Bitcoin just got exactly rejected from My resistance Target and right now I am Starting to see the next move getting Emerged here on the iminent short- term So on today's video I will talk about The next move that I think Bitcoin will Be creating I will talk about the most Important resistance support and more Important charts on today's update video I also will be discussing the Liquidation heat map that currently is Seeing more than $200 million Us in Bitcoin long positions are getting piled Up here on the lower side so I will be Talking about this and many more stuff So what it any further Ado don't forget To slap up the like button back above 1,000 likes on today's update video and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content so On the imminent short term we can Currently start to see that Bitcoin Exactly got rejected from this 43.4k Level just like we were in the past and Once again Bitcoin is currently still Consolidating around that 42.7k region so we're still waiting for Bitcoin to be actually breaking outside Of this range and the range that I'm Currently approaching and looking at is Basically that 43.4k level towards 41.7k so these are the two most Important levels that I'm currently Approaching and honestly if you're

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Looking at Bitcoin here on that 4 hourly Time frame you can really clearly start To see that we're creating that Rising Wedge pattern once again just like we Did here on the top side around that $47,000 us level and of course I exactly Flip bearish here on the top side Calling for Bitcoin to be going down From off that point and currently once Again we're creating another Rising Wedge and honestly my price target of This Rising wedge is going to be sitting Somewhere around 40.5k and that is also the initial price Target of this larger scale Rising wedge Pattern here on bitcoin so for now on We're just waiting to see what the next Move is going to be today is Wednesday It is no more weekend so we can start to See these big moves getting created Again and of course if youve been Following the channel for quite a while Right now here I am actually of course Quite bullish on bitcoin for the Long-term Horizon I've been bullish for Bitcoin on this entire Trend towards the Upside but right now ever since $48,000 We had this wick on the top side I said I am going to be shorting Bitcoin and I Expect Bitcoin is going to fall down Towards $40,000 currently we're over Halfway there sitting around $42,000 and my price Target is sitting Around 39.7k why is because there's a

Lot of unep liquidity that I think that Bitcoin is going to be grabbing outside Of the market and a lot of levels come Together around the 39.7k level so I do Really think that Bitcoin is actually Going to be finding support around 39.7k Just exactly below the previous support Sitting around $40,000 a lot of people Are going to get full from off that Point and honestly if I'm looking right Now also at the liquidation heat map we Can start to see more and more Bitcoin Long liquidations are getting piled up On that lower side so yeah really if Bitcoin comes down to 41.8k we will be Seeing an approximately 230 million Us doar in Bitcoin long Positions liquidations so that is of Course quite massive and if we do reach That level we're probably going to see Bitcoin push a little bit lower from off That point of course I've said this Several times before as long as ther is Injected more money towards the market I Remain to expect that the major trend is Going to be upwards for Bitcoin because Likey can approach it if you're going to Be approaching it from the 3-day time Frame if there's a lot of liquidity Going out of the market if teder is Taking a lot of liquidity out of the Market prices go down but if they're Injecting a lot of new liquidity Bitcoin Tends to be rising with it and you can

Clearly see the correlation between Price and injection of new capital from From tedar so that is a very important Thing to know and of course injecting uh Capital from t is not just out of th air It's just it's just someone that is Actually buying tedar for real dollars At the treasury so that is important to Understand the higher the tedar market Cap goes the more liquidity gets Injected in crypto and the higher the Possibility is Bitcoin is actually going To be going up as well so currently on The daily time frame Bitcoin is still Holding on towards this very crucial Important daily support and if Bitcoin Potentially breaks below this daily Support level then I'm really starting To going to get worried but as long as We're not breaking below this level I Don't really see a big reason to be Worried worrying and while all this Happens here guys yesterday also the EP 4844 went live on the G network that is A test Network so in the coming two to Three months two more test Nets will be Going live and this update from ethereum Will be happening in March approximately And of course the ethereum spot ETF is Going to be happening somewhere in May So expect some very bullish price action For ethereum I've stated this already at Around $2,200 and right now it's sitting Around a whopping

$2500 so h ly I think that ethereum is Looking quite strong here I think that Ethereum is going to be taking the lead Over a Bitcoin and taking the lead also Over several other altcoins in the Coming months here because a lot of Bullish news is currently lining up for Ethereum so I don't think that this is Really the time to be starting to get Worried about it but more embrace it and That is why I also said in yesterday's Video I am selling my Bitcoin right now And why was that because I am buying More ethereum so yeah I am super bullish On ethereum and I currently still think That Bitcoin still has got a little bit Lower ways to go and like you can see my Buy zone is also clearly pointed out Here on this chart my buy zone is Sitting around $39,000 us and $39,000 is Also the point where I think Bitcoin is Going to be bottoming out and also the Point where I want to be opening up Massive long positions not only on Bitcoin but also on ethereum so if you Want to be trading yourself I've already Set up my Bitcoin orders right here on Buybit right here but if you want to be Trading yourself make sure to go to the Link description of today's video Because you can currently claim a $50,000 us deposit bonus if you sign up An account using that link below and on Top of that if you sign up an account

Using that link below you could claim a Free $1,000 trade on bitcoin ethereum or On Pepe whatever you want and all you Need to do for this is go to the link Description of today's video sign up an Account deposit $100 in your first seven Days complete kyc and you could be Claiming this free $1,000 for only Depositing $100 in your first s days so It's massive and if you can't trade on B Due to kyc reasons make sure to check Out fex where you can trade without kyc You can also get a 10% cash back on all The things you're depositing so like I Said earlier in the video the more tedar Injects the higher Bitcoin goes and Currently we've actually seen a quite Bit of an injection of about four to Five billion US dollars but the price Has not been going up yet and that is Why I still think that it is the time to Be looking at long positions but I don't Think that this is the right moment in Time right here so I think this region It's smart to be looking at Longs but Not right here yet I think we're still Going to be going a little bit lower Before once again bouncing and crushing It back towards the upside so that is my Expectation for Bitcoin right now we' Have seen a big massive weekly rejection For Bitcoin so what I will be also Approaching is that the $ 48,000 level I Said it several times before but once

Bitcoin breaks about $48,000 that is the point where I think The massive continuation is going to be Starting for Bitcoin that massive move Towards the next Bull Run is going to be Starting but as long as we're trading Below that we still have more time to be Accumulating Bitcoin and like you can See on the bigger perspective we're Creating a gigantic inverse hand and Shoulder spatter that you should be not Worrying about but you should be Embracing with both hands and of course And of course looking at my resistance Heat map once we're really clearing that 47 to 48k level I think that Bitcoin is Going to be flying up to new Alise Within no time so this was my Expectation currently guys I am in a Crazy Safari Lodge so that is why my Videos are going to be a little bit Different in the coming two days in two Days I'm going back home again so guys Thanks so much for watching I'm always Making my videos wherever I am because Guys look where I'm currently at I'm in The middle of the freaking jungle and I'm still recording a video for you guys Out there so thank you so much for Watching towards the amazing new update Video and I'll see you guys on the next One peace out good Bo

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