Rosen Bridge Is Live On Ergo’s Mainnet – 252

Ergo's Rosen Bridge launched public beta Testing on mainnet on May 9th A highly anticipated daps on Ergo is Live now on mainnet after a private test Rosenbridge has begun public beta Testing using ERG and Comet to bridge to Cardano and Ada and hoski to bridge to Ergo so we finally have these bridges Over to cardano that we've been waiting On for about well since the I've ever Started talking about Ergo this is great To see Rosenbridge is an open source trustless Cross-chain bridge that aims to promote Interoperability between Ergo and other Blockchains such as cardano Bitcoin BNB Smart chain and ethereum it is an Ergocentric Bridge or yeah enabling Users to send and receive coins and Tokens between Ergo and any other chain Rosenbridge will be bridged with the Cardano blockchain first when Rosenbridge fully launches it will Support all major cardano wallets that's Pretty big news however it is important To note that the project is only Available in its public beta testing Phase during this phase Nami wallet will Be the only supported cardano wallet That you can go test it if you wish it Was chosen for testing because it is Open source and offers auditable Assumptions once implementation for Cardano is complete the and rosenbridge

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Has fully launched the rosenbridge team Will work to extend Bridges to bitcoin BSC and ethereum as laid out in the Rosenbridge road map presently Rosenbridge's first objective is to Facilitate interoperability between Ergo And cardano as such it will provide an Easier way to leverage the unique Features and dapps of both blockchains Rosenbridge has stated the following Disclaimer quote the bridges in public Test mode please use it as you're at Your own risk and only try with the Amount that you're willing to lose at This stage there is no guarantee of a Successful transfer or a refund also Redeem your tokens during the test Period since the bridged assets are Completely worthless To learn more about rosenbridge interest Of parties can access the open source Work on GitHub and for regular updates You can stay up to date on their Twitter Profile as well links to this article Down in the description we've talked About Ergo a lot so we won't get too Much into the about or the Ergo Foundation and there you go but this has Been a long-awaited update in upgrade For Ergo and I'm happy to see that it's Finally here we'll have to see if that Helps price for Ergo and pulls it kind Of out of that dollar fifty to two Dollar range or if that continues to be

The standard of course with this bear Market it does appear that most coins Are sticking within that range primarily Due to the fact that that is kind of the Range of shift you know that is Happening within Bitcoin and a rising Tide raises All Ships so you really have To have something big enough to break These coins free of their tie to bitcoin Adding in a bridge though is obviously Good for a use case right and it should Drive adoption theoretically thanks for Checking out this clip from the crypto Mining show you can check out the full Episode here or more crypto content down Here also I'd like you to check out my Locals page at son of a Where you can become a member for free Or choose to be a five dollar a month Supporter that unlocks additional Content

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