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DX is important because DX from a from The perspective of why does DX matter DX Matters because frankly they were the First to Market with proof of useful Work for blockchain Technologies and you Could say of course with the test Nets And so on or you could say that flux has Been working on this longer however First to Market is very important but Did they move too fast is my question Everybody that's been in the crypto Space for a while now has come to the Consensus that I've talked to and we're Talking about developers the the idea is Is that really DX should still be in Test net because of all of the ups and Downs the network has with trying to Integrate proof of work with proof of Useful work and basically denoting those Two right now the way DNX works is that You have a portion of the GPU mining Essentially a modified version of Crypton Knight and then validate then That's the actual mining portion for Solving the blocks and the transactions On the network but the other side of it Which is the useful work is getting is Validating that that GPU is then allowed To mine that smaller lighter weight Version of cryptonight by validating That it completes essentially different Machine learning jobs and sat jobs now The big issue that came up that we Talked about on Friday was that SRB

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Minor was caught cheating by essentially Removing some of the SAT jobs from the Mining software which meant that it was Able to basically have a higher hash Rate because it can move some of those Over to that Cryptonite uh algorithm portion and have A higher hash rate and this meant that The developer of the mining software Docor with a K he was able to make some More money off of that because his fees Were at 2% he also had dual mining with Zelica and was the only mining software Available for AMD in an initial releas Release or announcement from DX DX came Out and said that they were going to be Removing SRB Miner once they had a Transitional phase to new AMD upcoming AMD versions now I'm aware of the miners That have the potential for deploying AMD supported mining software from a Thirdparty perspective and in reality The only person that I've been aware of Or the only minor that I've been aware Of to be working on this is Sr is is BZ Minor uh by OK and he has stated that He's still a few weeks out from really Having it ready to go so I was like okay Well we're just going to have this weird AMD being you know here out here this This SRB minor being allowed to be used Even though they said they were going to Pull it off the network so they Clarified so when DX clarified here's

What they came out with important SRB Minor update they said number one Machine learning job calculations are Computed accurately functionality of the DX SDK has never been compromised in in Actuality this has been changed as well So the number one thing that they said Previously oh my God this is such a all Right guys this is so stressful because The problem is dyx has changed the that This has actually been changed from the Time I had the the official post to now The number one before prior to what We're reading right now which has been Edited or changed to some extent was That they aren't going to remove SRB Minor what they did was basically on the DX side of things which is where they Should do it is modify it to where Essentially the SRB minor has a Significant decrease in hash rate So we'll get into this one now too but To give you guys an update there's been A couple I was under the impression at First they were going to to remove SRB Minor support now it appears they're not Going to remove SRB minor support at all Ever uh hopefully we will in a few weeks Get a AMD support but as it sits right Now that's not available let's go ahead And hop into this one it says machine Learning job calculations are computed Accurately functionality of the DX SDK Has never been compromised it was

Detected that sat jobs which are run by Different kernel and SRB are only Partially being calculated this is the Original so hold on maybe I have this Wrong let me go over and look at this Once again sometimes they get a little Lost it is what it is yes this is the Post I wanted to address here we go so It is here they didn't change this one I'm getting confused anyways SRB minor Update to we want to reiterate on Yesterday's announcement regarding SRB Minor they said DX is not going uh to be Banned or is not going to ban SRB from The network which is an overall positive Because this solution should be on the On the cryptocurrency side or on the Blockchain side not on the minor side Meaning that if you have a vulnerability And you're trying to force a third party To make the changes to prevent it from Doing it it doesn't stop other third Parties from basically manipulating the Blockchain at the end of the day so you Could have private Farms with private Versions of miners that are getting Higher hash rates by skipping the SAT Jobs okay so this is really the point That I wanted to bring up because I saw Some arguments people saying you know Why is everybody getting upset with DX Here and not getting upset with SRB Minor because any third party shouldn't Be able to basically find a hole in the

Network or a hole within the blockchain To manipulate it and to that means that The network itself is compromised so if You did leave it as is and you didn't Fix it on the D side then you would have A whole bunch of other people's going People going through finding the issues And then implementing it privately for Their own Farms there would probably be A lot of money behind it not dissimilar To what goes on with fpga mining those Guys are trash anyways let's go ahead And look at the full of this because I Didn't cover this yet says number two as There was a vulnerability identified it Has been patched this leads to the Situation that SRB computed sat jobs Will not not be accepted by the network Because they are incorrect the SRB minor Dev refused to fix his Implementation this one is a little Weird I thought that and and this is Where I don't know where the drama is Going on here doctor like I talked about In the Friday video seem to be Apologetic for it um I've seen random Screenshots within the SRB minor Discord That there was discussion between Yeti And so go on there was very some very Weird stuff where it looked like Depending on the way they screencapped It either Yeti was basically trying to Ask for some sort of bug Bounty and so On and then he accused doctor of

Essentially trying to elicit a bribe to Provide him the fix I'm not so sure that It was completely refused I think there Were bad interactions between people bad Interactions between people are going to Happen all the time I'm not necessarily Sure sure or positive that what they're Saying here is is for sure true I don't Know that doctor refused to fix it but At the end of the day too it can't just Be fixed by the third party you need to Figure out how to prevent it on the Actual once I said once again the Blockchain side so I just wanted to Clarify that keep in mind this is coming From dinx So You you know there are Multiple sides to the story uh Etc now Number three ml jobs have never been Affected by srbs Modifications we therefore suspended all Sat jobs with immediate effect after Seeking agreement with our customers Only ml jobs are being computed on DX Until maless mining is available for Everyone this ensures that only valid Computations are being computed on the Network the above requires a transition Of all ongoing jobs with 100% saturation We apologize if some miners experience Congestion while downloading their new Computing files now remember DX is Pretty uh is pretty unique in the fact That you download that jobs file and From what I understand that that that

File is going to be a lot larger if you Do run into issues with that getting Updated I have covered in the past and Should be clipped as well as on locals At son ofate tech. how to Delete that file you may need to delete That file for it to build it out Properly again so take a look at that if You're having issues getting your miners Back up and running says please note you Might be seeing reduced hash rate on Your SRB rigs that is because SRB based Sack competitions have been inflated by Exploiting a vulnerability by SRB the Hash rates you are seeing when running Ml jobs are the accurate rates achieved By the miners now I'm not so sure that It's accurate because we're still this Is this is where I get a little confused It seems like they have to have modified It to or modified the hash rate because If I understand correct you have the Separate part which is which is the Actual cryptonite lightweight algorithm That's doing the Computing of the of the Of the network transactions and then you Have the rest so when they removed the Opportunity for the SAT uh I don't know If they how they adjusted that out Necessarily basically saying that it Might be artificially blocked at this Point and then with a new minor and Maless end points maybe this changes of Course in the future but right now SRB

Minor just in general is not going to be What you want to be on everything I've Seen is like decreases across all of the Gpus utilizing SRB minor pretty Significantly you know we're talking About 80% reductions in the hash rate on DX and you can actually see this on the DX uh stat page for mining pool stats And so this has really been the impact We've gone from you know almost two Gigahash a second to Now 1 gigahash a Second we've lost half of the security On the network we have seen large Increases and decreases for DX in General and so this isn't really Necessarily out of the norm but it is Pretty impactful as it is because we're Seeing the hash rate kind of reverse Back down remember SRB minor kept coming Out with the improvements and people Were moving over oh uh one Z Miner was Coming out with improvements we are Seeing large increases of hash rates Right the good news is is that what I Have noticed is that if we took a look At for example the decrease in the hash Rate and the difficulty adjustment the Difficulty adjustment is looking like It's staying up to date with this so it Does look like the difficult adjustment Is proper so you should be able to get a Good difficulty decrease here if you Have Nvidia gpus and decide to use Something like one zero minor however it

Did have a pretty significant impact on The price because as the rest of the Crypto Market is going up including old Coins like Ergo we are seeing DX go down In price over the past day uh really Over the past few days starting on the Ninth go you know where it was getting Ready to cross that dollar Mark and then Now we are pretty much 20% down since This has all come into fruition people Are losing trust in DX right now as they Probably should but I'd like to hear Your thoughts and opinions does this you Know hurt your perspective on DX as a Project or do you think they can recover From this pretty easily let me know in The comment section over or the live Chat now I will say From my perspective we're talking about Something that is first to Market with Something that has never been done Before so I think that that DX recovers From this quite easily uh just my humble Opinion there's no real competition There is some competition on the horizon With flux but it's also something Completely different in the way it Functions actually integrating of course The useful work into the into the actual Algorithm is something that puts it Above something like the flux solution Which is going to basically be kind of Like running nodes at the end of the day It's not it's going to be a little

Different at least from the solutions I See thanks for watching this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here and don't forget To subscribe down here as well you can Also check out my crypto mining ecourse At son where you can get a free Month of supporter status with a Purchase at sonof tech. also Don't forget to check out my merch Underneath the video or at shop.of I'll see you next Tuesday

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