Right now the Bitcoin weekly time frame Is about to have a death cross for the First time in history and in this exact Video I will be talking about this Signal what it means for Bitcoin and What will be happening next from of this Point onward so make sure to watch this Video till the end because I will be Going over some very important long time Frame charts because right now there are Many signals indicating that the bottom Has already been formed but at the same Time we're seeing this death cross Happening so I will be going over this a Much more important stuff that currently Is playing out only in the short term so Don't forget to slap up that like button Can we once again smash it back up at 500 that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Once looking at the imminent short term Of Bitcoin we can see that currently it Is Saturday and usually over the course Of the weekend the Bitcoin volatility Tends to come down and if we do see These big moves over the course of the Weekend just like we saw lost last Weekend over here where we were pumping On the weekend we will probably dump on The Monday to fill up the CME gaps so if We do have any significant moves over The course of the weekend I will be Either shorted if we are going to pump

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And also long it if we are going to be Dumping and nevertheless I am still Expecting that we're just going to see a Lot of sideways price action and price Consolidation over the course of the Weekend for Bitcoin looking in at the Four early time frame I am still bearish On the imminent short term of Bitcoin Because currently we can see that the Momentum on the four early time frame For Bitcoin is definitely decreasing We're seeing less exponential highs Getting formed and you can actually even Call that Bitcoin has been created and Double top on the 4la time frame right Here and if we could call this a double Top it could very well mean the Bitcoin Can see some movements towards the Downside and the reason why I am Currently a little bit worried about the Price section of Bitcoin is because We're currently creating a rising wedge And a rising watch is a typical bearish Bias reversal pattern and this is a Pattern that Rhino is about to play out Here of course it could still break Towards side but for that to happen we Need to be breaking above the upper Sloping resistance line and it is more Likely that we're going to be breaking Below the oversolving support line and If we do break bearish of this pattern Right here we could be moving towards Levels somewhere around 21.2 to 21.3 K

And these are my price targets that I'm Currently aiming for but these are my Image short term targets I really think That right now for Bitcoin we should be Looking at the bigger picture because if I'm going to be looking at the daily Time frame first of all we can currently See that we're about to have a golden Crosshair and a golden cross and Basically wants the 50 crosses the 200 It means that the shorter momentum is Increasing again and that is historical A bullish signal be aware be aware that Defrost and also the Golden Cross are Two significant lacking indicators so Yeah once it does signal it doesn't Necessarily means that Bitcoin is going To be pumping towards the upside here we Have the Golden Cross and we dumped Actually once we get it and then we Started to be moving towards the upside So these crosses doesn't necessarily Tell us exactly exactly what is going on On the price section of Bitcoin and it Doesn't necessarily exactly tells us That we have to move up or have to move Down and here we got the signal of the Death Frost and that was more the signal That the bear Market button was in so That is actually very interesting to see Right the death cross happens and that Was the point of the bottom so I don't Really take these indicators dead Seriously because they're super lacking

But still I take these things in account And right now seeing a golden cross Happening to our surprise section of Bitcoin is definitely a good thing to See but it doesn't take away that we Could still potentially have a breakdown From of this Rising wedge I mean if we Do break towards the opposite of the Rising wedge I will be absolutely Amazing only I just don't trust the Momentum on the 4la time frame for Bitcoin you can clearly see that we're Creating somewhat of a double top or a Rendering top right here and if I'm Going to look at my trades I'm currently Still on the 41 000 US dollar profit and I am definitely planning to take some Profits on the straight and I will let You know once I'm going to do so of Course in the ideal world I am willing To take profits on the straight on 25 000 US dollars so hopefully we could see Still to push up to 25k because that is The point where I really want to start Taking more significant profits on the Straight if Bitcoin really moves down Towards levels of 21 000 I am planning To add more margin towards this trade so Make sure to stay up to date about that One and of course if you are interested In trading yourself you can do so right Now here if you sign up for the account Using the link in the description you Can right now get a 30 000 US dollars to

Post a bonus and if you're living in the US and you also want to be trading you Can check out bit Gap because I am also Trading on bitget and bitget allows you To trade from of the US without kyc Without VPN so if you're anywhere based In the world of there you can also check Out bit get definitely a very good Exchange and they're also offering a 20K Deposit bonus and what I think is very Important to do is diversify your Accounts if you have all your money on One account it's never smart of course We have seen what happened with FTX I'm Not saying that it's going to happen With Bible or with bit get but it is Smart to have your money uh crossed over Multiple exchanges and that is also what I have been doing myself furthermore we Can currently see that on the weekly Time frame the 200 weekly moving average And the 50 weekly moving average are About to cross for the first time ever In history you can see this is the Bitcoin index and uh we've never seen The 250 weekly moving average cross with Each other and right now it looks to be That we're going to be experiencing this And this is actually very interesting to See here because yeah once the dust Cross it's of course a defrost for on The weekly time frame for Bitcoin and Like you can see it's never happened Historically speaking we have seen one

Very closely here back in 2015 but then We did not manage manage to get one and Right now it looks to be that we're Probably going to get one and that is Going to be very interesting because What will happen to bitcoin because this Has never happened before personally What I expect is that it is not really Going to matter what I do think is going To be important is that the 250 weekly Moving average are going to be a very Big level of resistance you can see that They're meeting towards each other and Look at what level they're meeting They're meeting exactly on the 25 000 US Dollars so if we are going to have Another push towards the upside that is The reason why I'm going to take some Profits off the table because 25k is First of all the low of the lunar crash It's also the high of this bear Market Recovery phase and it's also coming Together with the 50 and 200 weekly Moving average and yeah it's probably Going to be acting as a lot of Resistance so that is why I'm willing to Take some profits off the table once Bitcoin hits 25 000 if we do break above It then things are definitely going to Be looking very good again here the dev Gross I'm not really worried about it Because like I told you it's a very Lacking indicator and since Bitcoin is Of course progressing over time with

Less exponential returns it is only Likely that we were going to see this And yeah right now it's about to happen But I don't think it's the end of the World for Bitcoin because if I am Actually looking at how this cycle is Currently playing out here it is so far Really playing out just like it should Be playing at I mean you can see that Historically speaking a bear market for Bitcoin tend to last for one year we had The bear Market in 2014 2015. we had the Bear Market from 2018 to our students And 19 also exactly one year and right Now the downtrend for Bitcoin in this Bear Market has been also exactly one Year ever since we formed the bottom so That is actually very interesting and Like you can see just like the previous Bear Market in 2018 we saw the bottom Was formed and then we went sideways for A while and then we started to recover Right now here the button was formed we Started to go sideways and we're Starting to recover and then we had like Three or four weeks I was consolidation Could we get the same yet again it would Be absolutely amazing if we do have that Actually but yeah I mean if I'm looking At the time frames it does make a lot of Sense that the bear Market bottom is Already in and if I'm going to be Forecasting what's going to be happening Next in the coming one and a half year

I'm expecting cyber's consolidation Between 45 000 and yeah 14 000 for Bitcoin just like we had in the 2018 or 2019-2020 bear Market recovery phase We're probably going to go and see a lot Of sign with spring section for Bitcoin And that is just what it is right now That is what we are expecting and that Is the most likeliest case that's going To be happening for Bitcoin so that is My situation I am prepared for it of Course what I'm getting ready for is of Course the next whole thing because yeah Yeah like you can see if I'm going to Look at the whole thing cycles for Bitcoin you can see that basically Always after the bear Market one year After bear Market we tend to create the Bottom and look at also how interesting This is so last time around it was 889 Days after the whole thing that we Formed the next bottom and after this Whole thing it was an approximately 800 And sorry 900 and three days so it's Extremely close with each other the Bottom tends to get from like 900 days After the whole thing and we have seen That one as well here and if we're going To be looking about what historically Speaking happens right now for Bitcoin Is just a small rally not a big one a Small rally and a lot of sideways Consolidation up towards the next Halving cycle and once the whole thing

Hits that is where we were going to see Like another six months of consolidation And then we will be seeing the next Bull Run and that is also exactly what I am Expecting cyber's consolidation and then Next Bull Run so right now things on the Bigger perspective are still looking Good here I don't think there's a any Reason to worry about this death cross On the weekly time frame yes it is Definitely a thing that I don't like to See here it's definitely a thing that I Would rather not see uh but the thing And the fact is here is that the weekly Timeframe moving averages are lacking Indicators and once it crosses it's a Lacking indication that uh the bear Market is coming or that the bear Market Is there so make sure to pay attention For that the signal has never flashed Before so maybe it's going to be Bringing a lot of pain towards the Markets we don't know here but yes on The immature term I am still bearish a Little bit bearish here if we do break Towards the upside it will be amazing But this was it for me on today's update Video I truly hope you did enjoy it if You did enjoy it don't forget to Subscribe to the channel and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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