Sending Air-Gapped Transactions from Nunchuk with Blockstream Jade

Now that we've received some funds to Our wallet let's send them to our block Stream green wallet on our desktop or Mobile phone but instead of signing the Transaction via USB we'll be doing this With a QR code In order to access my wallet I'm going To be scanning the QR template that we Made from earlier so I'm just simply Going to go over to QR mode on my Jade And Press scan seed QR From there the Jade is going to bring up The camera and I'm just going to want to Find the right spot to scan my seed QR Once I've scanned it I'm going to then grab my template and Just simply get that out of the way we Don't need that for right now and then On my phone I'm going to click block Stream green From here I want to receive funds to it So I'm going to press receive and then Copy the address that blockstream gives To me and this one I'm going to go over To nunchuck and I'm going to go into a Wallet that has some funds in there from There I'm going to press send and then I'm going to send all of the funds that Are within this wallet to my block Stream green so I'm going to press send All and then from there I'm going to Input my address from blackstream Green And then I'm going to press create Transaction

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Great so we've made the transaction but Now I need to sign the transaction on my Block stream Jade so to do that I'm Going to press sign and then I'm going To press export transaction From there I'm going to press export via QR and this isn't when I go to my block Stream Jade and I need to bring up the Camera so I'm going over to QR scan and It's going to pull up the camera and From there I'm simply going to scan the QR As you can see I got that progress bar Moving along nicely so just hold it There And from there the block stream Jade is Going to show me show me the address That I copied over from blockstream Green along with the amount of SATs that I'm going to send to the block stream Green wallet if everything looks good You press check mark And then from there the block stream Jade is going to show me the fees that I'm going to pay and if that looks good To you then you can simply press the Check mark From there the Jade is going to pull up Its own QRS and you will now need to Import this into your nunchuck so to do That you want to put the J down and Press import signature You're going to want to scan the Jade With your phone as you can see that

Progress bar at the top of the phone is Going across nicely And from there The nunchuck wallet is going to show That we have signed the transaction and It is simply waiting for us to broadcast The transaction to the Bitcoin Blockchain so if everything is all right With you simply press broadcast Transaction And just like that you've sent your First transaction out of your Jade Wallet by signing a partially signed Bitcoin transaction so now we can now go Over to our block stream green wallet And we can see the transaction in there And just like that new transaction we Could go back and we can see the Unconfirmed transaction within our block Stream green wallet so nice job [Music]

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