A huge amount of tether is getting Printed and what does it mean for Bitcoin because historically speaking Once tether prints more money in the Market Bitcoin goes up and once Tedder Goes out of the market Bitcoin goes down So I will be discussing this exactly on Today's update video I will also go over The most important consolidation phase Where we need to be paying attention Towards right now I will talk about the Ascending problem wedge the most Important support a new trade setup that I'm currently looking to be taking on The market and of course no one is Paying attention towards how low the Volatility is in the market right now Well in fact this is super important to Pay attention towards because always if You look at the volatility index you can Start to predict the next big moves for Bitcoin so make sure to watch this video Till the end we'll also give a small Update on xrp so don't forget to smash Up that like button on today's update Video can we smash it back of a 500 that Will be absolutely incredible and with That being said let me jump straight Away in towards the price section of Bitcoin looking at Bitcoin on the image Short term we can currently see we're Creating a beautiful consolidation phase Here where we basically are getting Rejected and supported by supported

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Resistance and basically if we were to Be looking for a breakout we're Expecting this is going to be happening In the coming eight hours ahead of Ourselves and like you can see if I'm Zooming out here every single time we Got supported and rejected by these Levels so I will be keeping my eyes wide Open once we do break either above the Resistance or below the support if I Will be looking at the price target of This pattern it's going to be not Necessarily a very big move but it could Be a move towards self-site to 30.6 k or A breakdown Target to around 29.9 K and Of course currently you can see it also In the one hour time frame and of course On that 15 minute time frame and of Course on the 4la time frame we're Creating an ascending bro doing wedge And basically what I will be saying here For the fortnite time frame I am very Interested in buying more Bitcoin and That is then especially around this 30 000 US dollar region and actually I Think 30.2k is also very good Accumulation range but first see I want To be opening up bigger trades around This level right here but if Bitcoin Comes back to thirty thousand dollars I Am straight away going to be opening up A new and an extra long position on Bitcoin further on quickly diving in Towards some Unchained data we can

Currently see that the thirty thousand Dollars is the second largest Accumulation range for Bitcoin so far What is absolutely crazy you can see it On the chart right here out of all the Entire Bitcoin ranges the 16.5 K was the Largest accumulation range ever then we Had of course the 30.2k where we're Currently trading on and also the twenty Six thousand dollars so these three Levels are super important levels and Seeing that the thirty thousand dollars Is becoming such a strong accumulation Range only confirms further on that this Is a super important range to pay Attention towards just like the 26.5 K And also just like the 16.5 K so I Personally see this as a very big Opportunity and if Bitcoin were to come Back towards the green box right here I Am going to be opening up a new trade Like you can currently see here I've got A take profit and a stop loss my stop Loss is set up around 29.7 K they profit Around 30.9k and my entry is 29.980 so That is my trade that I'm currently Looking to take if you are interested in Trading and don't forget to go to the Link in description of today's video of Course we do also know that the last Trade I took on the channel that we made More than 50 000 US dollars with and if You actually are interested in trading Make sure to go to the link of today's

Video description because you can claim A free 1 000 US Dollars Bitcoin or xrp Position all you need to do is sign up a New account using the link above deposit 100 within seven days and enjoy your Free 1 000 US dollars xrp or Bitcoin Position you can see here is the page You can read also the criteria that I Just told you already it's only valid For another 16 days so make sure to be Quick third on we can currently see that The tether market cap is once again Increasing significantly and make sure To pay attention towards the market cap Of tether because we can see that every Single time on stator prints base Basically in this market we tend to see Bigger moves getting created and what is Very interesting is that Bitcoin went Down and the more tether got printed so Yeah this could be making up maybe the Case that tether is going to be having a Big move anytime soon so make sure to Pay attention towards this but once Looking basically at the bigger Perspective we can see that in 2022 of Course that are decreased that balance Sheet and basically the market cap of Theater and now we are starting to curve Back towards the opposite again so yeah If there's going to be more tether Entering the market we're also probably Going to see an even bigger Bull Run for Crypto and you can see basically also in

The last Bull Run Bitcoin really moved Towards the upside but of course what Also really went explanation towards the Upside was the market gap of tether so I Personally think that there's a very Good comparison about where Bitcoin is Heading next so yeah make sure to pay Attention towards this chart right here And then of course I want to say please Pay attention right now make sure to Watch this because I see it in my Analytics people don't care about the Bitcoin volatility but it is super Important the volatility is currently at An all-time low of 2023 and this Suggests that there is going to be a Gigantic move anytime soon so make sure To pay attention towards this historical Volatility is at all-time lows and once This decides to be breaking we're going To be having a massive move for Bitcoin And of course just like 2023 the Beginning we had an approximately 50 Price search within 20 days what is Absolutely mental for the price action Of Bitcoin and that could literally Happen once again so make sure to pay Attention towards the Bitcoin historical Volatility and it's currently at all Time lows so this is actually the time Where you can make the most amount of Money from Trading Bitcoin so that is Why I'm also currently trading Bitcoin Because yes I am looking to be opening

Up new trades I already have trades open Because I think yes once the volatility Is super low we could start to see these Big moves getting initiated and then I Could even start to make more money than I'm already doing at the same time we Can see the dollar Index is breaking Down what is also a very bullish thing For Bitcoin because the dollar Index is Invertedly correlated with Bitcoin and Of course on the weekly time frame we Can see that it resists to break is 32 000 so I'm still waiting for that if we Do break above thirty two thousand Dollars I think really the bull market Is back on for Bitcoin and at the same Time looking at xrp we can currently see That xrp is breaking an historical Downtrend here just like it was doing Last time around in 2017 and if we're Zooming in here we can currently see That we confirmed the breakout of this Trend right here so xrp is currently Breaking in an 800-day downtrend what is Absolutely crazy so congratulations for Everyone who was holding xrp but Currently if I'm looking at xfp if we Are going to come down the next support Is around 60 to 65 cents here for xrp so That is definitely a very beautiful Level to be looking at but personally I Think xrp is going to be performing very Well in the upcoming bull runs I mean Yes we should be looking at this image

Short-term pattern right here this is my Trade you can make a quick screenshot About what I will be doing here next on The market I will be a little bit more Patient I would love to get my position Entered on this green box right here but Yeah we just have to wait and see how It's going to playing out here Twitter Is sprinting and Bitcoin volatilities at Historical low sub thanks so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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