Bitcoin is finally breaking ads and we Have been waiting for this exact Breakout for more than 40 days and in This exact video I will discuss the Breakout targets I will go over my Trades that are currently more than 50 000 US dollars in profit that I Announced here on the channel and we'll Talk about the most important charts the CPI data that's going to get released Tomorrow so don't forget to watch this Video till the end because on the Imminent short term Bitcoin looks to be Very bullish and I will be exactly Discussed why I think it looks bullish And many more important charts so don't Forget to stumble the like button back Of a 500 likes on today's video and let Me jump straight away in towards the Content Bitcoin of course created the Bullies Divergence and we've been Talking about this on the channel for Multiple times here and you can clearly Currently see the bullish The Virgins is Exactly playing ads and Bitcoin is Bouncing back towards the upside more Importantly if you're just going to be Approaching Bitcoin you can currently See that actually this previous level of Very big previous support here flipped Into resistance as small right here and Currently we can see that we're Successfully retesting this novel and Actually bouncing from of this range

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This of course looks for me very bullish And looking at the four Lake time frame We've been looking at this range for Quite a while for Bitcoin last time Around we got rejected by this Range High in the market and currently we're Trading above it also confirming a Higher four hourly candle close but more Importantly we can currently see that This very big level of previous support Is currently once again getting retested As support and that is of course making Me feel extremely excited about this Market you can just clearly see in Previous occasions Bitcoin found very Big support on this novel and last time We retested this level we saw a gigantic Rejection and currently we are Confirming in higher for hourly candle With a confirmed Bounce from of this Level as well so Bitcoin is breaking Bullish it's breaking back in towards The top side of the range and we've been Exactly predicting this for the last Period in the market Bitcoin create that Believes The Virgins bans back towards The upside and more importantly right Now as well we broke that four hourly Dent Trend looking then at the falling Which better and the pattern we've been Talking about for very long right now Here for over 50 days to be exact we can Currently see that Bitcoin is breaking Bullish and the price target of this

Pattern is going to be sitting around 31.5 K so make sure to take that in Account of course there are still some Very important levels of resistance Ahead of ourselves but since we did grow Clearly above to 29.5 K I will be Expecting there's going to be more Upside potential for Bitcoin and really If we do break back below the 29.6k back In towards the lower side of this range Then it would start to worry that this Potential is a fake out but currently if I look at the charts Bitcoin looks very Healthy and it looks to be that this is Not a fake app more importantly a quick Update on my trades here currently on my Bit get trade I am currently in a 1.2 Bitcoin profit and all my other trades On bitcoin and ethereum combines I'm Making more than 8 000 US dollars what Is absolutely crazy so yes I've been Showing these trades once they were in a Loss and I'm right now also showing them Once they are in a profit I'm completely Transparent and if I'm going to be very Honest only even a short term so the 30 Minute time frame for Bitcoin we can Actually see that Bitcoin is currently Creating a new bull flag pattern so we Could be expecting that there's going to Be another move anytime soon for Bitcoin And if you are interested in trading Bitcoin or cryptocurrencies at all or Just accumulating them on spot don't

Forget to go to the links description of Today's video where you can claim the Postal bonus up to thirty thousand Dollars and currently if we're looking At Bitcoin it is in somewhat of an Exponential movement towards the upside So get ready for more volatility anytime Soon because usually in these kinds of Moves things can go very quickly of Course looking as well the daily time Frame for Bitcoin yesterday's Daily Candle close was very strong here and The day before I already talked about The Bitcoins creating a hammer Kindle And that is a super bullish indication That the market is probably going to Reverse and exactly like I've been Predicting and exactly like I've been Predicting that is what happened and I Mean if you're looking at this daily Candle structure this is a variable Structure in my opinion and it's clearly Indicating a reversal structure as well Back towards the upside so I won't be Surprised if we do see some more upside From here on as well tomorrow we will Have these CPI data hit the markets this Data is going to be super important for Them Market I will be live streaming This event as well so don't forget to Subscribe to the channel because in Exactly 24 hours from now on the CPI Data is going to hit the markets and I Will be live streaming this event so

Don't forget to subscribe to the channel Right now further on we can currently See Bitcoin is also bouncing from its Legendary support line towards the Upside and that is actually once again Beautiful to see here we've been talking About this level numerous times on the Channel and once again Bitcoin seems to Be bouncing from it and to be very clear The big big Bitcoin move it is going to Be happening in approximately 20 days Here this is just nothing what we're Currently seeing here you can clearly See this move that we created yesterday Was just super small here and the exact Big breakout is going to be happening in Approximately 24 days here that is the Point where the big airport slowing Support line for Bitcoin is going to Meet and the big horizontal level as Well here so expect big movements on the Market in approximately 30 days here but Yes this is still a very nice move we're Creating on the image short term also The cup and handle pattern we're Creating this new following much better And looks to be breaking out as well Almost and of course this confirmation Is going to be happening in Approximately one day and 14 hours so Get ready for that as well and of course On the bigger perspective the big Resistance is 32 000 so yes Bitcoin Could be moving up again here but really

What we need to be seeing here is a Breakup of thirty two thousand dollars And a break above this down solving Resistance line so that was it for me in Today's update video it was a shorter Video I went through everything very Quickly so yeah I hope you like it and So I hope you liked it if you did enjoy The video don't forget to slap up the Like button and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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