Rethereum Miner Adoption is INSANE

I have not seen a network gain this much Adoption this early into its life cycle In a very long time and yes I'm talking About ethereum we have multiple mining Software developers adding in support we Have multiple mining pools adding in Support as well as we are getting a Bunch of great updates I'm going to Cover them all today I think the last Coin that had this kind of adoption rate Was iron fish but a lot of that was Pre-coordinated and had VC funding so a Fair launch project that is leaning Towards GPU mining is amazing to see in This day and age let's get into it [Music] Foreign Miner had already released a version but There is an update and that is going to Be version 2.3.5 dropped just four days Ago by the renowned developer Dr 83 this Update is a treasure Trove for miners Especially for those into mining or Ethereum safety first before we dive in I do want to always remind everyone to Verify your downloads check both the Windows versions and the Linux versions With the provided checksums on the GitHub let's unravel the goodies in this Update now topping the list is the added Support for the Dual mining ET hash B3 And blake3 Elysium algorithms and guess What it caters to both Nvidia and AMD Gpus that's broadening the horizons for

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Miners unfortunately still not seeing Any intel support I hope to see that Soon and goodness doesn't stop there Either if you've been mining with the ET Hash B3 algorithm brace yourself for a Performance boost and there's even on The side note with Dynex algorithm a few Performance boosts and optimizations to Check out as well so test it out and let Me know in the comments section below Speaking of at B3 here's another Sweetener the death fee it's been Trimmed down to a mere one percent Definitely a lighter touch on the Pocketbook this is most likely due to a Wider adoption of the algorithm by its Competitors or by SRB minor competitors For our Tech enthusiasts and developers There's a Nifty Edition the API now Includes a wallet field under the Algorithms and pools a great move for Better management and tracking and as a Cherry on top we have some bug fixes While they haven't spilled the beans on The specifics we know how crucial these Refinements can be now this is the big One the latest and greatest release from Bz minor is version 16.0.2 and trust me There's a lot to discuss the developers Seem really keen on feedback so after You hear what's new let me and them know What you think down in the comment Section below starting with the version 16.0.2 update we've got optimizations

Galore algorithm items like ethereum Obviously the big note here ethereum Plus radiant and Ergo even an older one Just to name a few have been given a Boost for those using the zil Ergo Radiant and Etc hash algorithms as well As some others the updates got you Covered too in a special mention for our RX 580 users a potential crash issue has Been addressed when mining rutherium Taking a step back to version 16.0.1 it was all about ethereum both Nvidia and AMD users received optimized Support and there was the induct Introduction of ethereum plus radiant Dual Mining and if we go a tad further Back in version 16.0 well here's where We saw the listing on the support for Ethereum added with a modest one percent Dev Peep and that is to undercut of Course its competitor in SRB minor and Why you saw the reduction in the SRB Minor Dev fee from two percent to one Percent so competition is obviously Going to be important here giving miners More option and better rates but no Update is without its hiccups let's Touch on some of the known issues for Those on AMD ensure your opencl driver Is updated to version 21.50.2 or higher if you have Nvidia you Might want to update your drivers as Well especially if you're having trouble With Nexa or seeing wrong clock

Frequencies a quick heads up for kapow Users on this one before we move on There seems to be an issue with AMD Cards but worry not the developers are Working on it and one more bug that you Should be aware of is solo mining iron Fish the improved hash rate has not been Supported as of now but hopefully it's On the roadmap for a future update and Then let's jump into the latest release From rigel version 1.7.1 The Shining Star in this release you guessed it the Addition of ethereum mining support for Those who've been tracking the skies I Mean the mining scene you'd be thrilled With the new ethereum plus radiant Edition in this particular one even Adding ethereum M plus radiant plus Silica mining support and for the tech Aficionados out there dive right into The Dual ethereum radiant bash script or The fat script as well depending on if You're on Windows or Linux to get the Full Lowdown on how to configure it with Just one commit to the main since this Release it's clear that rigel is Focusing on adding support for ethereum Everybody is hopping on board for this Particular coin when it comes to Mining And that is because we also have an Exciting update from ethereum which is Version 1.12 I talked about this earlier In the week this is also known as the Belden release starting off with a

Monumental Milestone the first ever on Chain update for the ethereum network This update isn't just about patching Things up it's about revolutionizing the Network the pesky Uncle maker bug that Was brought to everyone's attention by Iot API has been squashed plus a Plethora of General improvements to an Enhance your ethereum experience and for Those who crave efficiency a light sync Mode has been introduced simply use the Sync mode equals light command and You're good to go I would recommend if You have the extra hard drive space to Fully sync your node still in this Velden update there's a significant fix Addressing the uncle maker vulnerability Elevating the security of the network Excitingly light and snap syncing have Been activated with the default mode Now Set as snap streamlining synchronization Tasks both transaction signing and get Proof have undergone optimization to Boost their performance making Transactions smoother in the realm of ET Hash B3 the Ice Age bomb has been Removed ensuring the stability of mining Obviously getting rid of that pesky Increase in difficulty that has been Present in other ET hash forks for those Utilizing ethereum on Windows there's Been a transition from the end pipe Package to the more reliable win i o Package the update doesn't stop there

Either for those keen on network Enhancements IPv6 support has been Incorporated and there's a new Structural change pierpings Now operate In their separate co-routine diving into Consensus Dynamics there's a fresh Introduction of Uncle rewards set at 0.1 Rth for each Uncle furthermore as far as Tokenomics go to keep the ecosystem's Economic balance the reward decreased Timing has been adjusted to take place Every three years then two years Followed by another three-year interval Optimizing reward distribution if you'd Like me to dive deeper into the Tokenomics of ethereum please let me Know in the comments section below the Velda release marks a significant stride For ethereum and I'm excited to see Where this leads especially because we Are very early in this particular Project and a big note here as well we Have added mining pool support from yes thanks to them squashing The uncle maker bug iot API has added Support on for Rather mining This is extremely important because is one of the best mining Pools out there right now within ease of Being able to identify the best stratum For you to connect to when you go to the Website to having some of the best Redundancy in the mining pool game and No I am not paid to tell you guys that

That is purely an objective opinion as I Have been in this scene working with Pools etc for a very long time I am very Impressed by so if you're Looking for a good place to mine Ethereum definitely check them out and If they're pings are looking pretty good For your particular location consider Moving over there of course the best way To get the most rewards and reduce the Amount of fees that are getting pinged From your miners it is always best to Learn to build your own node and for Ethereum it's pretty simple because it Is built on the go platform tons of Open Source pool software node software Etc Running around on GitHub if you need to Get that set up yourself so overall what Do I think of ethereum like I said some Of the biggest things here is the Support from bz minor right off the snap As well as bz minor kind of Being the big glaring one here I think For me because we didn't even see bz Minor support for the Dynex algorithm so When you're looking at these projects And who's throwing kind of support Behind them seeing bz minor ad support Is pretty impressive also seeing the Community be listened to and these Updates taking place adjusting not only The uncle rewards but also squashing the Issue of course with the uncle maker Bugs it's very impressive where they are

Headed in the future already with the Strong start modifying the algorithm to ET hash B3 as well as already having Planned support for bridging over to the Polygon Network once again be careful When staking anything in liquid pools Because that is usually where scams Happen on ET hash coins just as another Secondary note other than that obviously Support for polygon bridging is a pretty Significant move forward on their Roadmap in the future let me know what You guys think of ethereum is this Project looking promising to you down in The comment section below of course the Price has taken a pretty big Dive by About 43 percent it's important to note This because moving forward it will be Important as to whether home miners can Be sustainable on a GPU mining algorithm And I think that will bring a lot of Adoption to any particular Network as It's been an unserviced area in mining Since the merge of ethereum thanks for Watching be sure to hit the like comment Subscribe and notification bells down Below don't forget you can join me over At son of a and become a Supporter for my daily moves if you'd Like a free month over there you can get That by also taking a look at my crypto Mining e-course at son of a Which includes a free month of supporter Status on locals I will see you next


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