The window for potential Bitcoin sport TF acceptance is closed but within the Coming 53 days we will be seeing the First Bitcoin sport ETF so I will be Explaining why I will talk about the Bitcoin C Me Gap that we're currently Creating the most important price action That we're currently can spot on the Market the biggest support the biggest Resistance what are we're looking at Right now here important stuff and of Course I will talk about the liquidity Where does the liquidity in the market Lay so many important things will be Discussed on today's update video so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slop of the like but I'm back about 400 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content so First of all Bitcoin created a new C Gap Currently sitting around $ 36,000 us and We're expecting that of course Bitcoin Is probably going to be trading Somewhere around the semi Futures price So in a normal weekend Bitcoin will be Just hovering around that 36.6k and then coming on the Monday we Will be seeing some new moves getting Created so this is the CI Futures chart And we're just going to be expecting That Bitcoin is going to do nothing very Special honestly if we're looking at the Previous weekends we have seen that

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Bitcoin created the C Gap three weeks Ago and yes that c Gap is still not Filled up it's sitting around $34,000 us And we even got one lower here sitting Somewhere around $229,000 that also has not filled up Here since Bitcoin has been pumping a Little bit over the course of that Weekend so yes sometimes we can be Pumping or dumping over the course of The weekend but 95% of all the times That Bitcoin creates a see Me Gap it Tends to get filled up so it's going to Be likely to expect that it is going to Get filled up again here so we created Bearish Divergence on the top side I Warned everyone about it Bitcoin came Down again here and now we're once again Creating a higher low so Bitcoin is Still creating higher lows together with Higher highs so the trend remains to be Overly bullish but the momentum looks to Be drying up a little bit here so Bitcoin if we're just purely looking at It is still trading in an upward sloping Support line the trend is still overly Looking very bullish and of course if Bitcoin potentially breaks below the Support line right here that is the Point where I should potentially start To be worrying but honestly I am still Quite excited about Bitcoin and of Course I've said this also yesterday's Video if we can break Above This

Liquidity Z Zone here on the top side Sitting around $38,000 I will be expecting we could see A very big short squeeze and then Bitcoin could potentially even enter Towards the next range but however I Will remain to be expecting that Bitcoin Is not going to be so super volatile Until the news is going to hit the Market or it's going to be hining Towards us that the Bitcoin TF is really Going to get accepted because yesterday Actually we saw that the uh 1.5 trillion Us doll asset manager Franklin templin There Bitcoin SP ETF got delayed and Right now the potential window for Bitcoin SP ETF acceptance is closed but I already said this that this was of Course already a thing that I didn't Really believed in but what I do believe In is that the Bitcoin SP TF is going to Get accept it before January 10 because That is the final deadline of the arc Invest Bitcoin still spot ETF Application and this ETF deadline is Going to be hitting the markets in 52 Days here so just expect that probably The Bitcoin SP ETF is going to hit the Markets in the coming 52 days and that Is coming closer and closer because 52 Days is just one and a half month it's Very close from now on it's just a Matter of time before it's going to hit The market I'm also expecting that once

Bitcoin comes closer towards that January the 10th date I will be Expecting that probably Bitcoin is going To be experiencing some more volatility And that could potentially also lead Towards a potential breakout here Towards the upside so we're going to be Just very much waiting before this news Is going to hit the market but at the Same time we can clearly see that the Teda market cap has been significantly Increasing and so has the Bitcoin price Action has we do know that if the teda Market caps moves up here usually the Bitcoin price action tends to be Following exponentially as well so that Is a very interesting take at the same Time still the daily time frame does Look a little bit worried because on The Daily time frame it looks to be they Were're losing some momentum and that is Potentially a sign of worry in the Market right now here but of course on a Bigger perspective if there's going to Be any news hit the market it could Still continue towards the upside but I Just want to be warning everyone out There that the daily momentum is not Looking so strong here but looking at The liquidations and the liquidity Basically in the market where we will be Expecting the Bitcoin price action to Surge TOS we can see one level here on The lower side where a lot of long

Liquidations are laying somewhere around 35.6k and we see this big level here on The top side sitting around 38.2k so These are two very important levels Where Bitcoin probably is going to be Finding and going to go towards to find Some liquidity and the Lower Side is Going to be 35.6k so if we're going to Be Bing on the lower side we'll be Expecting is going to be somewhere on 35.4 to 35.3k and on the top side we are seeing A lot of liquidation somewhere around 300 million laying um around the 38.3k Level so pretty interesting to be Looking at that on the top side it's of Course shorts on the lower sides it's of Course long positions and you saw it Also previously r that basically once we Were creating these uh these big Liquidation levels Bitcoin is just Looking for liquidity so here was a lot Of liquidity laying in the market and Bitcoin pushed towards the upside and Then went down again here so as soon as We create a lot of liquidity in a Certain region Bitcoin is usually going To go towards that region so that is Basically what I've been expecting and That is why uh right now probably we're Going to continue to go sideways and Once enough liquidity has built up we're Probably going to go and search for that Liquidity in the market further on we

Can see that the funding rates are Actually close to neutral again here What is of course a very good thing here And basically the funding rates got Completely reset here after Bitcoin had This very interesting price action of Going up going down going up again and Then going down again so a lot of people Probably go direct so be very careful With trading Bitcoin right here so if You actually want to be trading Bitcoin Make sure to go to the link description Of today's video where you can claim a Deposit bonus up to $40,000 and without This link it's only 400 so it's a Win-win situation and if you even go to The website here right now you can Actually find a link description of Today's video where you can claim a free 1,000 US Air drop position on bitcoin on Ethereum or on Pepe and all you need to Do here is sign up an account using that Link below deposit $100 win in 7 days And claim your insane deposit bonus Worth $1,000 us so it's a super valuable Deposit bonus and make sure to check it Out right now here at the same time Bitcoin on the three-day time frame is Actually still creating this downward Mo Resist line here on the top side and Potentially we are actually creating a Rising wedge pattern or a rising wedge Formation uh what is of course a typical Bearish buas formation but honestly I am

Of course not bearish on bitcoin right Now here but we are actually sitting Here at the top side of this region Right so there are some risks increasing For Bitcoin since it has seen such an Exponential rally towards the upside but Of course like I said in the beginning Of the video I think we should be just Waiting for the news to hit the markets Because I really think that the news is The main driver of the Bitcoin price Right now here we can see that we Currently are trading above this key Level of this previous weekly big Previous support that right now once Again looks to be flipping into support Again so this is looking very strong for Bitcoin and as long as we do hold up Towards this level on the weekly time Frame I actually think Bitcoin is Looking quite strong right here and of Course we do know that Bitcoin Potentially right now is at the Beginning stage of this exponential Rally towards the upside since we are Currently going overbought on that Weekly time frame and honestly if we're Looking at onchain data we can see that All the indications are pointing towards That the bare Market is already behind This and I shared this also this data in The bare Market guys well I said this is The biggest buying opportunity you will Probably ever get and historically

Speaking it was again the biggest buying Opportunity we ever had and if this Signal will once again flash in the next Bar bare Market I will share it again But I shared it so many times on my Twitter page I shared it here on YouTube So many times and once again this Indicator on chain data predicted the Exact bare Market bottom again and if We're looking about what stage we're Currently in if you compare to 2016 or 2020 we're in the reaccumulation phase Back towards the next Bull Run so get Ready right now here I am excited but Yeah I mean once again onchain data is The best way on how to predict these Things here and it has been once again Predicting the exact bar Market bottoms And it will be most likely once again Predict the exact bull market top and it Will also predict the local top so once The net ear realized profit and loss the Nle goes in towards the green it Potentially will mean that we're going To be find a short-term top just like we Had here in 2016 and just like we had Here in the bull market and just like we Had in this boom Market here as well and If it even goes into towards the blue It's definitely make sure to sell right Now and once this signal flashes you Will be the first one to know here on The channel so this was it for me in Today's update video thank you so much

For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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