Bitcoin will be breaking out anytime Soon and in this exact video I will be Talking about this signal the historical Bitcoin volatility that currently is at Historical lows and of course I will Talk about the new trade yesterday Opened on the market and that is already Making me more than three thousand Dollars I will exactly give my analysis On this straight I will give my analysis On all altcoins on the market right now Because I personally think they are in Huge danger right here so don't forget To watch this video till the end I will Talk about my price targets and more Importantly I will talk about the most Important charts in crypto right now Because this week will be super volatile With in two days the inflation data Coming up and that could cause Potentially a breakdown of the dollar Index so we've got a lot to discuss so Don't forget to slap off the like button On today's update video especially deck About 500 and let me jump straight away In towards the content once looking at Bitcoin we can currently still see we're Still trading in the sideways Consolidation phase and I will still say It just like I've been saying for the Past 18 to 19 days right now here as Long as Bitcoin is not breaking above Any of these supported resistance I Remain to be expecting Bitcoin is going

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To trade sideways so as soon as we do Break outside of this range you will be The first one to know on the channel Furthermore we can currently see that Bitcoin is creating a super important Trend line and you can currently see Here on the four-league time frame Bitcoin is creating a huge projection From of this damn resist line and every Single time we touch it we see a big Rejection and also if we're looking at The lower side there is one gigantic Level of big support training below us And every single time Bitcoin retests is This novel we see huge bounces from it Back towards the upside so these two Trend lines are about to meet each other Anytime soon and to be exact we're Expecting this breakout is going to Occur in the coming two days ahead of Ourselves and exactly in two days from Now on as well we're going to have the U.S inflation data so I wouldn't be Surprised to see a breakout of this Level within the coming two days of Course as soon as Bitcoin breaks the Downtrend I still think that side here Is going to be providing resistance but In this case the 31.2 K and of course if We do break below the Lower Side of Support we're probably going to be Pretty screwed so yeah this is what I'm Currently I'm looking at for Bitcoin and I'm expecting a breakout in the coming

Two days ahead of ourselves if I were to Be looking at the price target of course A price stacker of a breakdown is going To be bringing Bitcoin all the way down To 28.5 k and a breakout towards the Upside would bring Bitcoin all the way Back up to 31.5 K basically the Range High in the market personally if we do Break bullish my price Target is going To be 31.2 K because I do believe that This resistance on the top side is still The level to be watching so I will be Taking my profits all already around the Low 31 000s so that is currently what I'm looking at and Bitcoin could be Breaking this pattern within the coming Two days ahead of ourselves furthermore We can still see Bitcoin is creating a New gigantic consolidation phase and you Can clearly spot the downward solving Trend line right here as well you can Clearly see Bitcoin is just about to be Breaking out here and we just have to Wait a little bit longer here before This bracket is going to occur but of Course if Bitcoin does decide to be Breaking downtrend I think the top side Is a very realistic Target for Bitcoin To be looking at at the same time Yesterday I announced a new short Position I was opening and I opened the Short position on Solana and currently I'm making already more than 3 000 US Dollars in profit and I shared this

Trade yesterday in my telegram signal Group and basically what I did here as I Made some analysis on Solana and you can See that on this level and I showed was Previously around the June high and we Had a significant rally here towards the Upside and to be very clear from the low Of June to the high of yeah July we've Seen in more than 76 surge towards the Upside and personally I still think that All coins are not so strong especially Solana if you're zooming out here you Can clearly see Solana on the bigger Perspective is trading in a huge Downtrend here and we're currently Seeing a retest of this downward sloping Resistance line right here and I Actually shorted it and I've right now Opened up a short position and my first Price Target is 17.5 US dollars what is Going to be a little bit lower we're Here what is definitely going to be Still significantly lower but I'm going To hold this trade since I do expect That Solana is not going to hold so Strongly here and of course if we even Break below that level my next take Profit Target is around 14 to 15 US Dollars what is of course significantly Lower than the place we're currently Trading on and to be exact that would Mean a drop over 30 towards the downside So I'm expecting actually big downside For Solana and that is why I took this

Straight here of course like everyone do Know on the channel I'm also long on Bitcoin with an approximately 50 000 US Dollars in profit and I'm also taking This short right here to hatch my Positions so this short is a very low Leverage short position and due to that I'm basically hedging my positions I Open this short with my own money with Approximately 40 000 US dollars I still Had another order set up here on the top Side to add another 12 000 US dollars So Currently my account is fifty three Thousand dollars and I started this Again with fifty thousand dollars so Yeah we're making some progress on the 50 000 US Dollars account and I'm going To show everyone out there on the Channel I'm going to take this account Towards 100 000 so this is my first Trade I'm taking here of course if Bitcoin breaks down I'm going to look to Open up some new trades on bitcoin as Well but yeah I personally think that The Bitcoin dominance is probably still Going to increase in its value look at The last bear markets in the last bear Marks as well Bitcoin dominance always Significantly increase towards the Upside and personally I don't see why we Couldn't once again see a significant Rally for the Bitcoin dominance and what I expect is that Bitcoin could still Pump towards the upside but really lead

The rallies and if we're looking at Solana Solana has also not already got This most strongest tokenomics and Basically ever since January 2023 Basically Bitcoin had a significant Rally towards the upside in the Beginning sonana took the rally as well But after that it only dumped towards The downside more than 55 here so I Think that Solana is pretty risky at This point to be holding but what I will Be saying to everyone out there who's Interested in trading all coins I think That buying all coins is a good time Once Bitcoin breaks it's all time Because also look at when Bitcoin Dominance start to be decreasing it Started to be happening as soon as Bitcoin broke its Autumn high in November so from of this point Bitcoin Broke its ultimate and then we started To see the Bitcoin dominance drop here So please wait a little bit longer Before aping in towards all coins so if You like to have a lower risk strategy The best time to be buying into all Coins is of course once Bitcoin breaks Its Autumn high if you want to be Opening up a free trade you can also do So right now here because you can Currently claim a free 1000 US Dollars Bitcoin or xrp position all you need to Do here is go to the link description Sign up a new account using the link

Above deposit 100 within seven days and Enjoy your free 1 000 US Dollars Furthermore we can currently see that The Bitcoin historical volatility is Rhino entering historical lows here you Can see that currently in the bullish Events with we are at the same lows as January 2023 and of course we all know What happened after January 2023 the Bitcoin price action was so boring and Squeezed up that it had a significant Rally towards the upside with over fifty Percent in just a matter of a few days Here so Bitcoin is once again getting Ready for a huge amount of volatility You can see it right now on the right Side here of your screen the bullet Events are squeezing up and also the Bullet events width is indicating Bitcoin has been so boring and that it Is right now about to get explosive Whether it's going to be up or down one Thing is for sure the volatility is About to be picking up soon again so get Ready for that and I will be paying my Attention definitely towards the Volatility that's going to pick up Anytime soon and of course like you do Now if we do break above resistance on The top side we're expecting Bitcoin is Going to go up to 37 000 and if we see a Rejection the prices are on the lower Side is 25 000 US dollars of course on The bigger perspective we're still

Creating a potential Rising wedge so I Will be monitored closely this Resistance level on the top side and at The same time guys if you are really Into making money here the crypto C Trading strategy has been doing Absolutely amazing we're writing online For an approximately year and you can See what kind of results we've been Creating rating here for cryptoc I mean Ever since Bitcoin had a significant Bear Market lost its value cryptoc is Consistently making profit and making Money and the nice part about this is That this is a complete AI bot so you Don't have to do anything for it the Trading algorithm will do literally all The trades for you and there's something Huge coming up anytime soon and Everything is going to get changed up Here so the prices are also going to get Changed anytime soon so make sure to be Quick this is not a sales pitch or Whatsoever but we literally got limited Spots available for the people that can Use our Bots since yes we come deploy Millions and millions of dollars with All the traders that we have at the same Time and there's just a limited amount Of spots available so if you're Interested in this AI trading strategy That is literally training for you Completely automatic go to Or go to the link description and click

On cryptoc but this is definitely one of The most valuable products out there on The market and yes we're completely Transparent with the results and you can Clearly read that the results are Speaking for themselves so check it out Right now on Chrome to Furthermore we can see that Bitcoin is Of course running towards the most Important resistance and the question Really remains when are we going to be Breaking above the 31 000 as soon as we Do break above that I personally think The bull market for Bitcoin is going to Get re-initiated and of course in a few Days we're going to have the core and Regular inflation in the US and once Those data is going to hit the market Probably we're going to see more Volatility across the dollar Index and Across Bitcoin so make sure to be a Little bit patient for that but there's Probably a lot of volatility going to be Happening today and of course that with The bullet events lining up to be super Low in volatility it makes up for a Perfect ingredient and for a perfect Week for Bitcoin so make sure to get Ready but that was it for me on today's Update video thank you so much for Watching and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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