The Mining Strategy They Don’t Want You To Know

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of a tech once again and today I have Yet another talking head video my voice Is a little raw because I went to a Concert last night but we're gonna go Ahead and get through it today we're Gonna be talking about the mining Strategy that nobody wants you to know About when it pertains to GPU mining you Are sorting your coins wrong let's get Into it Welcome back everybody so the standard Method for most people that are Beginning to research GPU mining or Mining in general really is to check out Profit calculators the most popular of Course being what to Mine and then the One that has more smaller coins Etc That's been kind of extra popular lately Has been hash rate Dot N O and on you can go to there and hit These forward slash gpus and then you Can sort essentially by profit Revenue Roi GPU and so on so basically you can See what the highest profit is if you Want to see what the highest revenue is You can go ahead and sort by that and Then most people start basically taking Down the line to finding their GPU maybe You have an RTX 3070 in most cases most GPU miners are still running these RTX 3070s so they'll go ahead and click into Here and maybe sort by profit Roi AI Revenue in kilowatt hour all this sort

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Of stuff put in their power cost and Then pick whichever one has the highest Profit in this case you know nothing is Showing profitable for the RTX 3070 on right now because that is Just the market that we're currently in And this is what they do and then after That what they end up doing is they go Ahead and they power off their rigs Because well nothing's profitable However there's a mining strategy that Has been going around for quite some Time here in recent history that has Proven to be quite successful for quite A few different larger GPU mining farms And it is all about basically how many Coins you can get and basically the Difficulty on the network so what we're Going to cover here is the way you Should be sorting and determining what You are mining this can be a little bit Difficult though it isn't exactly Speculative mining because speculative Mining would say minor coin that doesn't Have any price associated with it and Then hold it until it gets listed on an Exchange an example of one that I did Recently was Caspa where I mined Caspa Before it was listed on an exchange and You could only trade it over the counter On their Discord server and then Eventually once it got listed that's When I was able to sell and that is the Most profitable thing you can do

Provided you find a Coin very early on That also ends up being successful which Can be uh quite a daunting task this One's a little bit more simple because What you can look at is price history And you can kind of determine what is Going to be the best case scenario for This in particular what I'm going to Recommend you use just to get the idea Here is going to be miningpool stats dot Stream I'll leave the link down in the Description below I'm not affiliated With them or anything like that but I've Been utilizing this tool for quite some Time along with of course a ton of other Cryptocurrency mining YouTube channels Utilizing it the column that we're going To want to pay attention to is the Difficulty column over here a second to The last column on the right I suppose And it's the seven day change and you're Going to sort this not by the seven day Change for the highest difficulty but The lowest difficulty now this is going To populate by no data initially so you Are going to have to go down a few pages Before you start seeing some coins that Have difficulty decreases and what You're looking for essential essentially Going to be coins that are relatively Established within the GPU mining realm That have had a significant decrease in Difficulty and also have preferably some Sort of listing already available so you

Can start to take a look at what it's Done in the past you could feasibly do This on of course the Asic side of Things if you do prefer you know Filtering out the algorithm for Whichever Asics you may have in your Farm your mining Farm whether that be Script or X11 Etc that's going to be you know Something you could do there but we're Really talking about the mining Strategies of the GPU mining Farms are Utilizing right now because in most Cases these Asic coins have extremely High competition and you know Extremely centralized mining firms Taking care of them so you want to be a Little bit more careful on the Asic side Of things as far as this is concerned You might be better off going the route Of utilizing something like nice hash And pointing your Asics over there and Just remaining profitable for the time Being at least that's the strategy that I've been utilizing personally with my Asics so at this point what we're Looking for like I said is going to Primarily be the GPU minable algorithms And you know if you're on the CPU side You can go ahead and use the same Strategy for that I was scanning this a Little bit earlier today just to find Find some examples I had to go down a Few pages before I really found

Something that seemed interesting and I Think the first one I found was Kyla Coin let me see if I can find that for You guys really quick and I'll show you Why it was on the list Because Kyla Coyne had recently had a Pretty significant dip in difficulty and The this is of course correlated to the Price but the price has already started To recover which is quite interesting And the difficulty is down meaning the Calculators you know will start to show This profitable here in the future but You have this kind of opportunity a Perfect example when the difficulty goes Down maybe like let's see in this case Four days ago something around there September 23rd it really started going Down around September 21st and the price Was correlating to that too if you were Mining for basically yield which means Getting the most amount of coin that you Can possibly get and not focused on the A Fiat price of this coin and you held It up until now when you have a 27 pump But you had a huge decrease in the Difficulty then you can end up in a Position where you can be profitable and Actually be able to sell this off for Something that's worth it and if you're Worried about price and what it will Recover to you and that sort of thing You could get into some trade analysis And look up some of those guys to go

Ahead and see you know is this something That's going to recover or not how much Volume is there all that sort of stuff And kind of go that route so this is What a lot of GPU mining Farms have been Doing they've been primarily focusing on Yield and not focusing on profitability And this is also something that has been Being done to a certain extent on the Bitcoin mining side of things but There's some extra strategies there that I'm going to be talking about they're a Little bit different kind of a a similar Concept except we're not talking about Difficulty on the Bitcoin Network in That particular case we would be more Talking about like future yields and That sort of stuff and and and Leveraging that in in different ways and That's going to be with more cap total Right so I have been moving into Asics As some of you all are aware I wanted to Get myself into a position where I get To mine Bitcoin in this next cycle Because I've never gotten to mine Bitcoin during a Bull Run Cycle due to Of course uh Capital constraints which I Am hopefully alleviating here or have Alleviated with the success in the Previous cycle so this is a strategy That I am going to begin to implement Myself and those yields etc Those those choices that I make I'm Going to be posting over on my locals at

Son of a I'll probably Only be doing it with a few rigs just Because I don't want to get myself into A deficit too much on that side of Things and I'm going to be doing a lot More studying for like trading analysis Etc so I can see hey is this coin going To recover is it not that's what I think Some of the other things that you want To check because if you have a huge Decrease in difficulty you you want to Make sure that things like development Haven't stopped that there are still Trading pairs for these on an exchange You know you want to make sure it's not A dead coin and that's really where you Can get yourself into a little bit of Trouble I mean some of the go-to's like If I go to my coin market cap watch list That I could give you examples for right Is if we hit my watch list here and kind Of go down the list uh this is like Stuff that I have on my watch list that Have been pretty well established the Developers are pretty active as far as All that's concerned so you know Excluding of course the Asic mindable Ones like ethereum classic decrid uh Well deckard's not asig minable anymore That's a different story we covered that Over on locals as well uh but in Casper Obviously so the ones we would be Looking at for example is you know have We seen a big decrease in difficulty in

Flux or raving coin or conflux had one Here recently it came back up but it did Have one that I took advantage of and You can see it ended up paying off Because we had this this spike in price As well and it had had a a pretty Significant difficulty decrease a few Weeks ago caught on to that that that Kind of ride and rode that out and that Paid off and that's really kind of what You're looking for right so radiant Would be an example of one that I know Has pretty decent development but of Course they are moving to fpgas and Asics Nexa is still pretty much GPU only It's another one that I'm kind of Keeping an eye on I think unfortunately Nexa hasn't had a huge shift last I Checked in difficulty it's kind of still Sitting there but the yields are really Good so Nexa would be a pretty Interesting one to take a look at you Have Chlor AI you have raptorium which Would be on the CPU side of things neura AI these are just some that are on my List here at coin market cap you know Meowcoin that sort of thing so this is The strategy that a lot of people aren't Talking about and I think is important For you guys to be aware of so I want to Make sure that you guys were aware of it That you can execute this on your own it Does take a little bit of leg work but If you're looking for a way to leverage

Your gpus that are sitting there powered Off right now and there is something That you can take that risk on you know As far as how much your power bill is Going to be calculate that out make sure You can accept that risk and this is a Mining strategy that you can utilize During the bear Market to generate a lot Of yield this would lean more along the Lines of the strategy of mine and hold It doesn't mean that you're Mining and Holding till the next Bull Run though Which is a little bit different right This would be more Mining and holding to The point to where it actually is Profitable but based off of the low Difficulty that you had versus the high Price that it has in the near future Right and a lot of these coins are are Bouncing along that five to twenty Percent up and down during this bear Market and they're kind of going like This when they go down everybody stops Mining them that's when you should hop In almost a reverse of what for example Rainbow Miner has been doing that we Went over here previously rainbow Miner Is a great tool Etc if you're purely Trying to chase profits but if you go The opposite route of the crowd you go Against the grain you can have a Potential advantage on everybody else And this is a strategy like I said that Has been being utilized by some larger

GPU mining Farms with actual pretty Great success from what I've seen let me Know if you like this strategy if you Are looking at implementing it once Again don't do you know Bend more than You can afford to lose this would Essentially be kind of a similar Equivalent to purchasing and holding Cryptocurrency until it goes up the only Difference here of course is that you Have this kind of Revenue stream and You're talking about cash flow as Opposed to capital gains of course get With your CPA and your tax attorney and And talk to them about how all this Would play out for you and your Particular geographical location that Sort of thing it's not Financial advice It's just a mining strategy that I've Been made aware of that I want to make Sure that everybody else was aware of Thanks for watching hit the like comment Subscribe and notification bells down Below let me know what are you mining For yield if you're mining anything for Yield and what are you mining for profit If you're mining something for profit And what is your electricity rate lately A lot of people have had huge increases Of 300 on their electricity rates across The U.S are you in that boat or did you Lock in a good purchase power agreement I'd like to hear your personal Situations down in the comment section

Below and over on my locals at son of a where you can become a Member or a supporter for the Early Access to whatever moves I'm doing the Articles on and how to's and guides Etc That I post over there and you can get a Month free of supporter status with four Locals with a purchase of my crypto Mining e-course at where I talk about timing the Bitcoin having Cycle to basically be successful within Cryptocurrency scene and that is Actually regardless of if you're going To mine yourself or just leverage the Purchase of equipment and cryptocurrency Itself and taking a look at that larger Four-year cycle that runs on Bitcoin in Detail I will see you next Tuesday

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