Rethereum Rebranded to Hypta – 271

Today's sponsor is BT miners BT miners Has been a longtime sponsor of the Channel and a proven reliable source for Asic miners if you are looking to Purchase ASX Hardware from Bitcoin to Dogecoin miners they are available for Purchase on bt- BT miners has Recently launched an app on IOS and Android that let you browse their Inventory by profitability and return on Investment follow the affiliate Link in The description and use promo code s o a For a Discount now reum is a really Interesting project that launched Recently and I've covered it on this Channel the reason it's interesting is That they took the shaw 3 out of Eash and they added Blake 3 what this Has temporarily done is knock all of the ET as6 off or of that Network so there's No ability for et as6 to actually mine This in Theory though you could develop As6 for this but it would be cost Prohibitive especially considering the Fact that you have that memory hardening That's a part of eash because even Though eash is minable by as6 and you Can build as6 for them it is still just Not as efficient as you know gpus well It is as efficient but not as Stark of a Difference when you are referencing Something like a a Bitcoin or you know We could go down the list right an Asic

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Minable coin that doesn't have memory Hardening it's a little bit easier uh Caspa is an example of this and so on so You can get way more efficient on those With A6 then you can with something that Has some sort of memory hardening in it Uh and some component like that now this Was kind of the unique thing that Ethereum did the problem is is they They've been overshadowed by ethereum With the name reum and I think that is Fair the other things that reum has done That's been interesting is that they Have continued on the development that Was continued on with ethereum but in a Unique way that removed the merge they Also fixed a lot of the me problems that Were going on with ethereum at least to The best of their ability and this was Thanks to help from like iot API from So they've been doing really good work In my humble Opinion and now to kind of move away From their attachment to ethereum they Are rebranding to hypra ethereum the Innovative ethereum proof of work evm Chain is excited to announce its rename Campaign and the final name as chosen by The community hypra with a ticker symbol Hyper hyp the rename campaign was Launched in November to address the main Challenge of being overshadowed by Ethereum and to highlight the unique and Neverbe done features of ethereum hypra

Aims to be a fast secure and scalable Evm chain that preserves the proof-of Work consensus mechanism and supports Interoperability with other blockchains HRA also introduces novel Innovations Such as Dynamic block rewards adapted Difficulty adjustment and incorporating Ethereum's proof of stake upgrade Features while keeping proof of work the New name reflects the vision of creating A hyper efficient and hyperconnected evm Chain that can power the future of Decentralized applications the rename Campaign was a success with over 1,000 Community members participating in the Voting process and expressing their Support for the new name the official Rebranding will take place on December 8th when the hypra or when the hyra Switch will go or switch over will Happen hypra invites everyone to join The celebration and witness the evm Chain that will revolutionize the proof Of work space of course that's what They're saying not what I'm saying the Community support for hyper has been Overwhelming with many users expressing Their enthusiasm and excitement for the New name and the new features hypr is Not only a name change but also a brand Identity that reflects the values and Vision of the project and its Community Hypra is also looking forward to Expanding its reach and adoption to New

Market and regions where it can offer a Superior evm experience to users and Developers hypra is committed to Building a Global and diverse community That shares its passion for Decentralization Innovation blah blah Blah all the typical kind of Keywords that Cryptocurrency projects go ahead and pop Out at You I think this is a good move from Reum and rebranding the hypo will be Really good coming ahead of the next Bull Run and we'll have to see you know If the development continues to uh push Forward and obviously they'll need some Redirects from to not lose The old people I think a rebranding will Be good though overall let me know what You think in the comment section below As thanks for watching this clip from The crypto mining show you can check out The full episode here and don't forget To subscribe down here as well you can Also check out my Crypt mining ecourse At sonof where you can get a Free month of supporter status with a Purchase at sonof tech. also Don't forget to check out my merch Underneath the video or at shop.on I'll see you next Tuesday

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