Bitcoin is about to be breaking above The key level of resistance in the Charge right now here after Consolidating for an approximately 20 Days sideways we are right now finally Experiencing a potential breakout Outside of this range so don't forget to Watch this video till the end because in This exact video I will be going over The most important charts and yes I will Discuss the most important resistance That we are right now about to be Breaking above off and I will exactly Talk about what this will mean for Bitcoin so don't forget to slap up that Like button on today's update video okay We once again smash it back about 300 Likes that will be absolutely incredible And with that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Like you can see in the past 21 days Here we've been consolidating in a range Of an approximately 500 US Dollars and Finally we are breaking outside of this Range and we are experiencing a small Push towards the upside we did so a Minor rejection on the top side and We'll be talking about which level in a Moment from now on but you can clearly See see this novel right here this white Line you can clearly see it in the Possibly provided significant resistance And currently we're trading above it and Like you can see this major important

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Level of resistance is currently Flipping into support so that is Definitely a very good development in The market and this is definitely also a Good thing to see for the Bitcoin price Section right now here so after we Officially broke towards the upside and Flipped this level into support we can Finally start to see a break outside of This range here and on the four early Time frame we did know that we broke Outside of the symmetrical triangle we Retested this one perfectly and flipped It into support and after we did so we Moved towards the opposite however right Now we are running in towards this Important level of resistance like you Can see previously around it provided Support right here it provided Resistance right here and currently it's Still providing resistance so once we do Break outside or once we do break Above This level we are probably going to see That further continuation getting Started and really the thing that I'm Currently looking for is just a break Above seventeen thousand US Dollars Currently we have been waking above 17K Here but really what I want to be seeing Here is that four hourly candle close Above 17K and that could confirm the Breakout towards the upside and really If we are experiencing a breakout Towards the upside My Darkest towards

The upside are all the way up to 80 000 So that could be a very big swing here Towards the upside and since right now From 17 to 18 000 is like not a very big Step but still since the price of Bitcoin right now is so low it is still A six to seven percent move towards the Upside what is definitely a significant Move here and I am personally getting Ready if we break above seventeen Thousand dollars with a four hourly Candle close I am expecting a further Continuation and a further push to 17K Here if we do not manage should be Breaking Above This level let's say We're going to fall down here we break Below that's 16.5 K here what are Demi Targets then I am aiming for a new low In the market somewhere around 15.7 K And that is also going to be quite a big Swing here over an approximately four to Five percent towards that downside so we Can trade the market up or down doesn't Really matter which direction we're Breaking towards however right now we're Closer towards that potential breaker Towards the upside and if we really Break towards the upside then I am Looking for that 18 000 US dollar price Target currently I'm still alone on Bitcoin and what is interesting to see Right now here is that the funding rates Are extremely negative of means that There are a lot of shortors currently in

The market and not a lot of longers Currently I am long on bitcoin with an Approximately one hundred and ten Thousand US Dollars and if you want to Be trading yourself as well you could do So if you sign up and again in the link In the description you can also claim an Additional deposit bonus on vibrate and Bitcast so don't forget to check that Out right now here furthermore we can See daily email ribbon still providing Resistance but the breakup of the daily EMA is somewhere around 17.2 K and we're Definitely closing in towards that level And also on the daily time frame we Broke outside of this very key important Level of downward solving resistance and Right now on the three-day time frame I Am looking at the new resistance level Like you can see we provide resistance Twice and right now we are retesting This level as well maybe it's not going To be a significant level however I'm Going to be looking at this level very Seriously and right now we are trading On this level so it's important to be Looking at furthermore we can currently See that Bitcoin is bouncing from off The legendary support line like you can See the weekly candle close beautiful Um touch this level last week and right Now we're bouncing towards the upside This weekly candle will close in one day In 16 hours and as long as we do not

Close below 16.5 K everything is going To be good for the legendary support Line and I currently have a lot of faith In this support line and I personally do Really think that this could potentially Be one a very important level for the Coming years for Bitcoin because this is A legacy trend line I launched Bitcoin On this exact trend line right here and Maybe I'm going to be stupid or maybe I'm going to be very smart however this Was a very short of this video if you Did enjoy don't forget to slap up that Like button and we'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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