Setting up SeedQR with Blockstream Jade

Let's take a look at setting up an air Gap Jade before we begin you will need a Seed QR template a permanent marker and Some patience as of this recording a Newly purchased Jade will include two QR Code templates within the Box If you're watching this and have Previously bought a jade go to our help Center guide to download and print a Free version the link for that will be In the description box down below with That let's go and set up our air gap Jade with seed QR and QR PIN unlock So to set up our Jade all we're going to Need to do is have our Jade device on And simply press initialize From there we're going to be setting up A new wallet so we're going to press new And from here it's going to ask us what Kind of wallet we want to set up we're Going to do an advanced wallet and we're Going to do a 12 word From there you're going to want to take Out your handy dandy notebook and your Pen or pencil and you're going to want To start writing down Your recovery phrase Once you've written down your recovery Phrase simply press the check mark And from there the Jade is going to quiz You to make sure that you wrote down Your words correctly so the 10th word in Our recovery phrase is clarify so we Just press the middle button

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And then it's going to ask us if we want To export our recovery phrase to a Compact CQR for this example we want to And then it's going to ask you to draw The compact seed QR for use with the Recovery phrase login and we do want to Do that also so we'll press next from There The Jade is going to ask us to bring out Our seed QR templates if depending on When you bought your Jade we will Include a seed QR template in the box With your Jade purchase if your Jade did Not come with one of these or you lost The template no problem so you can just Go to our website it will be linked in The description box down below and you Can print as many of these as you'd want But if you buy it from the store they Are come in a nice thick paper so with That I'll put the 24 word to the side And I'm going to grab my Sharpie Take that off and from there on the Jade I'm going to press begin And all you need to do it's pretty Simple is follow where the Jade tells You to draw the black boxes so for this Example it says grid A1 on our template You go grid A1 you will see that the Template has already been filled out so Great and with that you're going to Press uh not press you're going to go to The wheel and just click over and you'll Notice you go a two and now from there

You just draw what the Jade tells you to Draw so with that I'll be back Once you've finished your first Square Don't press the center button just Simply go to the wheel click over it'll Go A3 A3 is already filled out B1 here we go Great once you're done you're going to Go to your Jade and you're going to Press the center button and press done From there it's going to have us scan The QR code to make sure that we got it Down correctly And you just want to go Fun sweet spot from there the Jade tells Us the QR code has been verified and From there it's going to ask us if we Want to input a password to this uh this Recovery phrase uh we do not for this Example And for this it's going to ask us how do We want to interact with our Jade we Want to interact with it using QR And then from there it's going to ask us To go to the pin QR Website I will have that Linked In the Description box down below also From there we're going to create a new PIN for this wallet I'm simply just Going to do ones across the board Then it's going to have us confirm that PIN Great from there it's going to ask us to Go to the website on another device so

That we can scan the QR code that the Jade is outputting to us right now so I'm actually going to remove the CQR I'm Going to get rid of my recovery phrase Just a lot going on right here okay so Now that I'm in the website I'm simply Going to go to enter your PIN we've Already done that and it's going to ask Us to access our camera we want to allow This So now that I've refreshed it sorry About that uh the camera will populate On our browser from there you're just Going to want to go in and out of the Jade to properly focus on the QR pin You'll notice that the camera had a Status bar that went across so now that That's done I'm going to go to my Jade And I'm going to press the check mark And then from there I'm going to Find the right spot you'll see that Loading screen Great Once I do that I'm going to go back to The phone and I'm going to press next And then I'm going to do the same Process over again find the right spot Get that loading screen hold the phone There Fantastic and then the last scan we're Going to go back to the Jade press the Check mark and then we're going to find That right spot and have that loading Screen

Bar go across fantastic from there on The phone I'm going to press done I'm Going to put the phone to the side and Then from there boom you have Successfully made a seed QR template With this and you have also made a QR PIN unlock with the phone or whatever Other device you want to access your Jade with so nice job let's test this Out by now turning this off Turning off and now I'm going to turn it Back on And it's the Jade is now going to ask us How we want to connect we are going to Go to QR mode and we are going to do Depending on how you want to log into Your Jade uh That's what option you're going to pick But for this example I'm just going to Do scan seed QR and to show you how easy This is I pull out that see that seed QR Template we did earlier found the right Spot and boom we're right back into our Wallet where we just left off so with That nice job there's a lot to go over There but just take your time there's no Rush and you will do great so nice job Thank you

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