Redefining Bitcoin Trading with Layer-2 Innovations from Lightning to Liquid

Now there were different Bitcoin layer 2 Systems so you talked about uh some DLCs And some lightning contracts that can Try to sort of fix a stable value in Dollars even though they're Bitcoin Catalized and there's another Bitcoin Layer too which is liquid and that has Support for other assets so it enables You to use Bitcoin like Contracting on Stable coins and Bitcoin so you can Build up a Bitcoin dollar like market Price and you can have like Central Order books that are non-custodial which I think is quite interesting so people Can um you know create a contract on Their Hardware wallet to say well if Bitcoin reaches this price I'll buy some More and the stable coins are in your Wallet if you order execute the Pre-signed transaction will go to the Seller and you will get the Bitcoin in Your wallet so to my mind how exchanges Should work and that same sort of Contracting system enables trustless Options as those building blocks get More liquidity and people can compose Things on them uh you could perhaps like Introduce a synthetic stable coin

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