Right now Bitcoin is creating another Consolidation pattern and in this exact Video I will be discussing the price Targets of this pattern and also the Criteria what we need to see in order to Confirm a breakout yesterday as well we Have seen the breakdown of the Symmetrical triangle we discussed after This the medical triangle broke down we Reached the price Target and Bitcoin Moved up again here and on today's video I will be talking about all my other Price targets so don't forget to watch This video till the end because I will Be going over the most important charts In crypto right now and can we once Again smash up those likes above 350 That will be absolutely incredible and With that is being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Of course initially I want to be talking About yesterday's consolidation pattern Of course like you see we created this Symmetrical triangle and after we had to Confirm breakdown we moved down Significantly towards the downside we Reached our price Target and straight Away we moved back towards the upside Right now if I do extend these lines Here if I do look at the downward Sloping resist line and extended here to The left and look also at this line Right here we can currently clearly see That we're still getting rejected by

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This downward sloping resistance line For Bitcoin and this is also right now The most important level that we need to Break and if I'm looking at a bigger Perspective we can see that we're even Creating another consolidation pattern On the bigger picture right now for Bitcoin this pattern could definitely Well consolidate for another two to Three days here and once it does break Out this will definitely cause a more Volatile move and talking about a more Volatile move I'm expecting towards a Potential breakout towards the upside to 17.3 k or a breakdown towards levels Around 16.1 K so this is going to be Very important to look at if we're going To be breaking down I'm going to go in With a short and also vice versa if We're going to be breaking bullish of Course currently I am already long on Bitcoin with a 1.7x average loan Position but this is my swing trade but For these guys of a breakout I will also Open up a different rate and that is of Course a sculpt rate for Bitcoin right Now as well if I'm looking at the daily Time frame still the most important Resistance is that blue box around 18.4k And we are looking at a potential small Little uptrend on the daily time frame And if we can keep continuing going in Towards this trend it's going to be Looking good but of course still I'm

Very much aware as well that we're Currently creating also somewhat of a Bear flank here on the bigger picture on The daily time frame for Bitcoin and That is definitely a thing that I do not Want to be seeing breaking down for Bitcoin so that is what I'm currently Looking at here if you want to be Trading this Market you can find all the Links in the description to get an Additional deposit bonus and on top of That if I'm currently looking at the Total market capitalization for crypto In the whole industry it is currently Bouncing from its previous also Autumn High if I'm looking at the daily macd We're about to be having a bullish Crossover and what I really like to see Right now here this is the NASDAQ chart We are currently bouncing I mean we've Been touching this legendary support Line for quite a lot of times already And we're once again touching it this is The NASDAQ 100 and usually Bitcoin tends To move way up the NASDAQ or with Downwind with the NASDAQ so if we do can Get a bunch of this very important level It will mean very good things for Bitcoin and that is also what I am Currently looking out for so keep your Eyes wipe open on that one also want to Be pointing out in eight days from now On we will be having the next monthly Candle close and that will mean that

We're coming closer and closer towards The whole thing because if I'm looking At the half and countdown we're Currently only 480 days away from the Next Bitcoin Hall thing and if I will be Looking at the previous cycle we can see That an approximately 480 days was also Between the exact bottom for Bitcoin and The next whole thing so Ace is yet again Another signal that is of course a thing That we will only find out once it's Delayed but currently I think this is an Important signal to pay attention Towards so I am dollar cost averaging in Towards this market so yes today was a Very short update video If you do enjoy These very short videos don't forget to Slap up the like button and subscribe to The channel and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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