Tactical Investing: ASIC Manufacturer’s Are Dirty

What's up Sons it's blindroid with son Of a tech once again and joining me Today is Alex with tactical investing he Runs a YouTube channel as well as Another project called fraction Mining And so we're gonna get into it with him Talk about some crypto talk about what He's been working on and all of the Links will be down in the description Below as well in case you need to find Him elsewhere so welcome onto the Channel Alex thanks for coming on today Absolutely thanks so much for inviting Me inside uh obviously we we met up in Austin that was a fantastic time got to Meet a lot of other a few other creators Got to meet quite a bit of your Community so that was really exciting Got to to talk crypto you don't find That very often uh outside of just Conferences so it was really nice Meeting you at least in person compared To uh simply just on the internet yeah It was great to have you guys out that Ended up being an awesome event uh I Definitely wasn't expecting it to be I Guess as successful as it was so it was Pretty fun to have people come out and Then uh you know uh I think we had uh Andy out there which is cool he came out You got to talk to him we also had Digital Spaceport out there so hopefully I I think even Andy's gonna come on the Channel too and I know digital

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Spaceport's gonna be on the channel or Already has been on the channel Depending on when you guys watch this so That I got into Chia mining of course Everybody trying to convince me to do That these days So that was fun I think that that video Title is literally like uh digital Spaceport tries to convince me to mine Chi a full time full time so He's pretty Gun Hill about his chiah Yeah he's definitely very convincing too And you're like oh maybe I should Rethink this and I'm like hold on you Had to get 40 gigabit internet or like a Networking to like move all those plots And stuff I'm like man this seems like a Little A little out of my range for that Networking gear there but uh it is what It is it sounds like it's profitable for Uh What uh compared to a lot of other Things for home Miners and stuff though So it's an interesting the energy side Is really where the kicker is right the Energy consumption is extremely low Um and uh if you do a DIY guide Depending on how you do chia farming per Se uh you can get some really good deals Um I started well without going on a Whole rant on Geo but I started mining Chia before the token even got launched On exchanges yeah wait back then right And so I had just like back when I could

Mine with I had 120 terabytes uh back in That time and like you can mine a Chia Or win a block solo mining within like Three or four days now it's like a year So it's crazy how much has expanded but Yeah I mean like for people that are Very energy conscious this or high Electric rates she is great so Yeah mining's an interesting thing to to Talk about to from the perspective of I Know you're a Bitcoin guy so maybe we Can get into this a little bit but the The fundamentals of a lot of these other Cryptos kind of is where I'm like ah like from a from a business Perspective I'm like this makes sense But from a fundamentalist like Bitcoin Sort of Maxi point of view like Perspective I'm like well this doesn't Align with what my principles are within Cryptocurrency and like Chia usually Falls into that one of the latest ones For GPU mining is iron fish but you know When I talk about iron fish I'm like Well at the same time it's not Dissimilar from what ethereum did and we Mined that for years right So I always find that discussion to be Extremely interesting because it's in It's like well here's how to mine it on The channel at the same time people are Like does that mean you like it or You're endorsing them or how much did They pay you and you're like no I just

Tell you guys how to mine stuff because That's what I've been doing for the last Six years or whatever on this channel I Mean like when iron fish launched right It was the most profitable to mine via GPU right and one of the things when I Talked about Iron Fist one thing I Didn't like was the Genesis block having 42 million tokens that was set aside for Pretty much your series a series B all Your initial investors see the investors Right so there may be things that you Don't like a product about a project but Then from the monetary standpoint Doesn't make sense if you have bills to Pay or you're meeting a financial goal If I am making a dollar per day with a GPU versus 10 cents per day with a GPU Do I forgo my my fundamentals if you Will to look at the financial aspect so I think it really just depends on each Individual because some people will be Like there's no way I will you know There's people that will put their feet In the ground and say I'm not going to Support this and I'm going to prove that I won't support it by keeping my farm on Such and such Um so they'll try to make a point about Not moving their hash rate Um and I think that's you you'll have People like that and then other people That just chase the dollar so I think It's just really what your approach

Issues Um and I've met people on both sides of Spectrum and I don't think there's a Right or wrong it's just a personal Perspective yeah I mean like if you're Running as a business you I I think you Could say it's wrong to a certain extent Because sure To stick to the those fundam Fundamentals necessarily you could mine Something else more profitable and swap Into something that you believe in That's something I've said before right Where it's like well I'm going to go Ahead and mine iron fish but I'm going To swap it to bitcoin or whatever right Right at the end of the day Um So but I agree with you like if you're If you're like a home Miner and you're In it for kind of that that Cypher Punk Side of things or whatever and you're You're just you know throwing a rig on Ravencoin or whatever it is I think That's a popular one to for the to for Cypher punks or whatever but Um you know maybe that's that's your Deal uh iron fish is very weird too Because it's a private it's supposed to Be a privacy coin um it's a very odd Duck it's a privacy coin that has You know these initial investors as well As this whole other aspect of like kyc That they had right so

Um Like it's it's very odd I'm not even Sure what to think about it most of the Time but Yeah I mean uh there's a lot of things And I think when when you hear the term a16z Typically as a venture capital firm Getting initially involved we've kind of Seen the repercussions of a16z right Um in a lot of instances with a lot of The projects they get involved in or our Lead investors in you can kind of see Even though there's lock-up periods There's everything to that in a venture Capital such as a16z is only in it for The money right so when it comes to The fundamentals for an end user that's Not necessarily as an interest to them As their own dollar right so that was The frustrating part I know a lot of People for the airdrop I think it was The test and airdrop or whatever had a Kyc for it right so it's Contra Counter-intuitive and contradictive of a Privacy coin to require use of the kyc For any portion right even though people Are like well it's just only for the Airdrop but still right it's it's Counterintuitive to the end of end goal Right it's like if if something of to That end happened with Monero or another Privacy coin that had to you had to Reveal your identity to claim right

That'd just be weird right no longer a Private point so I I do get uh and when I did my video on iron facials how con How controversial the project is from Many aspects so Yeah and it yeah it's it's a it's the Oddest project I think I've seen launch In a while but to be fair extremely Successful from the perspective of Amount of hash rate that hit the network Day one the amount of support they got Day one uh you know was absolutely Incredible like tons of pools available Right off the snap I mean within the First week you had a you had an exchange Availability for it so it's pretty crazy Like you don't normally see that sort of Thing take place right Um it takes a while you get you the Organic growth takes a long usually a Lot longer right like Casper for example Something that's like Grassroots I think Took probably like a year before it hit An exchange or something like that Right quite a long time which Casper Just hit kucoin today as well right yeah But I think you know you're going to Have people on on both sides of the Argument that like a launch like Casper Um because a launch like Caspa keeps it More to the small guys right if we're Big guys small guys right Um caspa's organic growth and the Smaller Community growing around a

Valuable project a project that brings Utility something new to this space Um that is valuable so then there's it's Kind of like a new token that launches That's not on a lot of exchanges it's Not supported by a lot of uh softwares It it keeps it small so the early Adopters get the most value right yeah Um and so in this instance the early Adopters for the likes of iron fish or Your venture capitalist Um and I think that was probably why you Saw it get listed on exchanges they had 28 million dollars to work with right so The amount of money they had compared to The amount of money Caspa and other Grassroots projects had to raise from Their own Community to get listed on Exchanges vastly different right so Um but I think there's going to be some That are like well I'd rather have iron Fish because as soon as it comes online I've got all these options makes it easy For me versus like people having to Figure out and get a little bit more on The technical side trying to figure out How to do something with something like Caspa where it's not as popular and Prevalent yeah and the mining strategies Are are completely different but but Both at the same time can be extremely Lucrative right you look at something Like Casper you get in early on that you Mine a few million and you sit on it

Until it does hit those and then you got That kind of like crazy like uh Snowball Effect that you can make a lot of money Off of but you have a lot more risk Right right but the the strategy for Iron fish though too because you're Talking about the the lock-ups and stuff Like that and I think that's relevant From an investment standpoint but from a Mining standpoint I don't know if it's Relevant and here's why because if You're mining you can just swap that out At that current price before the lockup Comes up so right you know if I'm going To be mining iron fish I'll tell you Before that one year lockup comes I'm Probably dumping that iron fish right Because just strategically as a minor Like I'm not gonna lose all that money For power power bills and stuff that I Need to pay so so Um yeah they're completely different Completely different strategies but I Think both viable right right yeah So you have a YouTube channel tactical Investing Um tell us a little bit about that what Made you decide to start that Sure uh so I started my YouTube channel About two two and a half years ago so it All started initially because I was this Was back when I was in stocks I did a Lot of penny stocks uh back in the day And this was back in right before coven

And all that happened so it was like 2019 2020 or 2020 I think is like when Everything went complete time has flown Since then Um but around that time like everything I dropped like 50 60 70 and I was like Well there's so much stuff on discount So I started buying a bunch of you know Cruise Lines started buying stocks that Just just simply from recovery would do A two three four x and I was like well I Should start talking about this so I Started talking about some of the the Different Pro different stocks different Companies I was taking a look into I got Into some of the Pharmaceuticals uh Pharmaceuticals are very high risk and So that was kind of always my kind of Approach is when you look at crypto Specifically it's high risk from an Investment standpoint so I kind of Looked at that same correlation within The stocks and in stock industry as far As what are some of the lucrative 10x Opportunities in stocks right it wasn't Typically going to be your Pepsi or your Apple uh unless you're maybe doing Options or stuff like that so I was Looking at other things and because at That point I really didn't know what I Wanted to talk about when it comes to Crypto because I've been in crypto since 2017 but I didn't know where my Niche if You will was going to be there's even

Crypto is small but even within crypto You've got so many niches so that's why For the time being I was like okay I'll Just talk about what I'm doing right now And then I'll kind of see where I maybe Fit in inside of crypto So start on that did a bunch of uh stock Stuff so my first 25 000 subscribers happened I believe Within about Um six months six to eight months And after that I was like okay I know What I want to get into and I want to Get into the mining industry and Specifically Stuff for at home miners or things that You know the likes of helium the likes Of other projects that at that time were Cheap to get involved in they didn't Take a lot of electricity and Just overall crypto mining hardware and That's when I I pivoted around 25 000 Subs and from then just started talking About different crypto passive income Opportunities is kind of the niche I Went into a lot of that I would say About 875 to 80 is mining based because The truest form of passive income at Least in my opinion comes from mining Um when it comes to crypto yes you have Notes you have validators you can stake But there's there's nothing rewarding From putting a few dollars into you know A staking protocol and getting two

Percent you don't have the Hands-On Approach you don't have the the ability To touch and feel you're just gonna put It up there right right that was kind of Where I pivoted looked at the the Different mining approaches was in Helium very early was in a lot of other Projects that were mining focused very Early Um and kind of from there is where the Channel grew so that's kind of uh the Whole last two years right now it's just Kind of taking a pause because of uh a Lot of my focus on my mining company but Overall that's still on a trajectory Just still focusing on more mining Opportunities moving forward so let's Talk a little bit about that what is Your Mining Company me Yeah so it's it's for Action mining so It's built on the idea of breaking down The barriers to mining crypto now Specifically there's a large app there's Three main aspects within fraction Mining Um outside of the fractional aspect that The project itself we have FM hosting That's going to be launching as pretty Much a direct competition to Compass uh And Compass hosting and then we also Have our business to business Partnership so a client comes forward And says hey I've got a million dollars I need I want

Um this amount of Bitcoin miners I want This that or the other or we have Pre-packaged plans based on their Investment strategy Um some old coins are going to be a Little bit higher risk mining Litecoin May not be as risky as mining kadena Right so depending on their approach and What they're looking to get in the end We'll put those packages together get Them operational and manage it all for Them so Business to business is one thing FM Hosting that's launching end of May Early June for the time being we're Doing the from a web 5 concept of uh Nfts so web five you control the Metadata within the nft itself so when You go and you claim and you get paid Out similar to like when you connect to A pool right Um you get your accrual of rewards and Then you can claim out to another wallet Um and you actively have to do that that Was one of the the uh things when we're Working with our legal team as far as From the Howie test making sure that it Was an active portion of an end user When it comes to going and claiming Similar like if you're mining Bitcoin You go and you claim directly into your Bitcoin wallet so the way we design it With the membership nfts is the Membership nfts would have the

Customization so you would go and input Your Bitcoin wallet address your Litecoin address your address within the Membership in ft and then we have our Mining nfts so we did our initial launch Was BTC and so each BTC nft as seven Terahash and it has a retrospective Wattage and a six cent energy rate so What you have is just as if you're Buying a fraction of a like imagine if You had an at-home Bitcoin miner right Uh tokenized in ownership via an nft so They provided a means to individuals That may not have the ability to buy an Asic spend two thousand dollars Um which Compass when we looked at Compass because they're really the only Competitor in this space that solved a Solution for a lot of people Compass Sure gets you an ASA energy rate gets You a three-year contract and it gets You still the cost of the miner itself And you don't have to manage it so it Didn't provide a whole solution so we Were like well if someone doesn't have Someone lives in an apartment they can't Run the machine you have an nft to solve That with the tokenized hash rate if Their energy rate they don't want to pay Eight cents with compass their nft has a Six cent energy rate and then Additionally when it comes to the the Entry cost you're looking at three Hundred dollars instead of two thousand

Dollars right so it's a fractionalized Concept based on the ability for users To get into crypto mining without having To have the infrastructure aspect well We'll have the infrastructure aspect Through FM hosting as we do a beta Launch but that was the project itself From the nfts now the nfts also have the Ability because of the way that the Percentages are structured about 24 of The rewards that go into a compounding Aspect so they get it set aside so if Miners break down we replace the miners And we're able to increase hash rates as More efficient miners come out down the Road so replace an old one Bring in a brand new one and be able to Increase the hash rate incrementally Over time so that was kind of the model That we designed it we minted out about 50 of our nfts within the first two Hours and then the rest now I believe in About a week and a half after so Uh the next stage is going to be Launching our kadena nfts we haven't Released the specs for those but those Are going to be like if you look at a KD Box Um you know gold shell KD box it's Nowhere near The the comparison I mean you're looking At a KD box being five Tera hash 400 Watts Um you're looking at

Eons above the value of something from Culture not to mention their terrible Customer service but um that that in and Of itself is kind of what we're looking At is providing a solution for at-home Miners that no longer have the ability To buy at home miners from a ability Standpoint okay and so I I think like Obviously with that concept because I've I've heard of this concept before and I Think I've even talked to you about it Uh previously as well Um there there are still concerns for at Home miners that that run across my mind One is like up time right what happens If there isn't availability for Replacement parts and the miners down You're short on hash rate uh what Happens to the nft holder at that point Yeah so the uptime guaranteed uptime That we have for the specific site is About 99 is what we're looking at so we Always also have additional Asics that Are always running so even though we Guarantee seven terahash we have a Surplus of Asics that if we do have to Replace an Asic we have one there that We just simply switched the pool Um so it's a very simple process it's All done remotely through a operating Um software called foreman and so with Foreman you're able to just do that Switch in the course of five seconds or Mining to a different pool providing

That guaranteed hash rate yeah and I'm Familiar with uh Foreman which I I Really haven't covered on this channel Because obviously more GPU focused But yeah Foreman's been you know a Pretty much a staple I think in the in That game for a while so I I know Hive OS was trying to get into that with this Bear Market hitting them I'm not sure How well they're doing on that I know They added gold Shell support here Recently but that two dollar a rig Add-on and then they're like yeah add The gold shell box so I'm like that Makes it like not like Point like it's Not profitable right um yeah like yeah It's two bucks but it's two bucks on one Of the boxes I'm not a big fan of the Boxes anyways I never have I mean Because they're they're they they're Very few and far between with how long Of a life or shelf life they have for Profitability and by the time you get Them usually that by the time the Consumer gets them it's usually not There anymore right yeah unfortunately I Mean that's the same with all Asics just By Nature right you see the ka3 come out You're looking at the profitability Chart you're like oh that looks great 60 Bucks a day some YouTubers get them early and they they Make the videos on them but then in Reality once that shipment hits

Your door it's like now it's like what 10 bucks a day or something for a ka3 It's uh yeah On the company too right so when the the Way bit main operates having talked to One of the part owners of that main uh Ben main has a very different approach To their operations and what their end Goal is compared to other manufacturers Like microbt so once you even get to the Manufacturer level and you kind of start Understanding how they operate you get To kind of play their games alongside of Them Um so that's one of the things we've Kind of gotten to know a little bit more Be getting more involved uh into the Industry because right now we're going To be running about 60 Peta hash worth Of Bitcoin mining and so once we Continue expanding that we'll probably Be at about 100 Peta hash from my Expectation at least within the next Three to four months so you start to Understand you know testing that minor Versus the the what's minor and you're Like okay and then you strategize even From a at home minor right the ka3 Launch how all of that happened how the Pre-mind happens if you understand all Those Concepts you can make a lot more Money once you understand how the Manufacturer plays their games to play Along with them nice so what are some

Examples of that do you have any yeah Yeah so uh when the L7 and a lot of this Is around the More profitable miners when the L7 Launched and the the ka3 launched now Primarily focusing on the ka3 the ka3 Was announced October I think it was October 1st uh or very early October That they were going to be Um offering up for sales so you had a Bunch of people flood in buy these ka3s Because as soon as you saw it listed on Asic minor value like you said it was 60 A day everyone went crazy over it now What happens is bit main goes and when People pay and it's mints out and or Sells out if you will in 10 seconds and They always promote that uh what that Mean goes and does is they take all Those ka3s that you would have bought And they start mining with them and they Mine with them until they go and deliver And that's why you will see constant Delays on deliveries on brand new miners So the ka3 was supposed to be an Individuals hands first of December then It was end of December then it was end Of January right and so when we acquired Some of these ka3s through bitmain when We brought them online because we're Testing them and getting them ready for Our Cadena launch Um typically when you see the errors Within a brand new Miner usually there's

Very little we're talking about errors Of excess of a thousand errors within The first hour of mining right that's Unheard of out of a brand new minor and So when I was talking to one of the poor Owners of bitmain he kind of explained To me that this is how bitmain operates Bitmain will launch a minor then take All those funds they'll sometimes They'll use those funds to then go and Manufacture all those miners or they'll Use that for the next batch of miners That they're going to launch and And what they'll do is all those ka3s Everyone bought they're going to go Ahead and start mining with those and Then when you pay for them that's why The prices are oftentimes so cheap is You're actually by the time it comes to Your door you're getting a refurbished Miner it's no longer brand new Um for the last three months and then They get it to your doorstep three Months later after they've enjoyed the Full fruits of their labor and that's What happened with the L7 launch a lot Of people if those that remember the l7s Were very much delayed because there was Nothing else out there from the Profitability standpoint to compete when It comes to Litecoin Mining and so That's why bit main delayed by the time Users ended up getting it they got Refurbished miners they weren't brand

New so That's kind of an example of bit Mains Only Money focused that's their only Focus is how much money can bitmain make Now having talked to uh high-level Individuals over at uh what's minor in Microbt their focus is on Use case and utility for their Asics so For example Microbt owns a majority ownership in a Company called he core and e-core has a I don't know where the exact location But heat core has almost like servers They're all uh Hydro cooled and so they Have these servers inside of a mall so Bitcoin miners I think they're the m33 Or the m53 Um they're just black racks they look Like a almost like a a little data Center if you will right yeah their Server racks and then they have Basically like those little ones and They have aluminum plating on them and Then they pump in those are all well Aluminum uh Where cold plates that pump water Through them yeah yep yep and so what What's minor does is they focused on the Utility aspect and they're like well we Want to take these Bitcoin Miners and With their what's miners they heat the Entire Mall Um through the the concept of Bitcoin Mining and they bring down the overall

Energy consumption of the mall itself Because they can heat the entire moles Water through their operation so what's Minor has a very different approach to How they want to be known in the mining Industry as a manufacturer so I think It's it's interesting Um and and if you get into playing bit Mains games that's why you're seeing all The l7s go on ridiculous discounts Um is I I think by end of this year We'll see an L9 and by the point you Know you're going to have people that Are going to go all crazy buy a bunch of These l7s at You can get them for forty five hundred Dollars landed Um which two months ago there were eight Thousand nine three so when you get to Kind of know some of these games there's A timing aspect if you waited a month It'll save yourself four thousand Dollars right so Just kind of being in the know keeping In the loop of of stuff does that so for Like that strategy just like an an idea The timing there is to buy when they Announce the L9 knowing that the L9 is Not going to hit mining until they've They've sold out a batch Right and it won't hit a second batch Until they've mined on it for a little While but then you also have a better Idea of what that profitability is going

To be like too right exactly exactly so Um I hate the Asic game so much it's it's It's it's really annoying because In the end you'll always lose Um end user but there's ways to lose Less if you will Um because I like there's nothing more Upsetting to someone that was like okay I think I'm gonna go with Litecoin Mining I I I've saved off enough money I've got my eight thousand dollars they Spend eight grand and then a week later That same miners now being sold for four Thousand dollars from the same website They just paid double for right so Having kind of looking at the at it Instead of just sending money and and Getting a minor there's definitely a an Understanding that you kind of have to Have with these manufacturers do you Think that there's I mean do you think That more competition within Asic Manufacturing kind of starts to resolve This and shake it out a bit or do you Think most Asic manufacturers will Follow a similar strategy Um So I think there's a couple of ways I Think to to answer this so I think Wattsmeyer is definitely within the next Two years what's minus gonna be a bigger Brand Um what's minor is becoming more and

More popular and we're having from Fraction mining conversations with much Minor to bring them in heat core Specifically to bring them into the us Because a lot of the the issues e-core Has is the the lead times is about six Weeks so we're looking to be able to cut Down those lead times because if when You go and buy a miner you expect Delivery within a few days oftentimes Um or no more than a week or two at most At most right if it's come directly from China but to have a six week lead time A Lot can happen so I think what we're Going to see is what's miners going to Be a bigger brand and that's going to Bring down prices a little bit from a Competition standpoint the problem that You have and I've seen companies try to Get into this is companies aren't going To be able to compete I don't think in My opinion on the Bitcoin Level net connect to bit main or what's Minor they already kind of control it's Kind of like another phone company Trying to launch a competition to the IPhone or to the Samsung right but I Think there's going to be companies that Are going to find their niches and as Long as they continue finding niches They're going to be able to survive gold Show did this for a little while when They did at home miners the problem is The industry has come so far that gold

Shell is pretty much uh a no-name at Least in my opinion I think there's There's gold shows struggling Financially in a lot of ways it's just My opinion And I think Um gold shell and possibly could be a Forgotten name before we know it Um unless companies adapt and so seeing Something for example uh very Controversial ice river right ice River Has gained a lot of notoriety a lot of Controversy a lot of unknowns but They've made a mark in the space because They went after something that no one Else had they found their niche of Casper right so that's really the only Way is these all coin miners is really The only way that I think any mining Break into it yeah exactly because when You look at how many chips some of these Manufacturers that fit main orders that Microbt orders it is ridiculous so when These manufacturers go and fulfill these Orders unless you're coming with a Million or two million chips they're not Even looking at you so unless you have a Situation like Intel even Intel dropped Out of the game Um so you can see how difficult it's in To get into it and so I don't think I I know of a couple of companies trying To get into it a few being successful Um but outside of just getting a minor

There's so much more outside of that Right how are you going to distribute it How are you going to provide warranty And repairs and are there repair centers Are are there people educated on how to Repair miners there's so much that goes Into this conversation as having with Epic blockchain who's one of the the Manufacturers using Intel chips up in uh Canada they they did some uh Partnerships and deals with Argo Blockchain and another publicly traded Company But even stuff like that is being Cumbersome as far as being able to Provide not only just a minor but Everything else that comes with it right And I do think from a repair standpoint And all that the the industry needs to Evolve I mean it's nowhere near what you See on like the data center side of Things right Um Dell or HP where you get four hour SLA that sort of stuff right where you Got a technician there somewhere that Can repair anything within four hours Right or replace it if it can't be Repaired and um I think that that will Have to be adopted at some point Um for a lot of these at least bit from The Bitcoin mining side of things right As far as getting into it Or into Asic manufacturing I think You're correct it's going to be the

Smaller coins what's interesting there Is that we have a lot of smaller coins That are Planning on or susceptible to being Mined with Asics now As opposed to previous Cycles that wasn't necessarily the case A majority of the coins that were coming Out like last bear market right were Asic resistant right that was kind of The thing you had like the ergos you had Like the you know obviously Raven coin Was kind of 2017 2018 was it January 2018 something like that Um but Now we're seeing you know Caspa with Plans to move there we're seeing Nexa With plans to move to uh to Asics and You see Blake 3 being out there with Iron fish which is completely not even Close to being Asic resistant right so There's a there's a shift in the Industry as a whole moving towards like These kind of like altcoin Asics but Then I have the question of like How many of these companies or coins Coins specifically Are Making this as a financial play in the Long run right you have to question Their motives if the if the coin is Coming out and it's like obviously Within the road map going to go move to Asics how many of those guys that are

Devs for that coin are also working on The Asics to launch that and then what Kind of like Asic rug pulls do you have In the works right we see the Asic or The fpga rug pulls for example from Developers for bit streams happen all The time is that something we're going To start seeing more often in the Asic Industry right And I'm kind of wondering at least I Don't know I I think there's a lot that There's a lot that happens behind the Scenes right I think you know even when Um I was watching an interview with the Cadena devs talking about the launch of The ka3 and they were super excited for It they were eagerly waiting for Something like that to happen cadena's Had its controversies before in the past But you have to think about from a Aspect of When you look originally at bit Main Bitmain was only a Bitcoin and there Were only a Litecoin Mining Company well For for a long time they're only Bitcoin They launched Litecoin and bit Wayne was Known for Bitcoin Litecoin within the Last six to eight months and Dash Um and within the last six to eight Months they've launched nervos they've Launched Um so many others uh Cadena and Outside of what their normal industry is And their their money makers if you will

And so I'm wondering kind of like you Mentioned from devs possibly working With these manufacturers and Cahoots if You will and saying hey if we bring Asics to the game how can we both Benefit financially uh and I think that Could also happen in comparison because The power of Asics will always supersede The power of gpus and so when it comes To a money aspect Developers and manufacturers are going To definitely want to make a lot more Money off of Asics and they know they're Going to make a lot more money off of Asics compared to what they're going to Make from the GPU community and I think That's a negative because it kind of Shuns the GPU mining community that in Many ways was always a first step in the Process right if you go in the early Days of even Bitcoin mining right Bitcoin the first Bitcoin if you will Wasn't mined via Asic Um so you look at stuff like that Oftentimes everything develops over the Course of time but it kind of forgets The early adopters and that's a Frustrating aspect to a lot of GPU Miners well and I think you also have That I mean it's that barrier to entry I I think you do hurt adoption to a Certain extent uh if you if you skip the Step definitely Um right and then even if the end goal

Is kind of moving into Asics I I think you do risk losing Adoption right you you take a look at Something like ethereum and you look at Like pre-emerge and post-merge activity On the network and it's night and day Right Um it's like if You can argue however you want but you Could even just say go watch the Ethereum core Dev live streams and now Compared to how many people were Watching those live Pre-merge right and it's it's that's Night and day right hundreds to Thousands now are tens to twenties right Like that's that's a big that's a big Shift when you're talking about adoption So I think you can hurt adoption there If you skip that step Um just because you don't have anybody Utilizing the network at that point Right you have a couple large Asic Farms That are utilizing it there's no Incentive for those large Farms to Participate within the network so I Think there's a fine balance there and I Think if you move a little too fast Something that I've definitely been Watching on the the Casper side of Things is like this is moving very uh Very fast and quickly towards Asics and How much is that going to drop adoption Down on it right right now of course I

Had to interview with shy they don't Think that they'll hurt adoption at all It looks like you know obviously with The kucoin adoption there we're seeing Um a bunch of new wallets created Obviously that's just just par for the Course for any new exchange launch but We are also still the same time seeing An accumulation a larger accumulation in Fewer amounts of wallets right just due To fpgas and Asics on the market right So it causes this kind of weird selling Pressure that Almost pauses that run right like that Casper runs kind of like on hold right Now and I think some of that is due to a Little bit of that fpga dump which it's Impressive it survived that I think to Its credit right so Um when I saw like that 100 million Coming out of that Miner's wallet I was Like oh man this is going to hit right This is going to hurt a little bit but It didn't hurt that bad luckily right And like to your point right you have Less people accumulating more right and That decentivizes everyone else because That takes from everyone else right is Where every one person that turns on 100 Gigahash versus 100 people that have a Gigahash each right Um if you're taking all that from them Everything from theirs goes down and It's not as incentivized to have 100

People versus one person right so They're there definitely is a power in Numbers and when you have this is kind Of things with the data mining in the Ka3 right the ka3 was eons above Anything else right golcha the KD Max I Think was the 40.2 Tera hash and I don't Remember the wattage but The comparison of 166 terahasha 3154 was Not even close you got four times the Terra hash for Less the IB link uh bmk3 Was pretty close when you got the low Power mode and efficiency at least right Um right which I think was probably a Smarter play if you're going to be a Kadena mining Um because you could also buy them Before the ka3 launch right yeah so I Mean like but even to to that end rate It took all the KD boxes all all Completely offline from a profitability Standpoint right yeah in a sense that's What happens to GPU miners once fpgas Come out and Asics for those cryptos That they were mining before is now you Can't be an at-home Miner profitably Um and you're decentivized from doing it Right right I think I think you there's A very valid point there which which are Which also just means there's less Transaction Demand on the network right Yeah Um which is something that I think a lot Of people fail to account for especially

The moon boys for any given project Whether it be kadena or Casper or Whatever it may be Um I think that that gets it's like Everybody wants to come to the defense And say no this is going to be better Because we're going to get more security And you're like yeah but you're gonna Get you're trading that you're trading Security for participation is what You're doing at the end of the day Um ideally you want to have that Balanced out in some form or fashion and Timed out in a manner but then we just Go back to the whole question about does This hey everyone sorry about that we End up having some technical Difficulties at the end of that I was Talking about basically trading Participation for security when it comes To moving from GPU mining to Asic mining Uh get uh your final thoughts on that Alex and then kind of close it out here I mean I think you can have that that Kind of similar mindset argument to Ethereum moving from proof of work to Proof of stake right Um the active participation within the Network From the security aspect definitely went Down at least in my opinion when you Look at people actively involved and Interested in keeping their mining Operations the whole argument between

Proof of work and proof of stake right Which one's more secure I would say most People would say proof of work is more Secure than the likes of proof of stake But then you're also trading something To have the the thing that you value Right everyone has something else that They value and I don't think any project Is always going to get a hundred percent I think Caspa for looking just at Caspa I think Casp has done a very good job Thus far right you're still very early In the road map but I think you know There's One of the most underrated values of any Project is the community because you Can't really put a value or a dollar Sign on a community because it is Invaluable and because the moment you Lose your community you could have the Best project in the world but have no Adoption of that project and your Project's worthless right Um Bitcoin it could have been a Bitcoin Is a solution for a lot of problems but Imagine Bitcoin with zero adoption from Today Um the Bitcoin white paper would just be Some random white paper on the internet Right without adoption so I think you Have to try to very fine line between Growing in taking your projects such as Casper or taking Casper the next level And threading that properly with keeping

Your community still there and I don't Think anyone in the end will do it Perfectly I think some projects will do It better than others and I think Casper's doing a pretty good job yeah Casp is interesting because I think it's What makes it unique is what's making it More viable to build more nodes in Solo Mind right it's it's that the blocks per Second I think we'll see uh and an even Greater advantage to that once we see The uh the rust rewrite happen it'll be Interesting to see what happens with the Rest of the projects too so where can People find you and I know you got Fraction Mining and tactical investing Obviously on Twitter guys you can check Out below his video there and follow him On Twitter where else can people find You Yeah uh primarily on YouTube and uh Twitter so you can find also Fractionmoney.com if you want to check Out the project learn a little bit more Obviously we're minted out so it's only Available on secondary markets which Last I checked there weren't any BTC Nfts for sale Um so all of that is is being huddled by Everyone currently Um definitely keep in touch as far as on My social on the fraction mining Twitters my Twitter as far as our future Launches and as we expand but outside of

That you can also find me in the Fraction mining Discord which will be Linked on the fraction mining website so Uh either one of those two you'll be Able to find me awesome and I'll have to Have you back on to talk about Infrastructure too because obviously With the minting of that you guys are Building out farms and all of that so I'd like to have you back on if you're Interested uh before today we're going To call it a day make sure you guys Check the description and I will see you Next Tuesday today's month answer is Myself I recently launched a crypto Mining e-course at son of a tech.com and It includes nine steps to cover when you Decide to start your crypto mining Journey this is specifically pertaining To 2023 crypto mining profits and taking Advantage of the DOW market to achieve Skyrocketing growth as we move into the Next having of Bitcoin you learn buying Mining equipment in a bear Market using Outside investment to speculative mine Begin mining once profit is established Sell mine crypto to pay for electricity Hold and prep for the Bull Run sell at The top of the bull market sell mining Equipment at the top of the bull market And begin investing in land and power so That you can bring in outside investors To utilize excess resources thanks Everybody for your support and I hope

You enjoy the course let me know what You think of it in the comment section Below

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