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We also have the announcement and launch Of rosenbridge on Ergo this is something That we've been waiting for I think on This channel for two years maybe longer And that is basically going to be a Bridge from the Ergo blockchain to the Cardano blockchain and this is important Because it drives the value of Ergo up In general because it now has Interoperability with a very large proof Of stake well-known cryptocurrency that Being cardono run by Charles hoskinson Etc now of course there's all the Opinions on individuals like Charles Hoskinson and so on I try to avoid those On that channel if you are not a fan of Individuals that's fine but that's not Going to influence the way we discuss These projects or the move forward in Them that being said rosenbridge is Expensive to say the least so right now Rosenbridge is available aable it kind Of works sometimes kind of doesn't it's Still kind of being developed so I Wouldn't expect any reliable use of it But basically what you're able to do is Bridge over tokens that are on Ergo over To cardano and you can do that over at App. rosen. te and as you can see you Will pick your Source wallet whether That be Ergo or cardono then you can Select the target which obviously Because we selected Ergo we're going to Go from ergo to cardono and then you

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Select the token these are the supported Tokens right now and then you put in the Address for in this case your cardono Address for it to Bridge Over the crazy Thing though is that the bridge fees are Expensive as hell you're talking about Six Ergo right now to try to move 80 Ergo and so you know you're talking About close to $122 to bridge over so you're going to Need a significant amount for that to Really count for a while early on it was Worth it though but just as any other New listing it always is kind of worth It initially right on the sell down a Lot of people were able to hit like Making sales of wrapped Ergo which is r S Ergo on Mini swap or whatever decks You prefer for cardono of up to like $4 I really got in around the $3 Mark when I moved a big bunch over to sell and did Nail getting that $3 sale in which was You know a nice doubling of what it Currently is if you are selling it on a Net or you know normally I think you Know technically almost double not quite But double and provided you had enough Ergo to make up for the high fee cost it Was profitable so this is a strategy That I was talking about on locals last Night it's it's too late now really Because with the two $2 RS urg price Versus you know the $1.74 and then Taking into consideration the

Fees plus the amount of kind of Riskiness with the bridge being very new I wouldn't necessarily recommend it uh You could run into issues of like Obviously it getting stuck for a long Time there's been failed transactions it Still has a long ways to go but still Very excited exting to see this Interoperability between Ergo and Cardono and I wanted to bring it up that Being said there was supposed to be Interoperability for wrapped Bitcoin Between Ergo and of course cardono but That now has gone the way of the Dinosaur as anetta BTC has decided to Completely drop development for the Ergo Blockchain and the wrapping of Bitcoin Over there anetta has proven to be the Biggest disappointment in the Cryptocurrency space of the bare Market In my humble opinion first having of Course get Block the mining pool that Leveraged anetta Angels shutting down And then now of course the complete Shutdown of the development and the bad Worst part here is that anetta basically Is not paying back the Ergo to Individuals that invested in the Platform so basically the way you Invested in anetta Ergo is you purchased The the Neta token and those Neta tokens Are now all but worthless and they won't Do a swap over to Ceta which is the Wrapped Neta over on cardono the

Baffling thing about this too is the Original Neta token was on Ergo and when It moved over to cardono they put the Little C in front of it but now that's Their primary platform reason being of Course according to them is that there Is just more benefit for them being on Cardono but you got to do something for The people that purchase the tokens that Helped you develop this in the first Place on the Ergo platform so what I Have linked down below and what I'll Link in Live Chat is the Twitter post Where they announc that they believe the Best chance of success is to completely Focus on one protocol instead of doing Two things in that manner and they they Put will put all focus on cardono and The important phrase here Sunset the Ergo side of the project meaning they're Going to get rid of it completely I would highly recommend you guys go Over here and blow up that thread a Little bit more to let them know that They need to essentially you know make It right with theet or the Neta holders On Ergo at least that's my humble Opinion and as always I won't drop it Until it's done so expect this to be Brought up every day until either anetta Does not exist or they take care of Their customers now you guys mind during The bare Market you made it through well At least made maybe half of you I know a

Lot of you over here Didn't actually do it but the ones that Did I have a new shirt for you guys and It says I mind with the Bears for the Bear Market okay so if you mind with the Bears and you want to rep that you did Mine during the be Market go ahead and Head on over to shop.on of and The listing will be down below I'll put It in live chat right now I have a Sweatshirt there's a sticker if you'd Rather have a sticker t-shirt shirt Premium shirt all that Co cool stuff um Really like the new shirt I ordered a Few for myself and I just had that Design finished this week eventually It'll be under on the YouTube channel But that takes a little bit of time so Just give it some time uh proceeds of Course go to supporting me in the Channel so there you go and I thought uh We put some work into it and I thought You guys might enjoy It thanks for watching this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here and don't forget To Subs subscribe down here as well you Can also check out my crypto mining Ecourse at Sun where you can get A free month of supporter status with a Purchase at sonof tech. also Don't forget to check out my merch Underneath the video or at shop.on I'll see you next


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