Bitcoin is about to be having a massive Breakout and right now it is really Calmi the storm because the 200 and the 100 daily EMA are coming together and Literally Bitcoin is about to be having A massive breakout towards either Direction and this will mean that there Is gain to volatility and this will also Mean there will be massive trading Opportunity so in this exact video I Will be discussing these very important Charts we need to be discussing right Now here so without any further Ado Don't forget to slop up the like button On today's update video can we smash it Back above 600 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and once looking at Bitcoin we can clearly see Bitcoin has Been really boring for the past few Hours and it has been creating some Lower highs together with some higher Lows what means that we're currently in This very interesting consolidation Phase what you can clearly see on the 6-h hour time frame so Bitcoin is right Now creating lower highs it is creating Higher lows at the same time and yes This is definitely an interesting Interesting scenario because Bitcoin is Probably going to be creating a massive Move since it's today Monday we could be Starting to be moving again here and yes

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I think there is going to be a move Anytime sooner where it's going to be up Or down I will be trying to trade this Because yes we could be trading Bitcoin Upwards or downwards either a bullish Breakout could mean Bitcoin is going to Jump up to $229,000 and a potential Bearish breakdown would mean Bitcoin is Going to fall down to 26.6k so let's see where we're going to Be heading towards but anyways I will be Expecting there's going to be a big move Happening for Bitcoin and I mean right Now we are just knocking on Resistance You can clearly see this level Previously R acted as massive support Here it flipped into resistance here we Got a massive rejection from $28,000 all the way down to $24,000 and then we Crush back towards The upside and we've been trying to be Breaking Above This level for a while Right now here but every single time We've tried to retest this level we saw A massive rejection so as soon as Bitcoin breaks and confirms to break Above 28.2k here I will be expecting We're going to see a mass of further Continuation towards the upside so I Will be looking closely towards this Level and yes guys I will be trying to Drop out an emergency update if Something breaks here on bitcoin because Yes if we potentially break down here my

Price targets are very clear I mean Bitcoin is currently consolidating Between the previous range low and this Critical support Range High of the Current range that we're currently Trading in and as soon as we eat a break Above the top side I will be expecting It's going to be bringing more upside For bitco coin and we're probably going To go to 31.5k and if we break this Critical support I won't be surprised That we're actually going to come down To $225,000 or even below here so this Is my trading strategy and if we either Break above support sorry above Resistance or below support so don't Forget to smash up the Bell notification Right now here to stay updated on all The things that are currently playing Out here and of course on the bigger Perspective I'm super bullish so Yesterday in this extra update video I Gave my reasons about why I'm currently Going all in on bitcoin so for the Longer term let's say say a 12 to 16 Month Horizon I'm super bullish on Bitcoin and you definitely have to check Out that's video why I am so bullish Right now here so looking as well at the 200 daily simple moving average and the 100 daily EMA we can currently see that We're literally trading between these Levels and we're about to be having a Massive breakout from of this region so

Either we break above resistance on the Top side we're going to see continuation Upwards or either we break below that Lower side of support and we're probably Going to go lower so Bitcoin is on the Edge of having a very big move and what Really trust me right now here is that The funding rates remain to be very Negative as well on bit we can currently See if you're willing to trade Bitcoin You're literally getting paid to be in a Long position and if you're shorting you Have to pay an extra funding so that is Interesting because that means that There are more short positions active Currently in the market than long Positions right now here and that makes Myself super bullish on the imate short Term because that could mean since the More short active orders right now here We could be potentially see a massive Short squeeze because yes across the Internet I see a lot of people being Super bearish so if you want to be Benefiting from this you can WR now Claim a free $1,000 us and all you need To do here is sign up an account using That link below deposit $100 within 7 Days and you could be claiming this free $1,000 US Air drw position on bitcoin or On xrp you can literally open a free Long or short worth $1,000 us so for Only a $100 deposit it's super valuable Check it out in the link description of

Today's video so at the same time Bitcoin of course is creating this Massive down SL and resist line and so Far we've been retesting it for 6 days Straight here and every single time we Retested it we got massively rejected But I am expecting this is going to be Breaking out in the coming 30 days ahead Of ourselves so we've got an Approximately three weeks ahead of Ourselves where we're going to Consolidate in this region but probably Earlier than that we're going to be Breaking out here and once we break out It's going to be massive so you can Clearly see over this chart right here Massive down sloping resist line massive Horizontal support so either way we're Going to be having a big breakout Anytime soon if we see a rejection from Of this level I think the big support is Going to be around $25,000 us that exact Level if we do break that critical Support right here right so $25,000 is The level to be looking at at the lower Side and potentially if we break below That level my next Target is going to be $20,000 us but that's of course a Scenario I wouldn't love to see here but If it happens I will be taking it with Both hands and open up massive massive Trading positions on the market right Now here just like I'm already doing Right here so Bitcoin is creating also a

Bu flag pattern with approximately a Price Target somewhere around $50,000 and if you're actually looking At the structure that we're once again Creating it is probably once again an Exponential structure just like we had In the top of 2013 2017 2021 and Probably it's going to be the same with 2025 so I think 2024 is going to be the Year of the bull but probably Bitcoin is Going to be topping out somewhere around 2025 just like we had previously around Here I mean here it topped out in Approximately December 2017 here Bitcoin Topped out approximately in the Beginning of 2021 of course we went Higher uh but just only a little bit Here but yes I think 2025 is going to be Probably the year of the top and 2024 is Going to be probably the year of the Real exponential movement towards the Upside so looking forward towards it I'm Super excited I think this is R really The time to be paying attention I mean Only 180 days left before the next Bitcoin Hing I am super excited and of Course we're creating this massive Inverse hand and shoulders pattern and As soon as we do break this downward Sing resistance line that is exactly the Same of this level right here we are Going to see a massive massive Continuation for Bitcoin towards the Upside so I am looking forward towards

This guys let me know if you want to be Seeing more of this content in the Description down below but anyways thank You so much for watching and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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