The Bitcoin price action is creating a Booth like right now but while this is Happening the monthly macd is about to Have this crazy bullish signal so make Sure to watch this video till the end It's going to be a very important one And can we once again slap up the likes Back above 600 that will be absolutely Incredible and with that is being said Let me jump straight away in towards the Content and first of all yesterday we Have seen of course the economic data of The CPI reports came out in the US and After these reports were getting Released we started to see a small Little dump towards the downside and Many people were questioning why are we Seeing the dump towards the downside While the inflation in the US came in 0.2 percent below consensus but that is Also exactly what I told everyone out There yesterday because of the fact that The core inflation is still rising in The US it wasn't necessarily so bullish For the price action of Bitcoin or for The General Market in the US over Overall so right now we do know the core Inflation came in higher than expected And actually for next month we're Expected to see the core inflation stick Around the same level so it looks to be That the inflation is a little bit Sticky and that could be having a Bearish effect for the price action

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Overall but if I will be looking at the Price action of Bitcoin we can right now See that only one hour time frame we are Right now creating somewhat of a bull Flag here we create a significant rally Towards the offside after that we are Right now seeing a consolidation phase Happening towards the downside and once Bitcoin basically breaks above the Damage solving resist line we will be Confirming the breakout of the bull flag And the price target of this bull flag Is absolutely insane because if I will Be measuring the price target of this Pattern right here you can see from off The point of the breakout depending Where we will be breaking out here we Will be seeing a price target for Bitcoin getting reached somewhere around 32 000 US dollars if we're going to be Breaking out of this bull flag what is Of course an absolutely immense price Target Target that currently is trading Above us we can see the bull flag is Getting created not only one hour but Also beautifully on the four hourly time Frame and I will be closely keeping my Eyes wide open on this level if we do See a breakdown for Bitcoin the next big Support that I will be looking at is This range right here that is going to Come in somewhere around 28.6 to 28.7 K And if we will be having a potential

Readers of this level right here it's Going to be a very big interesting level For me to be opening up long positions So for me it doesn't really matter if Bitcoin is going to be breaking up or Down I will be looking for some crazy Trades anyways and for me the best Scenario is actually for Bitcoin to come Down re-test this level and then see a Continuation from of this level onwards Be aware I still see this there is still A CME Gap below us on this movement Towards the upside you can see the CME Gap got created around 28 000 yes see me Gaps they don't necessarily have to get Filled up all the time but they usually Tend to get filled up that is the most Important part to be taking in account Here we also still got to see me gap on Nineteen thousand dollars we've got a CME gap of nine thousand dollars and We've got a few Simi gaps on forty and Fifty thousand dollars so yeah see me Gaps they don't necessarily have to get Filled up but they tend to get filled up And out of all the CME gaps we create Approximately 90 of all of that they Tend to get filled up so it's very Important to be taking in account what Currently could be happening next for Bitcoin and I'm not counting out that we Could potentially see a movement towards The downside happening if I'm looking at The 12 hour time frame we can currently

See that we're creating this word Sloping resist line and we're currently Running in towards some slight Resistance for Bitcoin and actually the Thing that I don't really like to see Right now here is that on the 12 hour Time frame Bitcoin is seeing a lower High getting created on the Arizona While in fact the prime section is Creating a higher high what means that We're currently creating a bearish Divergence for Bitcoin a bearish Divergence is basically once we are Creating a higher high on the price Action and a lower high on on the RSI What is indicating we're seeing a slight Momentum loss happening for Bitcoin just Like I talked about if Bitcoin is going To be seeing a breakout or is going to Be seeing a breakdown towards this Important level of support I will be Looking to trade this and if you're Interested in trading yourself as well You can check out Bible right now in the Link in description where you can claim It deposit bonus up to 30 000 US dollars If you sign up an account using the Highest Link in the description right Now furthermore we can see that actually On the three-day time frame Bitcoin is Right now breaking back in towards the Bull market range here I still think That if you're looking at the weekly Time frame we are right now not looking

To I still think that if we're looking At the weekly time frame we can clearly See that we're officially not breaking Back into our set of range yet but on The three-day time frame it clearly Looks like we're breaking back inside of The range here on the weekly timeframe We can clearly see we're running in Towards resistance and I mean we're Still three days out before the weekly Candle will close here but still I am Not 1 000 convinced the Bitcoin Necessarily has to be breaching for this Level and we can't see a big rejection I Still think there's a scenario where Bitcoin could be seeing a significant Rejection from off this level I think It's more likely that Bitcoin is Actually going to be moving up here but I would most certainly never count out That we could still see a major Rejection from this level and also be Aware we're just slightly training above 30 000 it's not like that we're Significantly breaking Above This level Here and uh we we even traded below 30 000 for quite a while here so it's going To be important to look at the Horizontals right now here and the big Horizontal support is just that 28 000 US Dollars below us and if we will ever See the reasons of that level that's Going to be making up a more better and Lower risk opportunity for everyone out

There like we also know yesterday we saw A hard Fork update for ethereum and Basically with the hard Fork update many People were afraid that ethereum was Going to dump because with this hard Fork update you were able to withdraw Your stakes ethereum and if I'm going to Look at glass note and look at the data This is the chart of the active Validators for ethereum and basically Ever since ethereum debake so ever since The beacon chain got launched you could Only stake your ethereum but not unstake It and right now since yesterday evening We basically for the first time ever got The opportunity to unstake our ethereum And at that point many people were Expecting that ethereum was going to see A dump but the whole fact of the matter Is is that less than one percent of the Total validators actually unstick their Ethereum you can see right here the blue Line is the total validators you can see It was spiking around 563 000 validators and right now it came Down to 562 000 validators so a few Validators they unstake their ethereum Not a lot what also means right now that There is no reason to really Panic about Ethereum dumping due to the fact that People are instaking their ethereum you Can see it also in the price action of Ethereum number right now still seeing a Significant rally towards the upside

However if I do look at the Mark Structure of ethereum we're creating Someone of a rising windshear I don't Like this Market structure it's a very Weakening Market structure to be very Clear and it's not necessarily a thing That I would like to see in a bullish Scenario and this Market structure Scenario usually leads towards lower Prices so make sure to take it account The Shanghai update was a very nice one Because right now we can see that people Can unstake the ethereum and it's not Really happening yet significantly so That's a very good thing here the price Action is still looking very dangerously Also quickly going to say it FTX has Recovered another 7.3 billion US dollars In assets considering the reboot of the Exchange of course we do know Bitcoin Has pumped also 2x ever since FTX Collapse and we've seen Solana really Significantly pumping towards the upside As well so this could play potentially In the hands of FTX and they're saying That they will potentially consider Rebooting The Exchange however I think It's better to pay back their customers Rather than rebooting their exchange Because seriously who would really use FTX after it collapsed we can see after This news come out that the price action Of FTX token absolutely skyrocketed Towards 2.80 cents here so that was

Actually quite a significant pump we had Towards the upside but for me I am not Really buying it and if they will ever Do the relaunch I would still not use it And also talking about Bitcoin and it's Mostly macd here the mostly macd for Bitcoin is about to cross bullish like You can see I think we're approximately One or maybe two months out before the Monthly macd is going to be Crossing Bullish and like we do learned from the Past here every single time the monthly Macd cross bullish the following months Afterwards we saw slight bearish price Action for Bitcoin you saw it here back In 2016. you saw it right here boom in 2019 after we cross bullish on the Monthly macd which saw some slight Bearish momentum for the price section Of Bitcoin so once we were once again Cross bullish what's I am projecting is Going to be happening in June 2023 we Probably would also see once again some More bearish price action for Bitcoin so Yeah once the signal does Flash on the Market you will be the first one to know On the channel here and also the last Thing I want to be saying here is that The Bitcoin Hoffman countdown is right Now down to 380 days here so the next Bitcoin whole thing is approximately a Year away from now on and what I always Want to be saying here is that while the Bitcoin helping Cycles happen and they

Occur we always do know from the past we Did learn it from the Bitcoin Cycles if If you're buying Bitcoin pre-halfing Cycle approximately a year before it You're on the right time here so I think This is a very good time for Accumulation and approximately two years From now on the bull market will start Always a year after the Bitcoin halving Cycle the bull market starts so make Sure to get ready for the next bull Market the best way to prepare yourself For the next Bull Run is just to dollar Cost average that is at least my Strategy make sure that you are going to Have your own strategy as well at the Same time I'm trading my way up here on The imminent short term with some very Interesting trades there but of course For the bigger and long-term perspective For Bitcoin but of course for the long Term I am very convinced Bitcoin is Going to be trading significantly higher Than we're trading on right now in two Years from now on so make sure to have That long-term perspective the whole Thing is only an approximately year away From now on so it will happen very quick Especially in crypto days flying by so Get ready for the next whole thing here So that was it for me in today's update Video if you did enjoy it don't forget To slap up the like button and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out

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