Self-Custody Lightning with Greenlight

Foreign As an industry first lightning as a Service solution that allows any Developer to enable non-cost Studio Lighting payments in their software so You know if I may break it down for you With just a few API calls a developer Can essentially spin up a lightning node For their end user and facilitate Lightning payments through it right and What is unique about this is that even Though the lightning node is spawn up And managed on our on our infrastructure The user still holds exclusive access to The Keys AKA their lightning fund and This is what makes it truly Non-custodial and what we believe Represents a new design point in the Lightning ecosystem today what about Security it sounds like a green light's Approach to self-custody I mean that Just naturally has to be a more secure Approach yeah you know being a custodian Always comes with a risk with a security Risk you're essentially holding yourself Liable in a sense that you can you know Your exchange or your service can be Hacked Um there can be a malicious takeover of Your environment or infrastructure and So on and so forth and it's always hard Um in that you become a Honeypot as you Grow For hackers and malicious actors you

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Know including governments that do not Like you And and therefore delegating that Liability to your users in that they are Able to hold access to their funds and Take care of it individually and not Have to do so for all your user base is Definitely a benefit that green light Offers

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