Bitcoin has been searching significantly Over the past couple months and this is The time to prepare yourself for the Next Bull Run because I been through two Previous bull runs right now I've Already been through two bare markets so I am getting more and more experience And I'm starting to learn on how to even Make more profits every single boring so In this exact video I will talk you guys Through what my strategy is gain to be For the next bullroom to maximize my Profits I'm going to basically talk About how I am person ly preparing for The next Bull Run so without any further Ado guys don't forget to slap up the Like button on today's update video Subscribe to the channel and let me jump Straight away in towards the content let Me start off with the video with Basically talking about one of the Biggest struggles that people usually Have in the industry and that is of Course knowing when to be buying Bitcoin Right now I've been seven years in the Industry and one of the biggest Struggles that I have seen in the market Is basically knowing when to be buying And when to be selling usually people Get stuck up in emotions or they just Don't know whether it's a good buying Opportunity or a bad buying opportunity Because literally at the bare Market of U

I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! I show You how To Make Huge Profits In A Short Time With Cryptos! Welcome to the Future of Money

2023 2022 Bitcoin was training with $155,000 and then the ECB came out with An article saying that Bitcoin was on Road to irrelevance and honestly Literally at the time that they released This article it was marking the exact Bottom but if you were maybe reading This article you got the feeling like oh Damn probably Bitcoin is going to go Even lower so I'm going to sell out my Bitcoins it is a motion and of course Once Bitcoin is running high around $69,000 us everyone was getting super Excited about it and was saying Bitcoin Is going to go to 200k so you probably Did not cash out at the top and honestly I will be very fair to you guys out There as well I have also not catched Out the majority of my Bitcoins around The ultim high and that is a big mistake I make and that is why I am trying to Prepare the best myself for the next Buun and therefore I want to be sharing One of my strategies on how I will be Able to make that profit in the future But before going into that in the exact Bare Market I already overcame my Struggle a little bit here but still Sometimes I had the feeling like oh damn Am I really going to be wrong is Bitcoin Really going to go down to 5K because Everyone was saying it and honestly Sometimes I doubted myself as well and Therefore we also need to have a

Solution and these are two very very big Problems that people usually have in the Market they don't know when to be Stepping in and they don't know when to Be stepping out and then guys I started To look on the internet on how I can Overcome these struggles and basically I Was reading more and more about AI I saw That I AI was becoming a very big Trend Here and basically how boss can help you To navigate your journey through the Market and I saw oh wait this is a Gigantic opportunity in the market Because what if you can automate this Strategy on when to be buying Bitcoin And when to be selling Bitcoin that Would be massive and it would be of Course help a lot of people including Myself to manage to actually get the Profits locked in here and also to be Buying around those bare markets where It is very hard to be buying into so I Thought oh wow this is a big opportunity In the market so I talked with some People from the bank of Italy they Worked for the bank of Italy on Developing algorithms and they were Interest in crypto as well they've been Developing some algorithms in crypto and Then we decided to collaborate with each Other and we developed an algorithm that Is right now available for everyone out There in the market that is literally Doing the things I just told everyone

The biggest struggles that I saw in the Market are getting tackled by this bot And that is a massive thing here this Bot basically automates your Cryptocurrency strategy it literally Sells around the periods where it is of Course more risky and where it thinks it Is better to get out of the market and It buys literally in the periods where You struggle to be buying and that is of Course a big thing here in the market Because I really don't see such kind of An El algorithm right now being Available in the market and I want that My followers are also going to be making The maximized amount of profit so what Is of course very important within Trading trading algorithm is to have Time in the market right because I can Tell you right now okay it's going to be Performing like this and this and this Are the expectations that we're going to Be having but right now crypto has been Live for more than a year and actually Already in 2023 we have made a positive Return of above 80% what is of course Absolutely insane and it's literally Creating an opportunity for for everyone Out there in the market to be benefiting From this algorithm and right now crypto C has more than 2,000 active users and Those users are making significant Amount of profits on a monthly basis and Why I say on a monthly basis because

This algorithm is not going to perform On a daily or an hourly basis it's Totally not like that you have to really Have the long-term perspective on it to In order to really succeed and in order To make a significant amount of money You can go to the trust pilot website Where you can read through our reviews Almost everyone is supposed positive About it and the people that are Actually not positive about it are the People that only use it for a very short Period of time and that's why I tell to Everyone out there if you want to be Using this algorithm please at least try It out for 3 to six months and then Really I think you could make a Significant amount of returns from it And guys right now since it is also Black Friday we're actually running a Very special sale because it is Black Friday we're giving away a 50% discount On the lifetime subscription of crypto C The lifetime subscription is basically a Subscription where you can use the Trading algorithm forever and you can Get it right now if you use the code Bfcm it's going to be valid till Monday So make sure to be very quick it's valid Till Monday guys R of this video is live It's valid till Monday you should be Using it right now because of course This is massive and let me cck quickly Also tell you guys some things if you

Right now get the lifetime subscription On crypto C right now you will also get The updated features because in one to Two months from now on the crypto c will Be completely rebranded it will be Crypto C 2. .0 it will be massive Because we are still implementing new Things here we're coming with huge Updates on the user interface we're Coming with huge updates on the bot We're developing we've got a very big Team working on this product 247 almost So if you get the lifetime subscription Right now you will also get the new Features that are going to be on the Website and I can tell you this is Literally the cheapest is going to be For ever so it's only an opportunity you Have till Monday and after that it will Just go back to the regular price and For the ones that don't understand on How to use this coupon code it's Actually very simple first I just T you As well it is only valid on Lifetime and If you want to be using it you just Press on purchase you go to the checkout And there you can see at promotional Codes basically fill in the codes Bfcm and if you fill this code you press On apply and you will get that 50% Discount on lifetime so once again it's Very simple it's only valid on Lifetime And it's valid till Monday and and if You get this plan right now you will

Have crypto C for your rest of your life No strings attached you can read it Through all the terms and conditions it Is definitely one of the more better Products if you want to be learning more About it you can go to the website you Can download the performance report About what we have been doing but we Have been proven to be profitable in the Market for already longer than a year so It is not me that it is building that it Is building this it is me that found out That we actually need this product in The industry and right now we've got 15 People actively working on this product To develop it to make it better and to Basically help more people out there if You're interested go to the link Description of today's video so honestly So far this product has really helped Myself here and I think that it can help A lot of people in the industry as well And also the first 10 people that Actually get this lifetime subscription On crypto c will get a private on Boarding so this is a special thing We're doing for Black Friday as well and Basically the reason why we're doing Doing this is to help you guys out on How to set it up I mean already we've Got a very good tutorial video and yes Basically as well you could almost ask Us any single question so this was it For me on today's video this is the way

How I think you could be preparing Yourself for the next Bull Run it is Very critical to prepare yourself right Now here because Bitcoin really looks Like it is about to be taking off Exponentially and that is why you should Be getting ready right now here I think The boom Market has not started yet but It is very close to be started so make Sure to be paying attention thank you so Much for watching and I'll see you guys On the next one peace out goodbye

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