SWIFT Ban On USD Transfers Below $100K – 237

This is important too so Finance Swift banking Partners set to Ban USD transfers below a hundred Thousand dollars binance trust that Credit and debit card payments will Continue to be accepted in that non-usd Bank transfers would still be processed Through the Swift payment system binance Has informed its retail customer base of A potential incoming service disruption That may halt on an off-ramp Bank Payment transfers the service disruption Will impact users of U.S dollar held Bank accounts where looking to or who Are looking to buy or sell Cryptocurrencies for less than a hundred Thousand dollars via the Swift payment System now remember when I said what Happened here recently with Argentina Was that you had an international bank That only worked with people that were Extremely wealthy in Argentina and the Middle class and lower class didn't have Access to any thing that would allow Them to prevent the their losses as the Inflation took over and drove the the Price of the Argentinian dollar down Right But what they were able to do was Utilize a crypto exchange to purchase U.S dollar backed stable coins to Protect their money in response to that The U.N said that we needed to regulate Stable coins to a greater degree

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Obviously presumably Tinfoil hat the reason why the UN wants To regulate that is they don't want poor People to be able to access any sort of System that prevents them from being Taken advantage of financially by the Upper class That would be my my tinfoil hat Assumption and I see the same thing Happening here too we're not seeing a Blanket ban right we are seeing Essentially if you do not have enough Money to play the game you are not Allowed to play the game right that is What is happening here and the reason For that too I think by and large is we Start to see this kind of shift towards Modern monetary policy on a global level The digital wand and the EU copy of this Of of the digital wand both have Proposed that they will have expiration Dates on the currency what this does is Force consumers to continue to spend Kind of manipulating the economy and Keeping it running even though the the Country itself is printing more money to Pay themselves out So there's kind of a debate between Which is right right because if you have People saving all the time the idea is That the economy is not running as well So it's kind of a way to Force the economy to run but I kind of Equate it to things like hex uh stuff

Like that safe Moon and so on where Essentially the only real people that Actually ever make any money off of that Are the early investors and of course The devs that control the chain and That's because all you're really doing Is constantly manipulating the monetary Policy to to give an advantage to the People that uh have been around for a While right binance announced the news To its financians by email on January 21st stressing that they're now actively Seeking a new Swift partner to avoid Service disruptions for future Bank uh US dollar transfers Quote this is the case for all of their Crypto exchange clients please be Advised that until we are able to find An alternative solution you may not be Able to use your bank account or or to Buy or sell crypto with USD via Swift With the value of less than a hundred Thousand dollars after February 1st of 2023 Finance stress that customers would Still be able to use their credit or Debit cards to buy or sell Cryptocurrencies and that payments to or From third party exchanges would still Be processed now You can still always buy hardware and Mine cryptocurrency and there that is What I would suggest you guys do 2017 octo Miner is an international Mining hardware company they manufacture

And engineer the best mining equipment In the industry and Supply rigs to some Of the largest mining farms around the World their GPU mining rigs also Integrate with the top crypto operating Systems like Hive OS Miner stat and Simple mining all parts come with an International one year warranty exciting News they will be adding Asic miners for Sale to their website soon and launching A new product built specifically for Asic home miners please visit Octominer.com or email support Octominer.com for questions Now I'm not going to go through this Entire uh this entire proposal here But I did want to mention it and have You guys head on over to fight to fight For the future dot org and this is Basically a letter to U.S lawmakers for Protecting the privacy of Everyday People is key to ensuring safety Self-determination freedom of the press And other rights that compose the core Of democracy says it goes on to say we Applaud recent interest in robust Federal data privacy legislation to Reinforce such rights the Technologies And software tools we build to preserve User privacy by Design are just as Essential it goes on to talk about you Know basically how Linux is a big push In here you got tools like signal Firefox tour file coin and stuff like

That zero cash proofs they mentioned Z Cash in here and mobile coin as well It's linked down below please go take it Take a look at it and uh just be aware That this is something that's going on Right now and being proposed uh and I Think you can Sign it hold on let's see if this was The link Right now it's just sign yeah you can Sign it here If you like Thanks for checking out this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here or more crypto Content down here also I'd like you to Check out my locals page at son of a Tech.locals.com where you can become a Member for free or choose to be a five Dollar a month supporter that unlocks Additional content

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