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What's up Sons it's blind ride with son Of a tech once again and we have an Exciting update from one zero Miner Version 1.2.4 we're going to be going over the Patch notes as well as applying it to a Couple of my rigs at my farm to see if We actually get any improvements let's Get into it [Music] Welcome back so hopping into the patch Notes real quick we have hash rate and Efficiency improvements which I'm hoping Will bring the Nvidia gpus closer to the Efficiency of AMD gpus which have been Topping the efficiency charts over at Hashrate.no for quite some time now they Also added a new tuning parameter called NT this is a kernel launch parameter and The value can be one two four eight Sixteen or thirty two this can be set Per GPU just like your overclock options They added an auto tuner for that Parameter as well they revised Atomic Update failures to allow five minutes of Running with no Atomic update and some Other minor bug fixes which are not Elaborated up on I do have it already up And ready at my hive OS to go ahead and Start going through it you can see here I have 1660 supers on version 1.2.3 Running right now and they are Overclocked yes with the cord 7 1710 and The memory at negative one thousand four

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With a power level of 80 Watts it's Currently getting about two kilohash a Second at around 80 Watts I already had A hive shell open but we're going to go Ahead and open another one because it Looks like it did close out and I'll Show you guys the command we're going to Utilize to update these rigs once Hive Shell is up you'll just click Hive shell And go into the hive shell here real Quickly and once it is up I am going to Do a quick minor command what this is Going to do is give me some more details On my Miner and I want to look at the Efficiency here which is reporting as 25 Hash per watt I'm going to go ahead and Screen cap that for later now that we Have that in place let's go ahead and do A control a plus d that's going to get Us back to here and what we're going to Do is copy and paste this command I'll Leave it down in the description for you Guys below you'll paste into this box Here and say okay it'll put it in here Bay basically this is going to change Directory into a temp folder and Download the latest release and then It's going to unzip it into the 1 0 Minor folder specifically the 1.2.3 here And then it's going to start the miner Up again that is basically what we are Looking at so I'm going to go ahead and Press enter and it will go through the Process and we'll make sure that it gets

Going right now that's downloading it Then you can see it unpacking it here And then we will see the miners exit and Restart and then we will go ahead and Run the miner command and we will wait Until that this gets going here shortly While we wait on that let's go ahead and Take a look at a couple of the other Rigs I think the biggest one of course Is going to be the 30s 70s and right Here we have a a whole box of 30 70s Running they're at the 1470 core and 2200 man with the power level of 140 They were mining a ET hash B3 for Ethereum we're going to go ahead and see What they're at with these particular Settings they're at 3.8 kilohash a Second at 113 Watts I'm going to go Ahead and start the hive shell here as Well now that the hive shell is running Once again repeat the process open the Hive shell we're going to run minor and We're going to take a look at our Efficiency per watt right now sitting at About 30 to 33 hash per watt on each Unit we're going to go ahead and do a Quick capture of this so I have References for later and then we're Going to do the control a d and then I Am going to just right click and say Paste from browser once again paste that Same command that'll be down in the Description below and click OK and then Press enter and let it run through the

Download process and then we will run The miner command and let that get up And going and I have one more rig here That we're going to throw it on a lot of Mine are shut down today because it is Extremely hot but I do have this 3070 O2 Rig that we will go ahead and apply this To as you can see we have a 30 50 some 2080 TI's in here huge disparity between These two I am going to talk about that In another video and then we have our Gigabyte and our colorful here a 30 70 a 3080 we're really going to be concerned About the 3080 here 3080 being 5.6 Kilohertz a second at 225 Watts the 2080 TI that's performing well is at 4.9 Kilohash a second at 239 Watts the the 3050 is at two kilohertz a second and 116 Watts I'm going to go ahead and get The hive shell started here as well Going to click in repeat the same Process and open my shell type in minor To open up 1.2.3 and go ahead and get a screenshot Of this as well for comparison later it Looks like we are sitting at somewhere Around 17 kilo or hash per watt on the 3050 21 hash per watt on the 2080 TI 34 Hash per watt on the 30 70 and 25 hash Per watt on the 3080. I'm going to go Ahead and control a d and then we're Going to right click and say paste from Browser and paste that command that once Again will be down in the description

Below if you need it for yourself press Enter and run the minder command so we Can go ahead and take a look now I'm Going to go ahead and pop on over to a Couple of the other ones and see if We've had any changes there is something I have noticed here we have the one zero Miner 1.2.4 so we do know that this is Running if we take a look at the hash Rates the actual efficiency is still Sitting between 30 and 33 per watt of Course one bit gets through its auto Tune you can see down here that we are Actually get getting closer to a 40 hash Per watt which is quite a big jump in Efficiency and these are all sitting at Now 4.29 hash per watt much better than it Was previously so I'm going to go ahead And screen cap that one as well so for The 3070s a huge Improvement already if We take a look at our 1660 supers it Looks like we are sitting at about Almost 30 hash per watt which is also Pretty significantly better I don't Recall exactly so let's go ahead and pop In and I will bring up the previous Snapshot here so as you can see we were Sitting at around 25 hash per watt on The 1660 supers on 1.2.3 and now we are Sitting at about almost 30 hash per watt 27 to 30 hash per watt just depending on Which one it is so definitely an Improvement on the 1660 Super Side

Finally we just need to wait for this One to get clicked in it does look like It has started running but unfortunately You know we do need to give it a little Bit more time to get in that auto-tune Remember you can also start tweaking This these with your parameters yourself Or with the NT parameter yourself I'm Not going to do that in today's video But we will go ahead and look at that Later I'm sure a lot more will be Covered in the Discord so make sure you Follow along over there as well so it Does look like we started to click over The 3050 is at 2.1 kilohash a second at 113 Watts which is 18.57 Hash per watt And previously we were at 17. we might Have to give it a little bit more time But we'll take we'll keep taking a look Here here it looks like the 2080 TI is At 5.69 kilohash a second at 228 Watts Showing 24 hash per watt previously it Was at 21 hash per watt at 4.9 kilohash A second so definitely getting Improvements on the 2080 TI and the 3080 At 6.83 kilohash a second at a 30 hash Per watt and if we click over once again It looks like we were at 25 hash per Watt previously at 5.63 kilohash per Watts so definitely getting improvements And we'll have to see where it goes from Here the biggest Improvement does seem To be the 3070s which is going to be I Think music to most miners ears here

Because they are just you know Ubiquitous at this point lots of people Utilizing 30 70s so getting up to that 40 hash per watt is beneficial but if we Compare that to the AMD side of things It's not quite as Stark a difference as You would hope it would be right we're Still not really seeing that 6600 XT Performance of a 60 hash per watt it's Still not getting there even up to the 6800 with 53 hash per watt but the 30 70s are much better than they were Previously and so we'll just have to sit Back and see if more tweaks are found to Make this even better you can see here The 3070 is showing about 43 hash per Watt I think it might even be better This is probably still on one zero minor So mine are a little bit lower just Because of once again the clocks that we Have in we are not running the optimized Clocks that hashrate.no is showing of Course when we start talking about the AMD side of things tuning wise on SRB Minor I don't have to do anything for my 6600 XTS to hit this I actually don't Even have to touch any of the overclocks So there is a little bit of a benefit There from ease of use on the 6000 in Series side of things so that's going to Wrap it up we are seeing 5 to 10 hash Per watts in initial testing Improvement On Dynex with one zero minor version 1.2.4 once again you can check the

Description for the command Iran to get That updated in Hive OS while you're Down there check out my locals which you Can become a supporter on and gain Access to my daily moves and insights And you can even get a free month of Supporter status on my locals with the Purchase of my crypto mining e-course at Sonofthetic.com and right now is really The time in which you want to start Implementing a cryptocurrency mining Strategy thanks to the price of Bitcoin Asic Miners and Asic miners in general Being a tenth of what they were and that Is also actually even lower than it was In the previous cycle compared to the Bitcoin price I'll be covering this in More detail in tomorrow video at 6 PM Central Standard Time so make sure you Have the Subscribe button and the Notification Bell click down below so You are able to be the first to check That one out thanks for watching and I Will see you next Tuesday

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