Bitcoin is breaking out right now and Today is the day where we are going to Get our interest rate decision so do not Get fooled I've got some very important Information that I need to discuss with All my viewers out there on the channel So without any further Ado don't forget To slap up the like button back about 400 likes on today's update video can we Do it once again that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Imminent short term of Bitcoin where we Are currently looking at a massive or More sloping support line from of that 50 minute time frame yes Bitcoin has Been quite exciting yesterday it has Finally showed us some volatility and Ever since that happened Bitcoin started To be moving towards the upside once Again here and basically my target here Is still on the top side of this range Is 27.8k and if we can really break Above this target 27.8k then I personally really think Bitcoin could start to see some very Significant upside looking at the one Hour time frame Bitcoin ever since it Touched that 24.8k war I've clearly Talked about to be my buy range we have Seen a significant uptake on the price Action of Bitcoin you know what's funny Exactly what we were trading exactly on This region I said to everyone please

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Wait I personally think we're going to Go down and then have a big reversal Back towards the upside and that is Exactly what happened so far so I mean We also cleared Above This previous Resistance right here so Percy right now A really in my opinion the next Resistance is 27.8 K that previous high In the market right here and if we can Really break above that level then the Next resistance is going to be sitting Somewhere around 28.9 K so yeah these Are the most important levels of Resistance training above us and really If Bitcoin breaks below 26.7 K there's Very important support level that we Retested yesterday then I would really Expect Bitcoin is probably going to see More downside and probably I will be Expecting Bitcoin is going to come back Down towards the 25.6 K region but today Is actually a very important day because Today's the day where we're going to get The fat interest rate a decision and Also the FED press conference so Jerome Paul's going to once again start talking And I will be live streaming this exact Event later tonight on this channel so Don't forget to subscribe to the Channel With the Bell notification enabled if You do not want to be missing out on This super important events of course Right now the consensus is is that Actually the interest rates is going to

Stick around 5.5 percent and if we're Going to be looking at the meeting Probabilities it's a 99 chance that We're just going to have no interest Rate hike at all here for the next Meeting it's 70 for the following Meeting 60 the meeting after that 60 Again here and then actually the odds Are starting to shift before interest Rate Cuts in the market so this is Definitely very interesting to be seeing And tonight on the live stream I will go A little bit more in depth about it but I mean you have to understand that if We're looking historically speaking at The periods that interest rates are Rising we do not necessarily see the Bitcoin Market or the S P 500 really Fall towards the downside so so I mean I Can already tell you uh guys what the Best buying opportunity is going to be In the future there's going to be Something happening like the Lehman Brothers in 2008 or a different Financial crisis what is going to give a Downturn in the market the FED sees oh Damn something is going wrong in the Market I think we have to cut the rates And basically the point that they're Cutting the rates the economy is still Very bad but after they're done with Cutting the rates they're of course Sitting at zero percent and due to that We're not necessarily going to see a big

Move towards the downside however what We most likely will see is a very big Recovery and a very fast recovery back Towards the upside so that is at least What I'm currently expecting and I mean If we're looking at Bitcoin right now Here I don't think there's a big reason To be panicking right here right now on The market I mean Bitcoin just broke Above the downward sloping daily Resistance line was of course absolutely Massive and I mean the last time we did That on this trend right here Bitcoin Had a massive rally towards the officer So let's see how it's going to be Playing guys they're definitely Interesting to see that this is Historical pattern is so for exactly Playing out here so Bitcoin is really Behaving itself very similarly like it Has done in the past so quickly looking Into Bitcoin then I mean I talked about This yesterday as well here the daily Important resistance because Bitcoin is Currently still turning in a downtrend And if we manage to be breaking above These levels I personally really think The downtrend is going to get shifted And Bitcoin is going to see more upside Getting created so right another level 2 Break in my opinion just like I said in The beginning of the video is 27.8k it's The daily high it's the four hourly high And if we can manage to be breaking

Above that level I will be expecting We're going to start to see that upside Really hitting the market they're Quickly talking about the trade I talked About yesterday on this altcoin we've Got BL Z that that currently is actually In a very good buying opportunity I mean It is right now down already massively Since my entry Target I mean my entry Target was right here I tweeted about it As well already down eight percent and Personally I think this is going to be Down bad I think this is the entry Target you want to be looking at I'm Mean if it hits 23 to 24 cents I'm going To go out of it but this is definitely Very interesting in my opinion this coin Is going very quickly towards the upside And just like my other calls I also Think it's going to come down very Quickly so so guys by the way if you are Actually interested in the buy with card I use this card for all my payments you Can literally buy stuff with crypto go To buy bits and you can also of course Claim the deposit bonus if you're Already signing up here I mean if you Deposit the 100 using the link Description you can claim a free 1000 US Dollars Bitcoin long or short position And you can also apply for the buy bids Crypto card because binance they got rid Of their crypto card right now Bible has Got one it's actually with MasterCard I

Know what's very nice you can actually Stake your uh crypto in your buy bit Card and you're just going to be earning Money uh well you can also use your Crypto to spend it so that's actually Quite interesting in my opinion I'm Using the buy bit cards every single day For all my payments so you can get that One as well here if you're interested in That if you want to be not having any Bang but just use crypto so Um yeah while you're signing up use the Link description to claim a free 1 000 US Dollars on bitcoin all you need to do Here is deposit 100 within seven days And you will be eligible to claim this Insane deposit bonus and I mean at the Same time if we're looking at binance I Really see the decline of binance is Right now happening I mean the last Month 4.4 of the total Bitcoin of Balance of exchanges on binance has been Withdrawn further on on the macd on the 3D time frame we're actually about to be Having a bullish crossover what is a Massive bullish signal in my opinion and Of course if we're looking at the cup And handle pattern we exactly bounce Once again of that lower side of support Like we've been talking about for quite A while right now here and ever since we Hit that lower side we bounce towards The upside we're right now seeing Bitcoin really going to the back to the

Middle of this region there right in the Middle of the regions 27.8k if we break Off the middle of the region I Personally think we've got a room to Grow back to 32 000 US dollars for Bitcoin so yes quite excited about the Price action right now here but I mean If you're looking in the background of Bitcoin the Bitcoin hash rate once again Hit a new Ultima here what is actually Super bullish in my opinion and like you Can see adoption is growing and more and More people are using Bitcoin more and More people are mining Bitcoin and yeah This makes me uh feel even more excited About Bitcoin on the long term of course We can currently see the Bitcoin Dominance has been exactly bouncing like We've been expected but if I'm looking At the altcoin market so this is the uh The cryptocurrency market in terms of Market cap excluding Bitcoin and Ethereum we can clearly see this is the Previous Ultima in the market we're Currently sitting around the previous Ultimate right and if you're then Zooming in even more we're actually very Close by breaking this potential Downward sloping and resist line we've Been getting suppressed by it for over Uh six to seven weeks right now here but Clearly the altcoin market is losing uh Strength ethereum not necessarily but The altcoin market is losing a lot of

Strength here I see some influences Talking about oh Um ethereum compared to bitcoin is going To collapse massively personally I am Not thinking that ethereum compared to Bitcoin is going back to these levels Worst case I think it's going to come Down to 0.052 if it does come down to Courses level I would definitely Embrace This as a big buying opportunity why Says purely I am very bullish on the Fundamentals on ethereum and do also you Have to also understand that in exactly Two months from now on the next ethereum Update is going to come out what is Going to make it way more efficient the Fees are going to be way lower and uh Yeah that is just absolutely massive in My opinion so the last seven days we've Actually seen Supply coming in towards Ethereum what is interesting to be Seeing but if it Wars if you're looking Since the point of the merge uh We've Definitely seen a decline in ethereum so That is of course quite exciting in my Opinion and of course in the periods Where there's a lot of volatility and Usually the amount of ethereum that is Getting out of supplies even going to be Bigger and those are usually also the Periods where ethereum is performing a Little bit better so let's see how it's Going to be playing out but personally I Think that ethereum is the ultimate

Scarce the investment I think it's a Very good investment for at least the Coming Bull Run I'm not sure for the Bull ring uh on top of that I think it's Going to be performing very good so that Is why I'm currently buying swing trades Of ethereum I'm buying like two or three Eggs Leverage sessions on buy bets to Accumulate even more ethereum because I Don't think I'm going to get liquidate If I open up a tube expositional interim Right now here and that way I could Accumulate even more ethereum on my Accounts so that was it for me on Today's update video I truly hope you Did enjoy it if you did so don't forget To slap up the like button and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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