The End of Bitboy Crypto Reaction

We are in Peak bear Market ladies and Gentlemen boys and girls it is going Down hard not only the price of crypto Albeit we'd had a little bit of a boost In the price of Bitcoin and Casper and a Few others today I think even Clore had A pretty big pump other than that for The most part everything is trending on The downwards we have Bitcoin Asic Miner Selling for a tenth of what they Normally do we have bitcoin price down Over half of what it used to be and Things are getting touchy across crypto Twitter the latest drama of course has Been between bit boy crypto and his crew Which is now apparently going to be Discover crypto and essentially just a Bunch of drama surrounding it now I Didn't initially respond to this because I kind of wanted to see how things shook Out but for today for some fun we're Gonna watch this video of the end of Big Boy crypto and and react to it and give You guys my thoughts and opinions on it Yes I'm a crypto content creator not Much different from bitboy crypto except I focus on cryptocurrency mining how To's and guides and not so much the Trading and the pump pumpy dumpy side of Things or the selling in fact if you Guys follow my channel you should know And I'll reiterate this we don't buy Crypto we mine crypto we don't huddle Crypto we huddle silicon that's how we

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Do it over here always had some Disagreements with bit boy in general But I'm going to try to watch this as Objectively as possible and give you Guys some of my thoughts and opinions on It let's get into it foreign [Music] So here it is this is the end of bit boy Crypto the Channel logo has now changed You can see down here which is really Interesting as well as we have some more Changes that have taken place on the Name now it appears to be discover Crypto interestingly enough and I Haven't watched this yet so let's go Ahead and get into it Ben had been a Part of all right there we go this Should be good audio levels now all Right so let's go ahead and watch this And see what is happening with bitboy Crypto and now what is apparently Discover crypto welcome to discover Crypto today marks the beginning of a New era on this channel as you know Ben Had been a part of this team and this Channel for many years we recently Announced his complete removal and why Is the audio messed up buyout from this Company in his own words big boy is dead Bit boy is dead but big boy is dead There is no bit boy there's no bit Squad It's over there's no doubt his removal Will have a dramatic like if they care About pit boy like my question is why I

Like rub it in the face and then go clip Everything from bit boy about him when He's like clearly struggling with Accepting the fact that it that bit Boy Crypto's Over Matic effects on this Channel this decision was not made Lightly and had many contributing Factors up until this point Ben has Shared his version of the story with you You're gonna know now so I watched this Uh previously already a couple thoughts On this that I did tweet out already is Like relapsing on hard drugs is what has A completely different behavioral impact Than doing steroids in general obviously I lift a lot I go to a lot of jujitsu Gyms I know plenty of people that are on Steroids they act a lot differently than Somebody that's you know doing cocaine Or something along those lines typically Because they do have like specific Figure regimens that they're handling or Whatever some of the things that might Come out from steroids the tropes like Anger Etc that sort of thing maybe but usually The issues there are going like with Harder drugs is going to be like Obviously sleep patterns that sort of Stuff your work ethic and so on that Usually as far as work ethic for example Doesn't usually or isn't impacted by Steroids the the big thing for like a Hormone replacement therapy as well is

The only thing that I've noticed that it Really does is accentuate what is Already there so if you already have a Personality that is leaning towards Negative then you're going to be just a Little more negative and if you're going To one that leans towards more Positivity typically you're going to be A little bit more positive if you Struggle with depression you'll probably Have more severe depression in general These are all things that I've Experienced as far as my interactions With people on them I thought this video Was really really really weird in Jan General and it almost came across to me As if the Discover crypto here now as it Is and that team was almost blackmailing Uh bit Boyer Ben here with with the Cheating on his wife I don't know what You guys think but I I like obviously he Wanted to come out and air it out it Seems like if you if you that would be a Strategy to like get ahead of it before Letting like a third party release the Info on it maybe that's what it had to Be these are all tinfoil hats and I'm Like at the end of the day like it's Just drama that doesn't really matter in My humble opinion and Um it shouldn't really matter or reflect The decision I think to separate the Other thing is like I just don't get it From the very get-go this is not this

Similar from taking over a Twitter Handle or taking over a YouTube channel Or something along those lines like the The the build up for bit boy and what it Is is behind Ben ends face and if you Get rid of that all you're really doing Is just buying a crypto YouTube channel Which I mean to a certain extent was Probably done if you look at some of the Numbers they definitely look bonded as It was before this so that's kind of Been the crypto game as well lots of Other creators have done this Um you know that I have seen in the Crypto space where they buy YouTube Channels that already have subscribers Uh in general and it's a pretty Disgusting practice but that's what this Feels like so I you know an affair and It went on for a while yeah And it went on for a while is it I've Messed up I can't make an excuse for an Affair been taking diet pills and I've Been taking Steroids I do steroids guys I mean if Diet pills is like code for cocaine Um I take testosterone and I take maybe Maybe some dynabol every once in a while It's not a big deal sometimes when You're in business and you're in the Heats about Diana ball is some serious Stuff that is a big deal Um for sure I don't you forget the Things but I think anybody should be

Able to take whatever they want and if They want to take that then I you know Be safe but be careful out there really Important what's really important are The people around you oh you treat them I threatened to beat the crap out of TJ When I found out he was trying to take Everything from I threatened him and I Did threaten him I act a little erratic Yeah if you threaten to take everything Away from somebody of course they're Going to react like that in fact like This just makes me think that like I Mean to be honest like they're trying to Put this out as proof as they need to Get rid of bit boy but like to me if Somebody's like going out and trying to Take away my YouTube channel I'm going To act a little erratic as well right I'm going to get angry but you can't Take away because it's not yours and It's nobody's this is my channel YouTube Channel rule number one own it a hundred Percent yourself and don't sell it out To anybody there you go if you've ever Seen erratic behavior on my channel it's Because I've been taking those diet Pills Diet pills The other at the end of the day my Perspective of what was going on was Probably not accurate in addition to the Things Ben has shared regarding his Affair substance abuse and aggressive

Behavior towards employees I promise you There is much more to this story we care Deeply about the truth and each and Every one of you watching right now Integrity is one of our core values here And I do think the truth will come out In time I don't want to say anything Negative about my friend and ex-business Partner but that's just what you were Just doing right I don't want to say Anything negative but here's a whole Bunch of stuff to paint him in a Negative light sorry TJ that's what you Are doing I know please think about how You would feel in my position I don't Want to be here I loved building this Channel and business with Ben we had a Great Dynamic and a lot of fun over the Years this hurts all of us anybody that Supports boomio going forward you you Can forget it that thing's gonna be done On arrival no question about it that's Not that that thing's never going to Take off but you know it's going to do Amazing fumia who's going to be the nft Platform I told you guys in the Beginning but when Vimeo comes out You're not going to see an nft platform Is going to be able to nfts are dead News flash nfts are the crypto kitties Literally of the previous bear market Right they might come around for some Nostalgia In 2025 but unless there's a complete

Overhaul and revamp and it's run on some Sort of proof of work system that can Actually store the data reliably and you Can actually store it into decentralized Manner I don't really see nfts being Worth much I do know that that's some of The things people are working on by the Way just say it but touch it there's not Going to be a better platform than Vimeo Looking at Network what is the network It's a bunch of garbage that's what it Is and I can tell you guys that hit Network is dead hit network is going to Be dead going forward I'm gonna all of Those shows are gonna be gone a hundred Percent Oliver Brands all of our brands that we have Are amazing it hurts his family on many Different levels it hurts me it hurts Our employees and ultimately it hurts All of you it just sucks unfortunately Ben crossed several lines and forced me Into a position with no Alternatives I Had to take action to protect the team At hit Network and the company it became Clear there was only one path forward What I will say is every person here at Hit Network cares for Ben his wife Bethany their three children and his Entire family we want to see them happy And healthy this has been a very painful And stressful time for us here at hit Network none of us wanted to get the rug Pulled out from under us like this I

Also wanted to address some of the Recent statements Ben has made regarding The environment here at hit Network and Say those statements are unequivocally False Holds it if you reach out to clarify and To try to get clarification on what has Happened that you're fired there have Been no threats towards employees Regarding Communications with Ben in Fact I encouraged many of our team Members to reach out to Ben as a friend Because we do care about him as a person I have family members that are in That this is my brother and so like the CEO of the company has been very Respectful and has like kept a lot of Stuff under wraps and I'm going to Continue to do that until it all becomes Public knowledge out of respect for our CEO because he has been extremely kind To me and has reached out to me and like Is helping me the best that he can I Still have a job and he he's just been An absolutely wonderful person Throughout this entire process Everyone's I wasn't aware of the Bailey Armstrong part of it and that definitely Brings in some curiosity I definitely Have some questions surrounding that I'd Be curious to hear but like at the end Of the day like I still don't Um standing here is here on their own Accord we are a family here at hit

Network we work hard we love crypto and We stand together join us today as we Embark on a New Journey to discover Crypto together we're going to learn a Lot and change a lot as we grow we'll Discover new coins we'll discover new Creators and new ways to Achieve Financial Freedom through crypto we love You all and we're excited to start this New chapter we know it's not going to be Easy and we'll need all the support we Can get from you hit that like button if You're with us and we'll see you at the Top [Music] I don't know one like I don't That's tough That's tough boys I get it from like one Perspective of like you have a bunch of People there as a part of a crew that Need or like it's basically a business And a bunch of people that need to keep Jobs right so I get rebranding and Kicking bit boy out from that Perspective but at the end of the day it Does just come across as a Rebrand of a Of a YouTube channel with subscribers That were subscribed with for a specific Person right for the most part and they Were they were subscribed for Ben Armstrong and not and not for you know The rest of the faces at the end of the Day that's really what it is and there Will not be uh this same there will not

Be the same attention on after a logo Change in a YouTube channel name for Discover crypto as there would be for You know bit boy crypto as far as Branding goes so that is also I think Something that's going to definitely Negatively impact their reach overall Anytime you Rebrand a YouTube channel by The way the the that that's going to Happen it's like the Everything's Gonna Take a Dump here for a while and we'll Just have to see what they do from there I mean the I still have issues with the You know the entire fact that this is Even possible to take somebody out that Is the face of the YouTube channel in The very in the very first place it's One of those things where I I've had Multiple offers to like work with you on On YouTube if you guys are like new Content creators and you're just getting Into the space just keep in mind like Stay true to yourself and don't don't Allow anybody else to come in and and Take part of it sure you might grow to a Million Subs with the help of other People but if you don't have control Over your brand you don't have control Over anything and in this day and age The control over your brand as who you Are is the most valuable thing that you Can have people are going to make Mistakes at the end of the day I make Mistakes I make mistakes in my personal

Life I make mistakes in my public life Those things get called out and as they Are or whatever and people can work on Past those and build back up I know from The history of bit boy Ben Armstrong has You know gotten into whatever it may be Drugs or steroids or whatever they want To say and then has gotten back out of It I've seen him drop weight and lose Weight maybe that was just the diet Pills or maybe he was also working out And taking care of himself I don't know All the answers to that but what I do Know is you know at the end of the day Keep control of your personal brand and Don't let anybody take it over period It's just a disaster and if you are Going to be a part of like one of these Large conglomerates that's trying to Like build up YouTube as a studio and a Media brand Etc just keep in mind that at the end of The day if they want to rug pull you on It which is what they did to Ben here They can and you you'll potentially lose A lot in in that process Slow and Low Just like crypto keep everything Slow And Low you know at this time the the All the YouTube channels for crypto have Kind of come down there's less content Out there less stuff you know getting Pushed around I think that's a good Thing it's like a purge that really Happens and maybe this is part of that

Purge that needed to happen at the end Of the day these kind of arguments Whether or not whose side is correct and Whose side is is not correct or whatever It is still a signal so you can take This as basically a really big bear Market signal remember back in the 2018 To 2019 days these things happen son of Attack if you guys remember that channel He just stopped making crypto content For a while and only reviewed gpus and Made a few weird motorcycle vlogs videos For example you had like the Trayvon James went to prison for the scams that Sort of thing it's a very tricky space To be in when the markets are down and When the markets start to come back up All the faces will arise it also does Cause you know I'm sure at the end of The day a ton of tension between Everybody that's working on for a larger YouTube channel like bitboy crypto so When that happens and it kind of comes Out This is kind of the result of that that Video was odd one the audio was all Messed up it was bouncing back from like Mono to studio for some reason I'm not Sure what's going on with the laugh Lavalier microphones there and then it Was like we don't want to hurt bit boy But then intentionally putting clips of Him saying things in a contradictory Fashion I think they're trying to show

That he's crazy or trying to prove that He is crazy to the audience because that Is the big deal at the end of the day Too legally they could be completely Sound but in the court of crypto Twitter And the YouTube space that might not be The case and that's what they're trying To get out ahead of let me know what you Guys think of this down in the comment Section below I don't want to throw any Necessary shade at TJ or bitboy in this Particular case other than I will say I Kind of think it's a little bit of [ __ ] that you get come out TJ and You're like we don't wanna we wish the Best for them and then you mash up a Bunch of clips and and cherry pick them To make him look bad that's just [ __ ] Up bro Um I will say I don't think that that's Okay but other than that you know I kind Of get like trying to keep the business Going and keep revenue going and feed Your family I get that so all right You're trying to appeal to the court of Public opinion there and you're trying To get the winning side of things but You also gotta understand it like Without the face and without that Branding the Channel's just not worth as Much Right thanks for watching guys hit the Like comment subscribe and notification Bells down below and I will see you next


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