Putting SSDs on GPUs

Bitcoin might be forming a bull flag Asus is adding hard drives to its Graphics processing units iron fish Releases no desktop application Nvidia Is saying goodbye to the 12 Vhpwr connector AMD releases the first 7000 series CPU without integrated Graphics included and ride gel Miner Releases version 1.6.1 welcome to another episode of Blocks this one should be short and Sweet and I am enjoying doing these if You enjoyed this make sure you hit the Like comment and sub buttons down below To let me know let's get into it foreign [Music] Let's start with a crucial development In the mining Hardware industry PCI fig The organization responsible for Defining and developing the PCI Express Standard has introduced a new 12v2x6 power connector this connector Aims to address the safety concerns Associated with the previous 12v HP WR Connector the new 12v2 by 6 power Connector offers the same maximum power Rating of 600 watts but with improved Safety margins and enhanced protection Against issues like melted connectors It's a significant step forward ensuring The safety and reliability of mining Hardware with this new connector miners Can have peace of mind knowing that Their systems are well protected don't

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Forget about the gamers either miners Versus Gamers remember that old Fight moving on to software advancements That we have exciting news from the iron Fish Network they have recently launched The Fully live iron fish node app making It easier than ever for users to support The network and engage with private Assets like iron the iron fish node app Is designed to be user friendly and Accessible to both Technical and Non-technical users you no longer need Extensive technical knowledge to launch A full node and contribute to the Network the app provides a simplified Interface allowing you to sync with the Iron Fish Network view network data Customized node settings manage accounts Check balances and perform transactions Seamlessly by running a full node you Not only enhance your financial privacy But also contribute to the strength and Robustness of the iron Fish Network it's A win-win situation the iron fish team Has done a fantastic job of creating a Convenient tool that prioritizes privacy Without compromising user experience Just don't forget about all the VC Funding that went into it let's shift Our Focus to Hardware updates now AMD The renowned processor manufacturer is Set to release a new exciting six core CPU the ryzen 5 7 500 F what makes this Processor unique is its omission of

Integrated Graphics support taking Inspiration from Intel's core F-series Processors Although the lack of integrated Graphics Might seem unconventional it opens up Possibilities for other improvements in The cpu's architecture this move caters To specific user requirements allowing For more customization and potential Cost savings for miners who rely on Dedicated graphics cards for their Mining operations now let's delve into An Innovative concept introduced by Asus A leading graphics card manufacturer They have unveiled the Asus RTX 4060 TI Dual a graphics card that incorporates An m.2 SSD slot directly onto the card Itself this ingenious design leverages The unused pcie Lanes on the graphics Card to accommodate high-speed SSD Storage instead of struggling with Inconveniently placed ssds on Motherboards users can now enjoy easier Access and improved efficiency by Installing m.2 ssds directly onto the Graphics card Asus has gone a step Further by ensuring efficient cooling For the ssds they have attached the GPU Cooler directly to the SSD using thermal Pads allowing for optimal heat Dissipation and ensuring that both the GPU and the SSD operate at their best This Innovation optimizes space within Mining Rigs and sets the stage for

Future integration of storage solutions Within mid-range GPU segments if we talk About this in relation to the move the Proof of useful work it is important to Note that you will want to have by 16 Lanes available to your mining rig or Your server essentially in this Particular case to utilize a solution Like this but if you did have buy 16 Slots available you could put all of the Memory on the gpus themselves and not Have to worry about dealing with other Things like hard drive Bays SATA Connectors back planes raid controllers Etc as it'll all just be going through Those Lanes pretty interesting design For basically any sort of AI builds that You may be doing in the future rigel Miner has released version 1.6.1 packed With several noteworthy features and Improvements the update includes four Dual mining ERG and Caspa and ERG plus Casper plus zil expanding the mining Options for rygel Miner users Additionally they have introduced the Auto likos 2 pre-build parameter Enabling users to enable or disable data Set pre-build as per their preference Rygel Miner has also enhanced pool Reconnection logic reducing delays During reconnections If the previous Attempt was made within the last 10 Seconds troubleshooting overclocking Issues has become easier with the update

As the software now logs air Specifically from the first GPU that Crashed simplifying the process of Identifying the GPU that requires Further tweaking bug fixes have been Implemented as well addressing issues Such as insufficient memory errors when Mining Nexa with eight gigabyte cards Unexpected end of file errors while Mining Nexa and Ergo on nicehash slow Hash rate ramp up and long averaging Windows and a division by zero error With ET hash plus iron fish mining Finally let's talk about the most Popular cryptocurrency of them all Bitcoin technical analysis suggests that Bitcoin may be forming a bullish flag Pattern which is exciting news for Crypto enthusiasts and investors alike Don't forget about the miners a bullish Flag pattern typically indicates a Temporary consolidation phase following A price rally in the case of Bitcoin This consideration has been observed Above the thirty thousand US dollar Mark According to analysts at fairlead Strategies a breakout above the weekly Ichimoku Cloud near 31 900 would Complete the bullish flag pattern and Potentially signal a further rally in Bitcoin's price If the breakout occurs the focus could Shift to the next resistance levels at 35 900. this potential price movement

Presents an exciting opportunity for Bitcoin Traders and investors who are Eagerly anticipating a bullish Trend in The market it would also help minors of Course be more profitable and be able to Afford afford their power bills that Brings us to the end of today's episode Packed with captivating news and updates From the crypto mining world we hope you Found these insights valuable and Informative don't forget to like this Video And subscribe to my channel for More exciting content related to crypto Mining stay tuned for future episodes Where I'll continue to bring you the Latest news Hardware Innovation software Developments and market trends in the Crypto mining industry I will see you Next Tuesday

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