In exactly five hours from now on this CPI data will get released and in this Exact video I will talk about this data That's going to hit the market the Bitcoin volume that remains to be Actually dropping on the market and many More important charts we need to discuss Right now and I will be quickly Discussing my thesis about this market Right now the levels we need to break And what will be happening next if this Is going to be happening I will give a Big update on my trade and many more Important charts so don't forget to snap All the like button on today's update Video can we smash it back about 500 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away into our surprise section Of Bitcoin like you can see there has Been once again a small little Retracement Bitcoin moved down from Thirty thousand dollars back to 29.5 K So it's a small retrace but still if We're looking at the bigger things yeah It's still a very small move on bitcoin And basically the volatility is still Yet not to hit the markets looking at The four early time frame what I really Think here is that we got rejected by The 30 000 US dollar level and basically This level right here the previous Range High on the market as soon as we do Break above that I personally think

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We're going to be flying through it why Is because everyone who's shorted Bitcoin either has opened up their Shorts over here with a stop loss over Here or short a Bitcoin right here and With the stop loss here on the top side So I think a lot of stop losses are Going to get hit if Bitcoin reaches or Hits that 30.3k level so if Bitcoin Manages to be pushing back above 30.3k Then it will be expecting a more Exponential movement and then you see Bitcoin moving very quickly you see that All the time with these kinds of moves Here because yeah it was also right here This was the uh the liquidity range here The liquidity high on the market Bitcoin Touched it and once they touch that Level it broke Foods very quickly Because a lot of stop-loss orders got Hit so that is what I will be looking at And that is what I will be expecting Again for Bitcoin as long as it's not Going to be breaking above the 30.3 K Level I'm not expecting that and as soon As Bitcoin does hit that level I think It's going to go very exponential of Course looking at the image short term We are currently creating higher highs On the 40 time frame together with Higher lows so the trend is currently Looking quite strong here in my opinion But still the resistance to break Remains to be the 30.3k if we want to be

Seeing that exponential price search for Bitcoin at the same time we can Currently see that actually open Interest on bitcoin is rapidly Increasing and to be very exact the open Interest on the price section of Bitcoin Currently is its same the same levels as October 2022 and October 2022 was the Pre-level before the FTX collapse so There's a lot of open interest in the Market right now here and usually what We know from the past the higher the Open interest is in the market the more Volatility it probably is going to hit The market as well so make sure to get Ready for that it's very important to be Paying attention towards because yeah While this is happening it's important To pay attention towards it because While this is happening we can currently See that the Bitcoin bullet events Remains to be at its lowest point of Basically this year it will be very Important to be paying attention towards Because if you're also looking at the Bullish events with we can currently see That Bitcoin remains to be sitting at Its lowest point of the year and due to That that I will be expecting still the Volatility is going to be hitting the Market anytime soon here we've been Training in a very long period of low Volatility to be exact it has been Already more than 33 days that Bitcoin

Volatility has been sitting so low so It's going to be a matter of time before Bitcoin is going to be having a bullish Breakout or that big breakout I should Be saying of course on the four-league Time frame we broke the most important Trend line and if you're looking at a 12 Hour time frame we still broke bullish On the fall language pattern But Ultimately got a price Target around 32 000 US dollars here on the top side so Yes while Bitcoin is indeed seeing some Bearish movement to the happening today In the bigger perspective the breakout Is still looking quite strong and on the 12 hour as well we did confirmed that Higher high as well there one thing that Remained to be very concerned about is The volume in this market the volume has Been the rapidly decreasing and still if You're looking compared to the previous Highs in the market the volume is still Forming lower highs what means that Bitcoin is still not confirming a big Breakout and yes while the volume Remains to be low the activity also Remains to be low and that is is of Course a sign of worry and there could Be meaning that we can be seeing some More boring price action in the coming Weeks ahead of ourselves so get ready For that as well and of course looking At my trades I remain to be logging on Bitcoin on ethereum on my bit gets right

I'm about 1.2 Bitcoin in profit and On this trade on by weird I'm in Approximately three to four thousand US Dollars in profit it's not a very Significant profit but it remains to be A profit what is of course very nice to Have here and of course I will give you Guys an update once we're getting to Close out on these trades or once I'm Going to take profits on these trades But definitely looking to be taking more Profits in the future anytime soon here Once Bitcoin decides to be breaking Above the 30.3k level because I will be Waiting for that move above the Liquidity range because if we do break Above the liquidity range that is the Point where a lot of stops are going to Get hit and Bitcoin is probably going to Be moving very quickly so if you are Interested in trading Bitcoin or Cryptocurrencies in general don't forget To check out the Link's description Because if you write an assignment Account using the link description you Can actually claim into post bonus up to 30 000 US dollars so yeah if you're Interested in trading or buying on Course in general go to buy bit in the Link in description further on we can Currently see that exactly today in Approximately four and a half hours We're going to get this CPI data report And if I'm looking at true inflation my

Predictions are not necessarily so Bright I will be expecting that's going To come in somewhere around consensus We're expecting that inflation is going To rise by approximately 0.3 percent and Core inflation is going to stay sticky Around 4.8 percent of course I will be Later today do a live stream on this Event so don't forget to subscribe to The channel because it's going to be Very important to pay attention towards The live stream that I will be doing About this certain topic and more Importantly if the inflation or the data Is going to come in hotter or colder Than expected that is really where you Are going to see some moves here if it's Just going to come in around consensus There's will be probably not a lot of Moves happening on the market but I will Be discussing this later today and one Thing is for sure if we're looking at The the CPI data days here it is always Been predicting and indicating there's Going to be a lot of volatility so get Ready for that probably once again today We are going to see a lot of volatility Just like previous occasions and usually Volume tends to be spiking as well Further on we can currently see the Bulls like from Bitcoin is actually Breaking bullish right now here with a Bullish retest as well in the exact Moment right here and if you're looking

At really where Bitcoin is going to be Moving back I talked about it already Yesterday Bitcoin yesterday I can write It in approximately two and a half Percent move here but it's actually Nothing and if you really want to be Seeing that next big move I will be Expecting it's going to be happening at This breakout stage right here so get Ready for that indeed Bitcoin has been Very boring but it is right now coming Towards an apex that is going to be Super important for this market so get Ready for that further on we can see Following much better on the 3D time Frame still training within it and if You're looking at the bigger perspective I remain to be saying the bear market For Bitcoin has already been over bear Markets usually tend to take around 360 To 70 days here I've been also talking About this on this exact moment right Here history repeats Bitcoin bear Market Is once again taking an approximately 370 days here right now we're in Approximately 260 days as before the Whole thing and usually up towards the Whole thing we tend to see some whole Thing hype and just like we saw over Here so I will be once again expecting Bitcoin is going to be having a rally in Towards the whole thing and just a month Before the whole thing we're probably Going to top out then we're going to

Come down again here and then we're Going to start the next rally so I'm Getting ready for that Bitcoin is all About accumulating for the long run it's Not about Bitcoin is going to send Tomorrow it's all bad words game to Stand in let's say two or three years or Even longer so make sure to zoom out on The charts once you're in that and it's All about the long-term investment so That was it for me in today's update Video if you did enjoy don't forget to Slap on the library on today's video and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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