cool face to be happening Right now and this is also a perfect Ingredient for that cool face to be Happening how my forecast really looks For Bitcoin if I have to be drawing it Out here purely on the chart I will be Looking of course for an impulsive Movement towards the downside and once We're going to be retesting the 25 to 24 000 but Percy I think if we're going to Retest a 24 to 25 000 that we will be

Having a bunch very quickly I think we Could see some consolidation maybe a Small little bands here before having a Significant dump and then a significant Rally back towards the upside that is Basically how I'm looking at it right Now how I'm approaching it and if you're Looking actually at the three-day time Frame we can currently see the Bitcoin Chart is crossing bearish and to be very Clear this signal is not confirmed yet Since we do need to see this candle Close closing for Bitcoin that will be Happening in approximately two days and 17 hours but currently looks to be we're About to have a bearish call serve on The email ribbon the last time that that Happened Bitcoin dumped quite Significantly right here and also with The FTX crash and also before that with The Luna crash so it's important to pay Attention towards this very important Signal that currently is flashing on the Market right here looking at the weekly Time frame we can clearly see it is just A small weekly rejection on the bigger Scheme of things it doesn't look Necessarily that bad here and if I'm Really looking at Big support I'm going To be aiming for this yellow box on the Lower Side Guys these yellow box right Here is the level where I am really Expecting the big bands is going to be Happening so we have to be a little bit

More patient Bitcoin can dump a little Bit more towards the dancing but once we Get the entry around 24 to 25 000 that Is the point where we could start to Make a significant amount of money again On Long position don't forget to Subscribe to the channel if you want to Be staying up to date on my exact new Trade that I'm about to be doing here on The market if Bitcoin comes down a Little bit further of course if we see a Reversal or something else playing out In the chart I'm going to adapt my Strategy so don't forget to subscribe to The channel right now to stay up to date About that one but that was it for me in Today's update video I truly hope you Did enjoy it and I hope to see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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