SEC X Account Hacked – 277

While initially there was an increase in The price of Bitcoin it has retraced Quite significantly all the way down From 47,000 when the fake approval of The ETFs went out to about 42,000 Speaking of the fake approvals we do Have an statement from the SEC on this In particular my humble opinion is it's Hilarious that the SEC claims that they Were hacked and that right before the Actual approval of the ETF went live There was a fake tweet that it went live And then of course there was Capitalization on that price and it Basically shot up through the roof Initially and then came back down as Everybody sold there's another thing That we have to talk about here too I Think that we'll get into right after we Talk about this and that is of course The miners influence on it but the US Securities and Exchange Commission Released this statement in response to The hack of its X account that led to a Fake announcement being issued in the Sec's name saying the regulator had Approved a spot Bitcoin exchange traded Fund what is hilarious is that it ended Up being accurate and probably should Just let it go and not even mention it But based on current information staff Understands that shortly after 4 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday January 9th 2024 an Unauthorized party gained access to the

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SEC account by obtaining Control over the phone number associated With the account the unauthorized party Made one post at 4:11 p.m. Eastern Reporting to announce the commission's Approval of spot spot Bitcoin exchange Trade funds as well as a second post Approximately two minutes later that Said Bitcoin the unauthorized party Subsequently deleted the second post but Not the first using the secg account the Unauthorized party also liked two post By non SEC accounts while sec staff is Still assessing the scope of the Incident there is currently no evidence That the unauthorized party gained Access to the SEC systems data devices Or other social media accounts now of Course this is why we talk about on this Channel not utilizing any sort of cell Service or phone Service specifically SMS texts for your Two-factor authentication because that Can be hijacked in a myriad of ways the Preferred method of of course is at Least utilizing some two-factor Authentication application such as Google Authenticator aie or something Along those lines and for the most Protection in my humble opinion you Should utilize a hardware uh option in This particular case what I utilize a Lot of the time are UB keys and these Are basically little USB devices that

Will basically plug into a computer or Utilize NFC to then confirm that you are The actual owner and then you have Basically a hardware verification that You own the account the other thing that You can do if you don't want to invest In that if you have an old cell phone Which a lot of people do you can turn Off all of your uh WiFi Bluetooth all of That and keep that cell phone for Multiactor authentication alone you can Use a faraday pouch or something along Those lines to keep it safe and then Throw it in a safe as well if you prefer To basically stay as uh as secure as Possible and clearly uh you know the SEC Doesn't have a very good security team Because if they did they would have These options in place so pretty Disappointing from that factor we have This this basically government Governmental body that's telling us that They're here to protect us but they Can't even keep their own accounts Secure or it's a complete force and it Was never accidentally tweeted or hacked In the first place or it wasn't hacked In the first place and it was Accidentally tweeted out by Gary gendler While he was drunk at 4:00 in the Afternoon who knows and then he had to Backpedal was like oh I made a mistake So you know what do you guys think I Think it's a little ridiculous but just

Wanted to give you guys some security Tidbits on that as far as so you can Protect your own accounts upon becoming Aware of the in incident staff in the Office of public affairs posted to the Official Gary guinsler . account at 4:26 P.m. Eastern alerting the public that at Secg account had been compromised and Unauthorized post was made and the Commission had not approved the listing And trading of spot Bitcoin exchange Traded products staff deleted the first Unauthorized post on the at SEC gov Account unliked the two liked posts and At 442 p.m. Eastern made a new post on The at SEC gov account stating that the Account had been compromised staff also Reached out to for assistance in Terminating the unauthorized access to The secg account based on information Currently available staff believed that The unauthorized access to the account Was terminated between 4:40 p.m. Eastern And 5:30 p.m. Eastern the SEC takes its Cyber security obligations seriously Clearly they do not because if they did They wouldn't even have this Functionality in there I mean it's it's Ridiculous If you take it seriously then you need To hire some new security spe cyber Security Specialists cuz this is really A Nob brainer to prevent this an SMS Hijack in my humble opinion uh it's it's

Crazy the SEC takes its yeah so Commission staff are still assessing the Impacts of this incident on the agency Investors and the marketplace but Recognize that those impacts include Concerns about the security of the sec's Social media accounts the staff will Also continue to assess whether Additional remedial measures are Warranted of course they're warranted I Just gave you the Remediation all right sec I just gave it To you all right so get on that staff Are coordinating with the appropriate Law enforcement and federal oversight Entities including the sec's office of Inspector General the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security cyber security Infrastructure Security Agency amongst Others in their investigations the Agency will provide updates on the Incident as appropriate importantly the Commission makes its actions public on The commission's website at the Commission does not use social media Channels to make its actions public Social media posts only amplify the Announcements that are made on our Website of course this is just a backup Of saying oh you stupid little peon make Sure that you always check the Well what happens when the is is Hijacked or DNS hijack or something

Along those lines cuz those happen all The time anyways pretty crazy at the end Of the day I'd like to hear your Thoughts and opinions on It thanks for watching this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here and don't forget To subscribe down here as well you can Also check out my crypto mining ecourse At Sun where you can get a free Month of supporter status with a Purchase at sonof tech. Also don't forget to check out my merch Underneath the video or at shop.of I'll see you next Tuesday

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