Bitcoin is breaking out right now and in This exact video I will give a big Update on my trade it currently isn't More than 28 000 US dollars in profit I Will give a big update on bitcoin where This move is heading towards where is The next resistance how much steam Though we got and why is Bitcoin moving Towards the upside right now so don't Forget to watch this video till the end I will give a super important update Because the goblin handle pattern is Also breaking out right now so make sure To pay attention towards this video Right now here watch it till the end can We once again Smash Up the likes back About 500 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that as being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Content so why is Bitcoin pumping Towards the upside I can straightaway Tell you ever since on June the 5th the SSC started to crack down on the crypto Exchanges but if you don't see what Currently is going on you are absolutely Blind here because Fidelity is looking To acquire grayskill so Fidelity Investments worth in approximately 4 Trillion billion US dollars is also Applying for a book Bitcoin spot ETF and They're looking to take over grayskill That is absolutely massive so if you Don't see what currently is going on you Are absolutely blind in the last bull

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Runs these crypto exchanges like Coinbase and binance massively benefited From the runoff towards the upside Because yes they took all the market Share but now the Wall Street guys they Want to have a piece of this insane pie That is making tons and tons of money so What literally happened on June the 5th The SSC cracked down on crypto exchanges Now BlackRock and Fidelity worth Together more than 15 trillion US Dollars seem to take over the industry They want to have a piece of the pie They want to kill these exchanges and Take over the industry that is literally What is happening right now here so the Money that could be flowing in from BlackRock and Fidelity towards this Market is absolutely massive many people Don't know what an Institutional Bull Run is here they said in 2020 and 2021 It was an institutional bull run but That can guarantee you the next Bull Run Is going to be even crazier with BlackRock and Fidelity on our side so Make sure to pay attention towards this Right now here I think 100K is easily Done for Bitcoin I mean these guys are Worth more than 15 trillion US Dollars The Bitcoin market cap is right now Around 700 billion dollars I think 100K Is literally nothing for Bitcoin and This is literally the signal that the Next Bitcoin Bull Run is starting why is

Because these guys are literally buying Up the market they these guys are taking In their position and how interesting at Grayscale applied for a Bitcoin small Tdf it got rejected every single time And right now we're in the bear Market Low and BlackRock and Fidelity could be Getting a Bitcoin sport ETF right here And I can guarantee you already before They apply for the sport ETF they've Been buying up dozens and dozens of Bitcoin already they are getting ready For this entire new Bull Run so so the Reason why Bitcoin is moving up is of Course due to this super fundamental Bullish news for crypto I mean I have Been longing Bitcoin since low of 25 000 Because I have been talking about 25k For such a long time here I mean if You're looking at Bitcoin you can Clearly see I've been saying this for so Many times I turned bearish on bitcoin On 31 000 I turn bullish on bitcoin on 25 000 and that is why I made so much Money from this Market because I can Clearly see previous support and Resistance if you are if you're breaking Above resistance you're going to see a Retest of it it's just a gigantic good Opportunity and I saw many people in the Comment section say to me it's a stupid Decision but it was by far one of the Best decisions for me to make here so Bitcoin bounds towards the upside and

Only in the short term we actually broke Significantly above the downtrend Already did yesterday and I discussed That on yesterday's video as well ever Since we broke above it Bitcoin shoot Towards the upside and if you're looking At the four hour big resistance line Right here you can clearly see as well Bitcoin broke Above This level and right Now it is breaking bullish and let's Remove all the drawings let's zoom out a Bit here here if I am going to be Looking at Bitcoin I can clearly see we Broke up off this high right here so What can we say right now Bitcoin is Trading back in towards an uptrend on The 4 hourly time frame so if you were Bearish you should start to turn bullish Right now here and the next level big Support is going to be 28 000 for Bitcoin so if Bitcoin does see a small Move towards the downside I think that 28 000 is going to be a big level to be Looking at and I think that that level Is also going to be providing a lot of Support for the Bitcoin price section so 28 to 27.8k is going to be my support Target at least to be watching since if History is an indication we do know that This level usually gave us very big Movements up or down here so an update On my trade not going to take profits Right here I think Bitcoin and this move Where we're currently in could easily go

Towards forty thousand dollars and maybe That sounds a little bit insane but many Just don't understand how big of a news Event this is what currently is Happening so let me line everything up That currently is happening so in 300 Days the next Bitcoin whole thing will Be here at the same time BlackRock and Fidelity are buying up the Bitcoin bear Market so you just have to understand That if you're not seeing what currently Is happening you are blind they want to Crack down the exchanges and they want To take over the industry that is Literally what is happening and that is Why I'm buying more because if they're Going to pump up the industry I Definitely want to be in on an early buy So we can see institutional adoption is Currently getting started so if you're Interested in joining me with any swing Trades in the future because I literally Showed you guys this trade step by step Currently I am in approximately 28 000 US Dollars profit it's a little bit more You can see it here my unrealized profit It's about one Bitcoin and one Bitcoin Is worth twenty nine thousand dollars so If you want to be joining me with any of These trades in the future don't forget To subscribe to the channel because I Showed you guys once it wasn't a loss I Showed you guys once I was in the profit And I showed you guys all my entry

Prices on the channel and if you're Interested in trading don't forget to go To the link in description because if You go to the link description of Today's video you can write an Assignment account here and if you Actually sign in for account on bid you Can trade without kosc and you can get a Deposit bonus up to 10 of all your money That you deposit furthermore looking at Bitcoin we're breaking outside of the Falling wedge pattern and the following Wedge paneling has got a price Target Towards the upside I ran 31 000 US Dollars so that is from of this point Onwards and approximately seven percent Move towards the upside I've been saying Ever since Bitcoin has been training in This pattern it is an 80 chance we're Going to be breaking up since the Falling March is a typical bullish box Pattern so that was also once again Perfect prediction also the legendary Support line I've been talking about it I literally long Bitcoin on the low Right here literally on the support line I loaned Bitcoin and I made a video About it and people called me stupid and Right now 16 and right now 17 later Towards the upside I am definitely the One that is currently laughing so Bitcoin bouncing from the legendary Support line and more importantly Breaking the daily downtrend indicating

Right now the Bitcoin has got the Momentum to increase we can also see Bitcoin created at higher high on the Daily time frame and we already closed The daily candle above 28 000 so so Bitcoin is looking extremely strong Right here in my opinion and this move Is probably not going to end anytime Soon maybe we're going to see some Sideways consolidation before having Another leg up here but I can guarantee You this is just the beginning of just Another lag towards the upside just like We saw in the beginning of March I think We're about to be having an exponential Explosion towards the upside we can see That the bull flag for Bitcoin is also Breaking bullish the price target of This pattern is absolutely insane it's Somewhere around forty thousand dollars So get ready for that one as well Bitcoin looks extremely strong right Here if I'm going to be looking at the Cop and handle pattern the Bitcoin cop And handle pattern also broke towards The upside the price target of the cup And handle pattern is all the way up Here to 52 000 US Dollars the only level Of resistance that I'm worrying worrying About is 31 to 32 000 that is going to Be a big level of resistance for Bitcoin But it is looking extremely good in my Opinion Bitcoin cop and handle pattern Is breaking at it and probably we're

Going to be seeing a very sharp move Towards the upside I'm really expecting That it's going to be happening Bitcoin Crates and her shows on the weekly time Frame after that it sees a retest of the Weekly neckline and then it bounces Towards the upside it is just perfect It's just bench perfect and I'm loving What I'm currently seeing the price Target of this pattern as well is Significantly towards the upside and to Be exact it's going to be somewhere Around forty thousand dollars so there Are many price targets that are Currently indicating the Bitcoin is Going to go much higher we are training In an uptrend and looks to be that the Daily time frame is Rhino coming to Continue and that is of course a thing We would love to see here furthermore we Can see also that the Bitcoin dominance Is breaking up exactly like we have been Predicting I mean recently our Predictions have been absolutely perfect I've been bearish on bitcoin on Thirty One thousand dollars all the way down I've been shorting Bitcoin and then I've Turned bullish on bitcoin on twenty five Thousand dollars the exact region to Turn bullish again here and right now it Is bouncing towards the upside it is Absolutely incredible to see what Currently is going on here also for the Bitcoin dominance I've been saying it's

Going to go to 52 here before Potentially having a retracement and Currently it is already on 51 here so Bitcoin dominance still going to say it It's not the time to be buying all coins Right now you can see also that of Course there's a Bitcoin sport ETF that Is getting applied and not on the Ethereum spot ETF so make sure pay Attention this is not the time to be Buying all coins this is the time to be Buying Bitcoin and trading Bitcoin Especially and yes soon all coins will Probably explode again but I just don't Think that it is going to be happening Today or next week I think we should be A little bit more patient for that and Once I'm going to start buying into all Coins again you will be the first one to Know here on the channel so that was it For me in today's update video thank you So much for watching and I'll see you Guys in the next one peace out goodbye

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