Bitcoin is right now getting ready for Another move after consolidating for Over five days and in this exact video I Will talk about the price targets more Importantly Bitcoin is about to be Flashing a signal that historically have Meant the Bitcoin price was reversing I Will be discussing this and many more Important charts so don't forget to step Up the like button back above 300 and With that being said let me jump Straight away in towards the image short Term of Bitcoin so once looking at the Image short term Bitcoin has clearly not Already moved in the past three weeks Here and that is pretty unfortunate to See here once again after a low period Of volatility hit the market Bitcoin had A big dumper and after this dump once Again the volatility is extremely low in The mark due to the low volatility Bitcoin is not really moving in last Year and once a move does come and hit The market we can start to see these Very big sharp moves either towards the Upside or towards the downside so this Is definitely very interesting price Action and after Bitcoin has been Consolidating for over 5.5 12 days right Now here we can right now finally start To see the next pattern to emerge and This pattern is called unsymmetrical Triangle and this symmetrical triangle Is expected to be breaking out in

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Approximately 12 to 13 hours from now on And once the breaks out here we either Need to see a breakup of the downward Sloping resistance line or either a Break above the over sloping support Line and if we break either of these Levels we're probably going to be seeing More volatility hit the markets and to Be straight away very clear with my Price targets Bitcoin has got a very Clear price Target towards the upside to Either 26.3 K is not a very significant One or either towards the downside to 25.2k what would Mark a new low in this Market and I've been saying this for Quite a while right now here if Bitcoin Does the signs to be breaking below 25.6 K so that is also clearly below this Earth resolving support line my next buy Zone and my next big support is going to Be 24.8k and personally I am expecting That 24.8k is going to be a level where Bitcoin is really going to to be Creating a balance form so let's see how That's going to be playing out here but While this is always happening we can Actually also see that we are currently Creating a bullish Divergence here on The 12 hourly time frame not only on the 12th hour but also on the daily time Frame we're creating currently a bullish Divergence for Bitcoin and also on the Three-day time frame Bitcoin is also Currently creating a bullish version

Since it is writing or creating a higher Low own the price action of Bitcoin and A lower loan the RSI what means that We're creating a hidden bullish Divergence so definitely very Interesting signals that currently are Flashing and you should definitely pay Attention towards these very important Market moves further on if you want to Be buying or selling crypto don't forget To go to buy bit and of course if you go To the link description of today's video You can actually claim a free one Thousand dollars by only depositing 100 In towards your account and of course Using the link in the script sign up Your account and all you need to do here Is just deposit 100 and you can claim a Free 1000 US Dollars long or short Position on bitcoin or on xrp so that is Definitely very interesting to be seeing Here but right now at the same time we Can actually start to see that the Stochastic RSI is about to be having a Bullish Grocery and it is right now at Oversold conditions and creating a Bullish Crosshair and the last few times This has happened it has indicated to be A very good buying opportunity the last Time to be exact year this signal Occurred Bitcoin really went towards the Upside and shoot up to 30 000 US dollars From a low of 24.8 K so once again this Signal is flashing and you should

Definitely pay attention towards this Signal right now here the last time the Signal flashed there was all the way Back in November 2022 what was also Actually marking the exact low in the Market so yes this is definitely a very Important signal to understand of course The signal flashes more often I will Only be looking at this signal once it Is also oversold and currently since it Is oversold and creating the bullish Scrolls I do really think it's a very Good opportunity to take right now in This market further on weekend currently Of course see we created that inverse Hand and shoulders pattern and currently We are actually retesting that inverse On his shoulders so I have said this Several times before here but as long as We're holding 25 000 I don't really see A reason to start panicking right now on This Market as long as we're holding the Support everything is looking quite okay Here this is the resistance in the past And currently it flipped into support And we are potentially creating a double Bottom scenario right now here maybe We're going to create a w pattern here Where Bitcoin is going to be breaking Back upwards and then we're going to Have the third retest on that resistance And that would Mark a super good buying Opportunity and you can really approach This as a double bottom scenario because

It is honestly very likely that Bitcoin Is probably going to be bouncing from This level and then we are literally Creating a double bottom on the Lower Side resistance on the top side and we Could be potentially creating the W Pattern and you're literally right now Sitting at the lows of this potential W Pattern so and some people see this as a Bad level here but this has been the Level with weeks and weeks in the pulse Have been providing resistance the Entire bear Market this level for over 270 days here here it has acted as major Resistance and right now you've got the Opportunity to be trying to accumulate Around this level while we're retesting It as support so that's pretty big news Here and at the same time we can Currently see that Bitcoin is retesting The damage sloping resist line that Previously around as well acted as Resistance right now is acting as Support and if you're looking at the Bigger things of it all here if you're Looking at the Cycles but we're Currently in here the bear Market is Already behind this because the bear Market usually tends to last between 350 To 400 Days and right now we're in the Re-accumulation phase and the fierce Re-accumulation phase back into our 2015 We saw that Bitcoin of course had this Massive rally towards the upside and

After that the whole thing happened we Saw a slight decrease with and then an Even more exponential rally then last Year we saw once again a rally we saw a Slight decreasement epidemic crash then The whole thing happened a little bit Sideways action and then once again Exponential and maybe if the whole thing Didn't happen it would have gone like This potentially so uh yes I do think The whole thing has got a lot of Influence what really happened with the Price section of Bitcoin but definitely Important to be paying attention towards And if we compare it towards the last Previous two years there we're at least Still expecting there is a very big Chance we're going to see more bullish Momentum and there's also a very big Chance working just going to go more Sideways but one thing is for sure if You want to be going toward the maximum Gains here you do not have got a lot of Time left here to accumulate because yes After the whole thing happens usually it Takes around 100 to 150 days here before It goes exponential so get ready for That here the next bull market is going To be absolutely insane of course and if You want to be getting ready for it you Should be preparing right now here Further on one final thing I want to be Discussing here what is actually quite Interesting is that the BNB price here

Has been outperforming Bitcoin and we do Know the fight around BNB here for the Reason months here so in the past 38 Days here BNB has been outperforming Bitcoin by three percent well Bitcoin Got the news from grayskill that they Were winning the case here they got the News from the Bitcoin spot ETF filing Things and all these other important News things well being B had a lot of Fun and still it manages to be Outperforming Bitcoin what really makes Me think here do we need to be worrying About this BNB price section because are They really not prompting up the BNB Price because aren't they really selling Off their Bitcoin to be prompting up the BNB price there's definitely a very Possible scenario that this is actually Really happening so make sure to keep Your eyes wide open on BNB it's Definitely interesting to see what's Currently going on here but I personally Don't really believe what currently is Happening right here at this moment of Time so yeah that was it for me in Today's update video if you did enjoy Don't forget to slap up the like button And I'll see you guys on the next one Peace out goodbye

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