Running Out of Time To Mine

What's up Sons it's blind rod with son Ofch once again and I wanted to do a Quick update for you guys I have uh Recovered well from surgery and getting Back into treatments for my anking Spondilitis so hopefully here I'll be Getting back in the studio and getting Some content out for you guys luckily Everybody else has been holding down the Fort with all the updates to the iron Fish algorithm the meow coin algorithm The profitability on Ram as well as on Cubic so that's all looking good glad to See everybody doing good as far as Profitability goes warthog paid off Massively so thanks everybody that Participated in mining that early with Me over on son of tech. Pretty cool stuff everything's looking Up I did want to say that I will be out At consensus this year I did just Confirm my press pass for May 29th Through the 31st in Austin Texas so if You want to come out there and meet me While I'm out there hopefully I'll have Some time but I'm also going to be Creating content so if you're in the Mining space and want to do an interview Or anything like that as well reach out And let me know you can reach out to me Via the about tab on the YouTube channel A couple other notes real quick is that Don't forget to go ahead and check out My locals page this is where I have been

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Sharing all of my early mining Opportunities and it's paid off Tremendously for a lot of members so I'm Very proud of what we've built over here With some people making up upwards of Six figures in the past 6 months off of Some of these picks and the early pre Kind of mining that we do on the Speculative side of things so everybody Over there's been participating Fantastically and um I'm proud of Everybody in the community so thanks for All the support it's more of a community Thing than just me too so keep that in Mind and then I am going to be getting Rid of the crypto mining ecourse come December of this year because the Ecourse is based on capitalizing off of The bare market and it covers the timing And all of that so if you're interested In still capitalizing on the remainder Of the bare Market which I presume will End shortly you can find out when by Taking the ecourse but make sure you go Claim your spot over at sonof Like I said it'll go away in December I'll be working on a bull run version of This so make sure that you go ahead and Get that out there and then finally on June 1st it is sold out I'm trying to Figure out what we're going to do and The reason it's sold out is just Capacity for the location that I chose But I am doing a free consensus meetup

On June 1st at batch craftbeer and Kachi That being said Don't expect to be able To show up and get in now at this point Because it does seem like we are maxing Out this capacity I'm looking for some other options and Maybe we'll rent a space out that can Hold more people or something along Those lines if it does change it will Change on the Eventbrite P page so make Sure that you are you know signed up to The Eventbrite on the app or on the Website so you'll get the updates if the Location does change because obviously This is kind of where We've Ended up uh Running into a little bit of a problem Not a problem from the perspective of Like awesome it sold out all the tickets Thanks for the donations as well those Of you that donated uh uh to help put This event together so thank you guys For that I'm super excited to come meet Everybody out there I hope everybody's Doing well and I can't wait for 2025 Because it is going to be an amazing Year for cryptocurrency and I look Forward to chatting with you guys about It out at consensus here in about a Month I will see you next Tuesday

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