Bitcoin just closed its first 4H hourly Candle above timi and the last time this Happened Bitcoin went absolutely Exponential towards the upside in the Coming hours so make sure to watch this Video till the end because I will be Exactly explain what currently is going On with the price setion of Bitcoin Since we're pumping on the weekend the Most important data points the most Important charts and many more important Stuff we'll be getting discussed on Today's update video including some Interesting price targets so without any Further Ado don't forget to once again Slap that like button back above 1,000 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Right now indeed Bitcoin is pumping over The course of the weekend that means is That we're creating a semi Futures grab And the fact that Bitcoin is right now Pumping is most likely retail because Over the course of this weekend as well We're seeing a lot of altcoins actually Explode and before going in towards the Content guys seven days ago I made a Video on altcoin Rover my top five AI Cryptos that are going to explode in 2024 some of those coins I mentioned are Already up over 3 to 400% which is Absolutely insane altcoins are exploding So if you want to be learning on how to

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Make money trading altcoins go to Altcoin Rover where I'm trying to upload Almost every single day to learn you Guys on how you can trade altcoins Properly but going further in towards The Bitcoin content of course it is Weekend and usually once Bitcoin is Indeed creating price action and usually Once Bitcoin is pumping or dumping over The course of the weekend it usually Tends to come back towards the Which is of course in this case the $68,000 and right now we're still Trading significantly above it so either We're going to create a CME gap which is Of course a very likely scenario that Could be just happening or Bitcoin is Going to come down here over the course Of the weekend and then once again see That big move on Monday because right Now clearly because it is weekend black Rock is not the one who is buying it is Most it is most likely retail and since Bitcoin is trading at alltime highs Interest is higher and we're starting to Also see more volatility happening over The course of the weekend so that is Very interesting to be seeing right now Here I mean we can clearly see the Bitcoin closed its first 4H hourly Candle above Alm High and the last time We did that was in 2020 once Bitcoin was Breaking its Alm high and that second Candle off work straightway pushed

Bitcoin up higher and I mean the Structure right now compared to the last Time Bitcoin broke it's timi is Completely different and I do really Think that it is likely that it is Different because right now also we're In a different environment with large Amounts of buys and buy pressure from These ETF issuers so Bitcoin is Basically seeing the price getting Squeezed up higher it is Curly just Literally consolidating below Alum high So we're creating somewhat of an Ascending triangle pattern we're seeing The price action getting squeeze below Almi and honestly this is just super Bullish and I still see people be very Bearish on the market but I don't Believe that this is a time to be Bearish because once Bitcoin is going to Be breaking out which it is going to be Doing anytime soon here because we're Knocking we're knocking on the Resistance and clearing sell orders as We speak we are going to be having an Explosive breakout just like we had in 2020 because in 2020 once that explosive Breakout started Bitcoin sured over 21% Towards the upside in just a matter of 24 hours which is insane and I'm Expecting something similar is going to Be happening once we're clearly breaking Out of this price compression pattern Where we're currently trading in so make

Sure to get ready for that this is not The time to get trapped this is not the Time to get fooled this is not the time To be bearish at all in the market and Bitcoin is just going to be having Another big breakout anytime soon and Especially since the whole thing is only 40 days out we're going to have another Big bullish Catalyst in the market which Is most likely going to catapult Bitcoin Even higher from of this point because Yes due to the whole thing there will be Even less production and due to that the Buys from Black Rock will even have a Far greater influence on the price Action of Bitcoin right now so on that 1 Hour time frame we're clearly still Creeping up we're still creating higher Highs and basically what we're seeing is That Bitcoin is creating somewhat of a Compression pattern right so we're Creating these higher highs we're Creating these higher lows you could say Oh we're creating an Rising wedge Pattern this is very bearish I mean Honestly yeah Bitcoin could see another Breakdown and just like we had in 2020 If it's going to take like two or three Weeks of consolidation below ultim High It is still a good thing here the Bitcoin you have to understand this is Consolidating below Alum highs and that Just makes me bull And think that we are indeed going to be

Having that big breakout anytime soon if We clearly break this upper soing Resistance line here on bitcoin that is The point where I think the continuation Could be happening and I am not Necessarily expecting that the big pump Is going to be happening on a Sunday on A weekend but I do think that tomorrow Once the new week is going to get Started and once the Black Rock buy Pressure enters the market again that we Are indeed going to be pushing up the New timis once again and like I said Many times before because I have studied Bitcoin for ages once we break clearly Above the ultim high it will only take Like three weeks approximately before We're going to sit around $100,000 and Probably even sooner with all the bu Pressure we're having it is insane it is Immense and this is not and this is not The time to get fooled so guys if you Want to be trading Bitcoin or trading Altcoins or copy trade anyone make sure To go to decoin in the link description Of today's video I guess if you're right Now sign up account using the link below You could be copy trading yourself you Could be trading yourself without any Restriction Because decoin allows you to trade Without any kyc if you sign up an Account using that link below so if Interested in trading Bitcoin or

Cryptocurrencies go to decoin in the Link description of today's video but Like I said Bitcoin is about to be Breaking its alltime high and just like We saw in the previous Cycles last time Around Bitcoin it it only took Bitcoin 20 days to reach the first extension Level which is the 1.618 and this case The 1.618 is sitting around 102k and I think once again this is only Going to take 20 days as Max maximum and That is going to be another 50% push Towards the upsite for Bitcoin so are You mentally prepared for how big of a Thing this is going to be and while that Is happening we're going to get the Bitcoin Hing and I hear many people say But Rover the Hing is said sell the news Event but you have to understand that This is going to be even a bigger Bullish Catalyst because it is different This time around and it's a very bit Thing to say but it is because clearly Never before we've seen institutions by Millions and millions of dollars every Single day worth of bitcoin and that is A thing that is currently happening and With the supply getc and Heth once again This is only going to be more Significant event and this is only going To be pushing up up the prices even Higher and due to the fact that there's More liquidity in the market I expect That the corrections that we're going to

Get in this Bitcoin bull market are Going to be less significant so if we Were to be getting a 20% correction in This runup which we have seen like four Times already it would be a big Opportunity to actually open up big Bitcoin long positions so yes guys while We are extremely bullish on the Bitcoin ETF the ethereum ETF is happening in 72 Days and that's what I want to keep Talking about ethereum because I saw a Lot of my Bitcoin for ethereum and I am Not regretting that decision because I Do believe that ethereum is going to be Eventually outperformed Bitcoin I mean History is repeating I've talked about This chart many times before and if we Look to the ethereum compared to Bitcoin Value I mean honestly we're still in a Very early stage of this gigantic next Breakout and we can see that altcoins Are exploding left and right and Eventually ethereum is going to be Massively benefiting from because what Many people don't know here ethereum is Currently deflationary and the supply Shock is already happening on ethereum And especially with those ETF and Especially with the ETF coming by and With a deflationary aspect on ethereum I Believe it's going to be massively Pumped so I decided to sell off 20% of My Bitcoin I owned and invested all into Ethereum so my portfolio right now is

Only like 10% Bitcoin 40% ethereum and The rest is altcoins so 50% altcoins Because my altcoins have been performing Extremely well recently and maybe I'm Going to make a video about all the Altcoins I'm exactly holding but you Have to understand in the last seven Days ethereum um squeezed out 34,000 of Their supply and like you can see if I Selected since the merge happened you Can clearly see it's a wave of like a Deflationary wave but currently since we Are in a bull market ethereum is getting Used a lot mcoin season is there yeah Ethereum is doing an extremely good job Here and eventually it is going to Become more and more scarce and that is Just going to be an even more bullish Catalyst for this upcoming Bull Run so Please don't fade on ethereum right now I decided to sell off a lot of my Bitcoin for ethereum what are you luck It or Earth it is going to be happening So uh yeah guys like I said in the Beginning of the video subscribe to my Channel altcoin Rover check out the Videos I've uploaded if you go to the Channel and check out like the the last Five videos they're all super valuable And they will learn you something about Um how to make money in with trading Altcoins or why altcoin season is Starting right now or how I'm turning 10K in 3 million so make sure to check

It out it's altcoin rer on YouTube but Anyways guys this this was it for me in Today's update video I truly hope you Did learn something from it if you did So slap that like button subscribe to The channel and see you guys back Tomorrow on another update video once it Is once again a normal day where we're Going to have an immense buying pressure From blackrook again so peace out Goodbye and I see you guys tomorrow

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