TETHER IS PRINTING BILLIONS!! [what does this mean for Bitcoin?]

Printed more than2 billion US doar in The past 48 hours and we do exactly know What it does to bitcoin so I will be Discussing this the most important Charts in crypto I will talk about this Massive breakout we're currently having The funding rates on bitcoin the open Interest and many more important stuff So without any further Ado don't forget To slap the like button on today's Update video can we smash it back up 500 That will be incredible and with that it Being said Ley jumps straight away in Towards the content and actually right Now it is weekends and right now we have Created the C close price around 37.5k while in fact Bitcoin is right now Trading below it what means that we're Right now having a c Me Gap towards the Upside so Bitcoin is right now creating A c me gap on the higher side and of Course we're expecting on the base case Scenario is that Bitcoin is going to be Trad somewhere around that c close price Nearing the end of the week of course For the past three weeks we have been Creating C gaps so maybe it's going to Be happening again but usually on a Normal situation usually this really Means that Bitcoin is going to trade Back rent its mean price further on we Can see that the open interest on Bitcoin really got wiped and I saw some Misinformation on Twitter the Bitcoin

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Open interest is still at pretty high Levels here in my opinion and what we're Con currently see here is that Bitcoin Open interest had indeed had a Significant drop off towards the Downside after we create this local top Here in the market but ever since Bitcoin has been still continuing Towards the upside but what we do know Here is that of course a big short Squeeze first happens then we saw a long Squeeze and basically right now we have Seen all these orders wiped out but Bitcoin still is managing to creep up Higher what means that there is still a Lot of interest in the market to be Buying up more Bitcoin and Bitcoin Remains to be trading above $37,000 what is actually a very strong Thing well in fact the funding rates Remain to be very negative basically Means that people are overly trading Bitcoin long at this exact moment of Time so let's see how that is going to Be playing out but that is of course a Very important thing to be paying Attention towards right at the same same Time Bitcoin is creating that 4-Hour Symmetrical triangle we're breaking Outside of this pattern towards the Upside and we're currently still hanging Around the price Target that we've Already reached here but what I quickly Want to say about this chart here guys

Is once again Bitcoin created the Consolidation phase and if you trade This consolidation phases you could be Making a ton and ton of money because Yes exactly in the breakout we retested This level where you want to be entering Your position and that was the moment Where Bitcoin absolutely flew towards The upside further on we can see that Bitcoin is also breaking out of this Daily structure here this big big daily Resistance of course like we discussed Many times before but we've seen this Many times before in the past as well And basically once Bitcoin breaks above Such kind of an important level we tend To see big Market moves happening for Bitcoin and once again that is exactly What we're seeing so Bitcoin is right Now trading above $37,000 and of course the biggest Resistance in my opinion is for the Weekly time frame around 36.5k so right Now we are actually breaking above that Weekly resistance what is going to be a Very good thing because I was really Expecting that this previous weekly low Here would provide very much resistance But but it looks to be that currently It's basically this level that's Providing resistance and yes if we can Really trade and break Above This level It will be a very good thing for Bitcoin So if you want to be trading Bitcoin on

Any volatility or whatsoever make sure To go to the link description of today's Video because if you sign up an account On buybit you can currently actually Claim a deposit bonus up to $40,000 us And without this link in description you Can only get $400 so it's a win-win Situation so make sure to check it out In the link description of today's video Further on the weekly charts are not Really changing so much here but the Thing that is actually changing right Now here is that tedar has been printing More than2 billion US dollar in the past 48 Hours what is of course a massive Thing here T market cap is of course Increasing and we do know what happens Once the tar market cap increases it Also lifts on the Bitcoin price action Towards the upside so tar is sprinting And that potentially could generate even More buy pressure for Bitcoin why it's Because de are they have Bitcoin in Their Reserve reserve and they literally Buy out Bitcoin with the teer they print To have it as backing so it's a general Very bullish thing for Bitcoin and Probably we could potentially even see The strength continue fur on but look at How strong this bounces back towards the Upside and Ry Nota is sprinting this is Of course a gigantic bullish signal and They printed more than two billion US Doll in just a matter of what is it 48

46 hours just within two days they Printed more than2 billion us and this This could even generate more additional Buying pressure on bitcoin so looking at Ethereum ethereum is coming down a Little bit here losing a little bit of Strength against Bitcoin right now here So ethereum of course we do know that Probably ethereum sport ETF is going to Come here but indeed it is losing some Momentum right now here but still Remains to be very strong here trading Above $2,000 and you have to currently Understand that Bitcoin is currently at Overbought conditions but historically Meaning this really is probably the Beginning of the move here and the move Could be very big or it could be a small Move but anyways we are right now at the Starting blocks of a gigantic move for Bitcoin and if you just look about all The things that are still going to be Happening we do know we've got the spot ETF in probably 60 days we've got the Whole thing in 160 days so everything is Perfectly lining up here for even more Hype and even a bigger push towards the Upside because you have to understand This move could potentially be similar Like this move it is a bare Market move And of course I will call it still not a Bare Market rally but I won't call it a Bull market until Bitcoin breaks its Ultim high of course we have already

Broken above the most important Resistance so I'm super excited about it But anyways this was it for me in Today's up video thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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