Bitcoin is currently retesting one of The most critical resistance levels of This entire Trend and in this exact Video I will talk about what this means For Bitcoin right now I will exactly Talk about what currently is going on The image short term the most important News the most important charts a new Altcoin trades I am currently going to Be taking so I will be discussing how I'm taking this trade how I'm planning To make more money with this trade in The upcoming days and many more Interesting takes here on the market so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slap that like button back about 400 Likes on today's update video and let me Jump straight away in towards the Content so once looking at Bitcoin on That aim in the short term we can see That yesterday Bitcoin had a massive Rally towards the upside and yes before We knew it it once again came back Towards the downside but it looks to be The once again Bitcoin has created a new Resistance and purely due to the cause That there's such low volume in the Market these moves get reverted so Quickly and that is pretty unfortunate To be seeing to be honest if I'm really Going to do some price analysis I won't Be doing it on the one hour right now Here since the low volume but first of All if I'm looking at the 4la time frame

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There's one important thing to know here Of course the most important resistance Of this entire trend is hanging around 28.8k that top side of resistance right Here but more importantly we can Currently still see Bitcoin is trading In a downtrend and also if you're Zooming out to these bigger Trends here On the 12 for time frame you can clearly See Bitcoin is still forming lower lows Together with lower highs so yes Technically speaking we're still in a Bearish strength and due to that we Would still be needing to be taking out The previous high in the market and in Order to flip bullish we need to take Out the 27.8k because then at that point We're going to confirm and break the Trend and we're basically going to be Setting up a higher high so until we Don't do that I would remain to be Expecting the Bitcoin is still a little Bit more bearish slash neutral so Looking at Bitcoin on The Daily time Frame we can currently clearly see that How close and how exact Bitcoin its Price section is repeating itself to the Last time it created a very similar Pattern so we had a downward solving Resist line we had that horizontal Support line on the lower side we saw That fake out here on the lower side we Saw it happening uh in June and we also Saw it happening right now here so once

Again we saw a little bit of a fake out Here on the lower side but after the Fake out Bitcoin ready to shoot up Towards the upset quite quickly and what Is very important to see right now here Is that we're once again knocking Against a downwards hoping resist line And yes if Bitcoin manages to be Breaking off this downward slope versus This line I won't be surprised to see Bitcoin go up very quickly because that Is also exactly what we did last time Around and since the price section is Already so similar I won't be surprised It's once again going to be repeating Itself further on we can currently see That on the daily time frame as well I'm Quickly doing some analysis on the trend Here and I mean these red lines that you Can currently see in the charts are the Most important levels to be looking at Here because these are the range highs In the market and you can clearly see Here that the Range High right here Provided resistance right here the Range High in the market right here provided Resistance right here and the Range High In the market right here so far not Provided any resistance but I would be Definitely guessing that this will be Providing resistance so yeah I've been Calling it out for on the channel for Quite a while right now here I think the Main reason is to be braking is 27.8 K

And uh yes if you want to be opening up A short position I think 27.8k could be A level where you could open up a small Short and potentially exit very quickly Because Bitcoin could potentially go on The second retest above it but um yeah Definitely an interesting range in my Opinion but once we confirm the break Above that level I will be expecting Bitcoin is going to see way more Exponential price action towards the Upside so yes I'm currently looking at These important levels and yeah of Course still the support below says 24 8 To 25 000 and if we break the lower sign Of support and then realistically Speaking my next Target is going to be Sitting somewhere around this level Right here let me put up a horizontal Around 22.2 K why is because this novel First of all previously ranked acted as Significant and resistance but more Importantly this level is a very Important support level on the weekly Time frame for Bitcoin so yeah that is Why we'll be looking at the 22.4 22.2 K If we do have potentially a breakdown For Bitcoin and yes if we really would Be breaking down I would see it as an Opportunity and not necessarily as a bad Thing in the market so you can see daily Time frame exactly bands from the Support we've been talking about and Talking about a very quick training

Opportunity and I mean the last week While I've been down on Twitter I've Been trading two all coins I've been Trading trb and HiFi and these coins Have been absolutely collapsing and this One as well here this is on the Three-day time frame it has been pumping Like crazy well in my opinion this coin Shouldn't be worth so much here so this Is the high of the 2021 Bull Run it's Like very close towards the highest 2021 Bull Run and the coin has got almost no Utility they almost got no views on Twitter it seems like a dead project but It is pumping like crazy so I saw this Also with these other coins and right Now actually it's coming towards my Shorting range so I have just literally Just open up a short position exactly Right here on 19 cents here I have got a Margin to go up to 24 cents here because I think yes there could be a potential Wick towards the upside and then I think I could catch a very big move towards The downside my first CP is 14 cents and My full Tech profit is 11 cents here so Looking forward towards it straight here If you want in on the straight here I Will leave a link towards the trading Pair in the link description but if you Want to be training on biped don't Forget if you're running a sign up and Account using the link description you Can actually claim a free 1 000 US

Dollars for only depositing 100 within Seven days guys that is absolutely crazy So make sure to go to the link in Description of today's video and claim Your free 1 000 US dollars xrp or Bitcoin long or short position for free Right now further on we can see that on The three day time frame we're about to Be seeing the macd crossing bullish Again indicating that potentially we Could start to see some more bullish and Green days for Bitcoin ahead of Ourselves and be on high alert here on The 3D time frame we're creating a Gigantic hidden bullish diverge what is Definitely an important thing to be Taking in accounts right now here Because yes if the three-day time frame Creates a bullish Divergence the daily Time frame creates the bullish Divergence and the 12 hour crates of Bullish Divergence it's definitely Telling us something very important in The market right now here so looking Forward towards the next move getting Created from of this move right here Further on we can currently see here is That actually September is currently six Percent in the green and the last times The last two times September was green For Bitcoin on the market it meant that The following ones were crazy bullish so I mean let's see how it's going to be Playing out here but definitely

Interesting to see that September is Going to be potentially green of course The month is not close yet for the first Time in an approximately six years what Is of course massive news in my opinion So another thing that really gets me Super bullish on the market right now Here is that the US depth has just hit a New ultimi of 33 trillion US Dollars and The U.S debt is not stopping anywhere And it's going more and more exponential As time goes by here and yes as money Creation accelerates Bitcoin gets even More scarcer and that really makes me Very excited about the future of Bitcoin Because yes Bitcoin is the only well Known and where we really know what the Scarcity is because we don't know the Exact scarcity of gold we do know the Exact scarcity of uh Bitcoin so I'm Super excited about it and this chart is Not going to stop anytime soon here and Since the yeah dollars are only going to Print more and more dollars and the Ineftability will be that Bitcoin is Going to go to the Moon it sounds very Stupid it sounds very silly but this is The truth and of course it's not going To be playing out in one or two years But in a matter of like 20 years from Now on it will be making a very big Difference so make sure to zoom out once You're buying Bitcoin further um if We're looking currently at the price

Action of Bitcoin we can currently Actually see that on the weekly time Frame we're just bouncing from this very Important level of support but we were Really expecting the balance was going To be happening from so um yeah exciting To see the Bitcoin is bouncing from here 25 000 was my target all along once the Breakdown rate started and currently you Can clearly see it's bouncing towards The opposite from it so pretty excited I'm about Bitcoin I mean this Consolidation phase could take maybe for Another two or three months here and it Could be very boring for Bitcoin in the Coming months as well so make sure to be Prepared for Boeing price action on Bitcoin but this is really the time Where you accumulate and stack up your Bitcoins because yes in the end of the Day I think you could make a ton and ton Of money by accumulating Bitcoins around These levels right here so that's Personally what I'm doing I'm not a Financial advisor but this is what I'm Doing so thank you so much for watching I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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