Once Bitcoin breaks out of this pattern We will see a gigantic move getting Initiated for Bitcoin because once Bitcoin breaks out of the falling witch We will see the cup and handle scenario Breakout for Bitcoin we will probably See a gigantic move in the Bitcoin Dominance that currently is predicting To have an insane move anytime soon and I will be exactly discussed this in Today's update video because the Volatility index is extremely low right Now here suggesting there's going to be A big move soon here we're seeing that Next week will be an extremely important Economic week and much more important Stuff we'll be getting discussed on Today's update video so don't forget to Slump up the like button on today's Video can we smash it back about 500 That will be absolutely incredible and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content Once looking at the imminent short term On the one hour time frame the only real Trend line we can currently spot here is This down resolving trend line here from The top side with more than four touch Points already and on the lower side I Can't really spot a clear good Oversloping support line or a trend line Right here so what we're currently Seeing here on the market on bitcoin is Basically that we're once again coming

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Towards a decisive moment since we're Creating lower highs here on the day the One hour time frame together with some Short-term higher lows so probably we're Going to be expecting to see breakout Anytime soon here of this consolidation Phase and once Bitcoin breaks out here We will probably see a more exponential Move towards the upside or either Towards the downside yes if you're Looking at the 30 minute time frame you Could maybe approach the market like Okay we're creating some small over Solving support lines from here on some Small down resolving trend lines from The top side and basically you can start To spot a new consolidation phase so yes There's probably going to be somewhat of A volatility move to a here but what I Would really look towards is whether Bitcoin can break above the previous High on the market or whether Bitcoin is Going to break below the previous low on The market because those are the things That they're really going to tell us the Direction where Bitcoin is ready heading Towards furthermore on the 4l8 time Frame Bitcoin broke down retested the Level got a rejection again here nothing Real special to see over here on the Daily time frame him we can clearly see Bitcoin is currently retesting this Previous low on the market previous Resistance like you can see right here

And I call this an inverse on the Shoulders because we first created left Bottom then we create the hat in the Middle and then we create the right Shoulder aka the right bottom that was a Higher low and right now we are Retesting the exact neckline that Previously Iran provided resistance and Currently looks to be flipping into Support and if we will be looking Towards the next move for Bitcoin I have Been opening up a long position ever Since Bitcoin retested the lows right Here as so far our loan position is Doing quite well here we're in Approximately 15 in profit of course the Profit could be better it's currently a 120 000 Tracy herb and I'm actually Still planning to add more margin Towards the trade if Bitcoin comes down Here so if Bitcoin is going to see Another like down here to 25 or even 24 Or even 23 000 I'm going to add more Margin and currently I've got another 900 000 US Dollars ready to deploy on This straight here to make this a 1 Million US dollar trade and also to keep My average entry price significantly low Here currently we're making 0.13 Bitcoin In profit what is an approximately four Thousand dollars in profit right now is Not a very big profit yet so far I still Want to be of course at more margin Towards the straight as well but

Currently we have to wait a little bit Here since of course Bitcoin is not Already moving that much right here and I'm just getting my positions ready Because looking at the following which Pattern uh what's got a likelihood of Breaking towards the upside eight out of 10 times and it's a typical bullish bias Continuation pattern if it breaks out Here the price Target is already in Approximately 16 higher somewhere around Thirty one thousand dollars and if Bitcoin goes to Thirty one thousand Dollars I'm going to make already more Than 1.4 Bitcoin in profit what is like At that point and approximately 45 000 US Dollars profit so there's definitely Some very good trades coming up right Now here this is one I'm taking it's a Low leverage straight here with Potential very high rewards so that is Of course currently what I'm looking at Furthermore if you are interested in Trading you can actually trade on bitget And you can trade without VPN without Kyc and you can get a free 15 dollars by Sign up and you can get a 50 000 US Dollars to post a bonus if you use the Link in description to sign up your Account so if you're interested in Trading without kyc go to the link in Description so you can trade yourself as Well on this exchange so what is Definitely my new favorite exchange out

There right now furthermore we can Currently see on the daily time frame Bitcoin is creating somewhat of a Bullflex still working C here and we're Basically still consolidating right here If we're looking at the economic Forecast we do know that next week we're Going to get the CPI data and just Exactly one day later after the CPI data Comes out here we're going to hit the Fomc meeting what is definitely going to Be very volatile few days here Especially if you can see like you can See from the past is if the CPI and fomc Meeting are very close towards each Other there's usually a high amount of Volatility on these two days here we're Expecting the inflation is going to drop By another 0.2 percent here and actually From off July we're probably expecting a Bigger jump down here for inflation so Things are looking good here it looks to Me that inflation is going to come down In the forecast is so far that the end Of the year we will sit somewhere around Three percent so there's also Possibility that the Federal Reserve Won't hike the rates and that could of Course really cause a significant rally Across all markets so make sure to get Ready for that and that is also one of The many reasons why I'm of course Opening up these interesting trades Right here we can see that the bullet

Events is extremely narrow indicating There's going to be a big move anytime Soon and at the same time we're creating One of the most perfect cop and handle Scenarios here this pattern is extremely Bullish here it's got price Target Around 50 000 US dollars for Bitcoin and Basically we can currently see we Created cup perfectly we're right now Creating the handle even more Beautifully and once this breaks out Here you can see it also of course from This pattern if we break out of the Falling wedge the cop and handle pattern Will also break out here and once that Happens we will probably start to Absolutely fly of course they'll want to Be pointing it out if the carpet handle Is going to be breaking out I still Expect that around the 31 to 32 000 US Dollars there's going to be a major Amount of resistance but as soon as we Do clear this level as well we're Probably going to start really flying For Bitcoin towards the upside so get Ready for that that is exactly what I Will be currently looking at and Personally if the company Handler breaks Towards the upside I'm expecting that The Bitcoin dominance is going to be Breaking bullish as well here so the Bitcoin dominance has been sitting Basically here on the top side for quite A while right here and basically we're

Having just calm before the storm here I Think if the Bitcoin price section Breaks bullish I don't think all coins Are going to follow so significantly and The Bitcoin dominance is going to take a Leap towards the upside so let's see how It's going to be playing out here if you Look at the weekly time frame you can Clearly see the Bitcoin dominance is Very close to a breakout and we're just Waiting to see that breakout happening And once Bitcoin dominance breaks out Here I am expecting it's going to go all The way back up here to 52 so that's Another four percent towards the upside And most certainly that could really Hurt all coins significantly so make Sure to be on the lookout for that one As well furthermore we can see that the 200 weekly moving average is so far Perfectly holding up Bitcoin and at the Same time we can see that the weekly Email ribbon is also holding up the Price section of big going perfectly and We can just really see that these levels Are already flipping into support that Previously around was resistance and if You're living in turkey or you're Holding the Lee raft the Libra is about To set a new ultimately against Bitcoin And that's due to the hyper inflation And the hyper devaluation of the Turkish Lira so you can currently still see that Bitcoin is really proofing its worth and

Its value in the market if occurrence is Deflating so quickly and that is why you Should be having Bitcoin for the long Term and not necessarily the short term Because if you bought Bitcoin in Turkey In the bear Market you would have made Already more than 110 gain here so so Get ready for the next gigantic move Here Bitcoin could start move against The dollar significantly once we do Break out of the cup and handle scenario And this is really a bull market signal If we do break outside of this it could Really mean Bitcoin is going to start Flying again and it could really also Mean that we could start to make tons And tons of money with our swing trade Position at exactly announced on the Channel so that was it for me in today's Update video I truly hope you did enjoy It if you did like it don't forget to Subscribe to the channel and see you Guys on the next one peace side goodbye

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