Solo Mine Pyrin to Your Own Node

What's up Sons it's blard with son of ATT Tech once again and today I have yet Another how two if you followed my Pyon Node guide welcome to part two which is Going to show you how to solo mine to Your node of course this will require a Significant amount of hash rate to find Blocks at a regular interval so check The network difficulty before you decide To perform this and compare it to the Amount of hash rate that you currently Have the advantage here is that you will Not be paying a pool Fe in this Particular case so you get to retain a Little bit more of your mining income as Well as you get to gamble a little bit On finding more blocks than would be Expected on a pool for your regular Payouts there's always advantages in Disadvantages but let's go ahead and get Into how to do it right [Music] Now welcome back everyone so as you may Be aware we already had once again the Go for you guys on how to build the node Today we're going to talk about how to Build out the stratum so to get the Stratum we are going to do that W get Command again and I'll leave a link to The release of the node down in the Description and you can rightclick and Copy that URL out of there and then Paste it into your putty session and Press enter once that is complete we are

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Going to create a new directory and We're going to name it Bridge just to Put all of those files into and then We're going to utilize the tar command To extract those files into that new Directory so we have xzf to unpack that Gz file and then we have a dash Capital C to denote which directory we want to Expand it to and then a Tilda which says Our current home directory and then Bridge which is the new directory that We created and we press enter and it Will ask for our pseudo password we'll Press enter and at this point we're Going to change directory into the Bridge folder run an LS and you can see We have the bridge file here next we Need to edit the config do yaml file so We will basically do a pseudo nanoc Config.yml and press enter and this is Where we can set up our configuration The first thing that you'll take a look At is the stratum Port this will be the Port that you connect your minor to and You will connect to essentially the IP Of this machine and then to that in Particular if you're trying to mine from An external machine you will need to go Into your external firewall and direct That route that port to the internal Port and IP we can cover that in a Different video I don't have a home lab To show you that on right now so we're Doing this all locally and once you have

That set you can also just ensure that You have the correct pad address if You're your node is not on this machine But on a different machine you'll need To replace the IP address with the External machine that you're wanting to Connect the uh the stratum to that node And that is what sets there provided all This looks good you can just press Control X and exit and then from here we Are going to create a screen to run this In you could also uh create a service For this like I do at my home Farm or at My main Farm excuse me so that starts up With the node at the same time and if There's a reboot or something like that It'll all come back up on its own we're Going to press enter after we do a DOT SL LOL bridge but before we do that Let's go ahead and create a screen I did Forget that steps so screen- capital S And we're going to just name it bridge To make it easy and then once we are in Here we're going to do the Dotlol Corbridge pyi and press enter as Long as we're in that directory it will Come up and it will give us the status And if it's running and so on so from Here it's actually pretty easy to go Ahead and connect to but what we want to Do first is contrl a d and run an IP Space a and grab the IP off of our eth Zero adapter you can see here it's 17229

60178 provided we have that we can go Ahead and move on over to our batch Files for whichever minor we're Utilizing Riel Miner is the example Today we'll right click and say edit and The things that we want to change is Going to be over here and we basically Want to highlight this IP here and paste It right here we'll remove that we'll Leave the stratum there and then we're Going to change the port to 5555 which Was in the config file and then we have Our wallet address remember we created That wallet address address when we Created the node so we're going to copy That wallet address out here and paste It into the pyi wallet oops I Accidentally did a a copy or a copy Instead of a paste there so we'll put Our wallet address right here and then We'll do a file and save and then to Reconnect to the bridge we'll do screen- R and Bridge and you can see here is Showing no workers or anything like that But we're about to change that we're Going to double click our batch file I'm Going to tell Windows to go ahead and Run it anyways and we will connect what You'll notice here is it says now we Have one worker connected it'll report The hash rate here on your average hash Rate the rig name if you want to change It of course you can over here by Changing it after the dot the

Dasw and then over here on the right it Will show the blocks and basically how Many blocks you found if you are mining On hios it's as simple as just changing You know the server port and and the Server IP and Port over to that within Your hive config that is covered in more Detail over on son ofate tech. where I have a written guide For this if you need to look at the Specific configuration and this is Currently an RTX 490 it looks like stock It's doing about 2.37 gigahash a second it's starting to Report that as well in here once you Find a block it'll show it here and then Of of course you can always do your Pyon Wallet balance command that we talked About in the previous video and if it Found one it will actually say uh Pending and it will give you the pending Amount that's coming in and that is how You can see if you're actually getting Paid out the current block reward is 17 And that is pretty much it so there you Go there's how to create the bridge and Mine to your own node on Pyon I hope you Found this helpful if you did hit the Like comment subscribe and notification Bells down below don't forget to check Out the Crypt mining ecourse at son of and you can also become a Supporter in at sonof tech. Where I post the article guides Etc over

There thanks for watching I'll see you Next Tuesday

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