Silicon Wars – 266

The Silicon battle and this definitely Is relevant for cryptocurrency miners in General is heating up and it's heating Up to the point to where now we are Seeing the US government restricting Shipments of RTX 49s to China now we've Talked about in the past of course the AI level gpus getting restricted for Shipment to China but this also brings Up another big issue in the fact that a Lot of the manufacturing for these Particular gpus are done in China and so If you are trying to restrict the Shipment of the product from the US to China but then expecting China Chinese Companies to manufacture these this Equipment and ship them to the US well Obviously we're in a pickle here but it Says these are too powerful to be Shipped to China without a license under The terms of the latest export rules Imposed by the US government AMD Intel And Nvidia can no longer ship a number Of their high performance processors to China and a number of other countries Without an export license from the US Department of Commerce in fact the Restrictions are so severe that Shipments of nvidia's a102 processors Are also restricted which may have an Impact on the supply of GeForce RTX 490 Graphics Cards given the demand for nvidia's AI Gpus across the globe the company does

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Not expect its Financial results in near Term to be affected by the new export Rules meanwhile it remains to be seen How these new export rules affect the Production and prices of the RTX 490 Based graphics card which are generally Made in China in a bid to comply with The new export rules Nvidia will have to Initiate production of GeForce RTX 490 And other 0102 based products outside of China so it does sound like Nvidia is Also being required to move Manufacturing outside side of China too This might bring to point uh or bring Everything to a head revolving around You know the Chinese government in Taiwan which would be really interesting If a lot of this moves into being Headquartered in Taiwan which apparently Is the case if I read the next paragraph Here transferring production to Taiwan Is perhaps not a problem for the vast Majority of Brands as the most of them Are headquartered in Taiwan there one big exception though Colorful which is one of nvidia's major Customers and which happens to be one of The world's largest graphics card Manufacturers only operates in China but We have the other issue here if we are Talking about the contention of Basically Taiwan being a country Remember them making Sean Cena basically Apologize for calling Taiwan a country I

Think that's what it was plus a few Others plus remember they banned that Hearthstone player for basically saying You know free Hong k Kong all this type Of stuff where the Chinese government is Basically trying to already lay claim to Taiwan if you move production over there And you stop the shipment of the RTX Cards to China that's just going to make CH the Chinese government that all that More uh basically incentivized to Further kind of put a grasp over Taiwan And with basically you know all these Outbreaks in already with you know Ukraine and Russia Israel and then you Add this on man this starts to look a Little creepy in my humble opinion Because we're having basically like I've Said before a silicon war with China and And they already consider Taiwan a part Of China so just moving the production To Taiwan in my humble opinion isn't Going to solve any of this in fact it's Going to make things worse uh if you had To ask me that being said you know Colorful is obviously already a huge Operator in China Nvidia may attempt to Supply as many 8102 gpus to its partner As possible in the coming weeks though It remains to be seen how this affects The supply of the RTX 490 products in Other countries starting from November 16 of 2023 Nvidia will be unable to ship Its a100 a800 h100 h800 l40 and 40s and

The 490 cards and modules for AI and High powered Computing to China Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates and Vietnam without an export license from The US Department of commerce's Bureau Of industry and security all of the Aformentioned products except for the 490 are data center gpus for AI and high Powerered Computing the GeForce RTX 490 Is the best graphics card money can buy Assuming price isn't a limiting factor But since the new restrictions curb Export reports of high performance Processors in general it falls under the New regulations quote the licensing Requirement may impact the company's Ability to complete developments of Products in a timely manner support Existing customers of covered products Or Supply customers of covered products Outside the impacted regions and may Require the company to transition Certain operations out of one or more of The identified countries a statement by Nvidia in its filing with the SEC reads Now in my humble opinion like I've Always stated before huddle silicon and I think this is going to be extremely Relevant now with all of this going on Shortages are already kind of happening Because of AI we haven't seen new GPU Prices really drop that much outside of Some outliers like the Intel Arc series Pretty much on both the AMD side and the

Nvidia side the high and gpus have Extremely high price tags that are Reminiscent of the previous two crypto Bull runs and we're in a bare market and This is primarily due to the fact that We have the rise in Ai and once we start Seeing these kind of limitations being Put into place manufacturing will be Impacted shipment will be impacted in General and I think at the end of the Day I'm happy to hold all of my video Cards and all of my silicon that I Possibly can it'll be interesting to see If this impacts of course the as6 side Of things as well really as6 have been The best in let into cryptocurrency Mining I think over the past year or so For accumulation purposes because as Opposed to gpus they have only seen a Slight drop in price really overall We've seen basically as6 drop 10x right They're a tenth of the price that they Used to be and that is why I've really Shifted a lot of my investments over Every other time in a cycle I've just Heavily invested in gpus but because of The kind of huge price swing the Cryptocurrency mining investment side of Things for from the from that Perspective the opportunity has been on The as6 not necessarily on the GPU side Of things I was hoping that I was going To see the GPU prices really start to Take a a dump and really be able to

Invest in like another 200 to 600 amps Of gpus before the next Bull Run but I Don't see that I don't foresee that Happening right now especially with These things coming out out more and More I'd like to hear your thoughts and Opinions of course in the comment Section thanks for checking out this Clip from the crypto mining show you can Check out the full episode here or more Crypto content down here also I'd like You to check out my locals page at son Ofate tech. where you can Become a member for free or choose to be A $5 a month supporter that unlocks Additional Content

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