Shamir’s Secret Sharing vs Multisignature—Which Is Best?

When you're storing backup of data your Secret sharing gives you a way to Distribute that backup in a more nuanced Way and I should say a little bit about How this compares to multi signatures Because people use multisig in Bitcoin To much the same effect right because The coins in Bitcoin are not necessarily Held by a single key they can be held by As many keys as you want so raslin Having a single key the split in three Of five maybe I want a multi signature Where I have five keys and any three of Them can Sign and I would say that if you have a Choice between those two mechanisms you Always want to use multi6 right like Multi are just like un universally Better and the reason is that with a Multi signature you don't need to bring The pieces together to produce a Signature right with Shamir secret Sharing you've got all these shards and Then when you want the original secret You have to bring the shards together Reassemble them put them into a Bitcoin Wallet and spend your coins with Multisig if you don't you can produce Part of your signature with one wallet Part of your signature with another Wallet part of your signature with Another wallet and they don't ever need To um you never need to bring secret Data all into one place it's a little

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Bit more complicated to use which is the Reason that you wouldn't use it the Reason that is better from a security Perspective you don't have all your Secrets in one place if you using a Multi signature rather than you Personally producing part of a signature In one place and part in another you Might just call a friend of yours who's Holding the other key and ask them to do The signature kind of part the idea here Is that you can add additional access Control with Shamir secret sharing in Order to use it you need to reconstruct The whole secret so at the time of use The benefit of sharting goes away that That's the trade-off that you're making Whereas with a multi- signature Everything stays charted always at the Same time so maybe a good way to think About this which I think we wrote In the Book is that you can use a multi Signature to define a signing policy to Say well I have these five different Custodians and I want any three of them To be able to move the coins that's a Multi signature whereas Shamir secret Sharing you would use just as a backup Management so I've got some seed that I Want to keep at rest for many years or Many decades or something and when I Want to actually use a seed I'm going to Have to unshart and like undo my my Security as long as they're going to be

At rest for a long period of time and I Don't really want to think about them Then Shamir secret sharing lets me do That

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