PREPARE FOR THIS HUGE BITCOIN SIGNAL!!!! [insane targets revealed]

Right now there is an historical signal Flashing for Bitcoin and historically Speaking Bitcoin tends to move up about 20 to 40 percent after this signal Occurs so I will be exactly talk about This signal on today's update video I Will talk about the parabolic run up That Bitcoin is currently having I will Talk about this crazy breakthrough of This extremely important level the Things to look out for and much more Important levels of resistance support Etc etc so don't forget to slap up that Like button on today's update video can We get again smash it back above 300 Likes it will be absolutely incredible And with data being said let me jump Straight away in towards the content and Once looking at the immature term of Bitcoin I mean I'm going to tell you We've been looking at this parabolica For quite a while and so far it looks to Me that Bitcoin is just not getting Stopped Bitcoin is creating more Exponential lows more exponential highs And it's just moving up and up and up And you can see clearly in the one hour Time frame we are literally right now in A parabolica and you can see that the Highs are getting faster and faster Created so if we do see a longer side Risk consolidation phase it's good to Suggest that we're going to see a cool For Bitcoin but right now I don't really

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Think that if we want to be doing Analysis on the price section of Bitcoin That we should be doing it on the one Hour so let me start my analysis on the Four hour and yesterday in my live Stream and yesterday in my video I Talked about this 18.4 to 18.5 K level That was the most important and Resistance of the price action of Bitcoin and like you can see previously It ranked it provided Support also right There it provided support support right Here support right here resistance Resistance and right now we yesterday Saw that we had some few rejections but After that we had another huge green Candle towards the upside and another Break above this key level so right now This is the first time the Bitcoin is Breaking Above This level 4 at Approximately 65 days so Bitcoin is Breaking bullish and I'm loving to see It because right now we're breaking Above this key level of previous Resistance and if we potentially see That cool off in the price action of Bitcoin I really think that the 18.1 to 18.2 K is going to be that level that is Going to be most certainly provide a lot Of support but yeah if we do not come Down we're not going to test it but if We do come down towards 18.2 18.4 K that Is the level that I expect is going to Be providing a lot of support for

Bitcoin I do want to warn everyone out There right now on the channel if I'm Looking at the price chart on the 4la Time frame we are seeing a lower high on The RSI higher high on the price section So there is a small loss of momentum but This definitely couldn't stop Bitcoin so Maybe we are even going to see a further Increasement however the Arsenal signals That the parabolica is coming towards an End I don't want to be the game breaker I'm not going to shorty though Whatsoever because I love this trend Here however the arson warning signals That this trend could be ending anytime Soon here once then looking at the daily Time frame for Bitcoin we can currently See that if this daily candle is going To close we're probably going to cross Bullish on The Daily EMA or maybe you're Already today if we're going to see if Even more significant pump towards sales Side but once the daily EMA is going to Cross bullish it is a very very Important signal yes we do know this Right here was a big fake out because we Had the FDX collapse after we crossed Bullish but look at this we cross Bullish and the day after we moved up Like six and a half percent in just a Matter of one day but historically Speaking every single time the daily Email ribbon cross is bullish it tends To move up the market significantly here

The Market Cross bullish and it moved up By in approximately 15 in five days here Then here we cross bullish we moved up By what is it an approximately 47 in Just a matter 40 days here we also cross Bullish and we moved up 30 in 40 days And this was like three or four hundred Percent in towards the yeah next Bull Run of 2021 so historically speaking Once the daily email flips bullish it Tends to suggest that we are seeing These big rallies on build the price Action of Bitcoin and if I'm really Going to look at the price section of Bitcoin we can currently see and let me First of all remove this line to talk About it in a second from now on but you Can see clearly this has been a very Important level of previous support for Bitcoin it always holds up the price and Like you can see once we broke below it It was really providing big resistance For Bitcoin and right now we crushed This level we broke above it so if we Have a retest of this level I think that It is going to be likely provide some Support however right now we can also Still look at this downward sloping Resist line right here and look at this We are exactly meeting this level so Right now once again Bitcoin like it was Yesterday on this 18.5 K resistance is Yet again at a decision Point here if we Are getting a rejection we're getting a

Rejection from this trend line right Here and then it could provide even more Resistance in the future and if we do Not get rejected and if we break above It then we cleared another level and Like I said my next price targets for Bitcoin is going to be all the way at This previous High here what is Somewhere around 21k here so if we clear This level of resistance of this Downward solving resistance line that is Currently trading somewhere around 18.8 Towards not 18.9 K if we clear with the Day daily can look close we're breaking Above it and realistically speaking the Next big resistance is going to be 21.2 K so that is from of this point onwards Another 10 to 12 move towards the upside What is of course a significant move Like you know and like I told uh every Single day to you guys out there on the Channel I am long on bitcoin I long Bitcoin with an approximately 74 000 and I'm currently low on bitcoin with 1.7 x Leverage like you can see on the bottom Left side of your screen here I am long With one hundred and fourteen thousand Dollars and if you are interested in Trading yourself you can check out the Links in the description right now here If you sign up a new account using the Link in the description you can also get An additional deposit bonus after your Initial deposit on Bible and if you're

Somewhere in the US and you can't use Bible I would recommend to check a bit Get and you can also find the link in The description towards that one as well So currently my long trade is more than Eleven thousand dollars in profit and I Showed step by step on how I traded this Trade and if you are interested in more Of my trades don't forget to subscribe To the channel because yes I am Currently looking also to do some Potential sculpt trades on bitcoin However if I do see an opportunity I Will share this on this channel or Either open my Twitter or telegram Channel so make sure to check out for That here also an interesting signal I Talked about how the volatility was Likely to pick up for Bitcoin and you Can see right now the volatility is Significantly picking up for Bitcoin and Like you can see what was very Interesting that in the 2019 bear Market We were at the same stage of low Volatility in the market you can see it Here bottom indicator is the boiler Bands with what means how narrow the Borge events is here and like you can See for the first time in like four Years time here we hit the same Narrowness so basically you can say Okay Since 2009 since 2018 we've been Reaching the same level of low Volatility in the market and once it

Happened in 2018 we had a big crash Towards the downside and right now it's A big move towards the upside so it's Exactly the opposite way around here and That is actually pretty interesting to See so we have been seeing a very long Boring period in the market the bullish Events was exactly squeezing up like We've been saying and now yeah it's just Breaking towards the upside so that is Beautiful To also look at the legendary support Line I've talked about this for weeks And the legendary support line is Exactly the level where we are currently Bouncing from so Bitcoin is doing an Absolutely amazing job here if we ever Will touch it again here I will notify Everyone out there on the channel so Don't forget to subscribe to the channel Right now and also we're extremely close To 100K subscribers and that is Definitely something I would love to Reach here also looking at the Bitcoin Price section we are creating a falling Wedge on the weekly time frame and like We also created a huge pattern here in The previous market right here we were Creating this symmetrical triangle so You saw a move right here and the super Solving support line right here we broke Towards the opposite and created a new Bull Run and right now we're creating Another pattern and this is a falling

Watch and a falling wedge is a typical Bullish bias reversal pattern and it Tends to get created from an uptrend and Then we see a downtrend and then you see The continuation towards the upside so We are exactly seeing that pretty Interesting is like a textbook falling Witcher and I absolutely love it and the Price record of this falling wedge is Going to be the top side of the wedge What is in this case is somewhere around 66 000 US Dollars and that is also one Of my many reasons also with the Legendary support line that I'm Currently in this swing trade because This is a trade that I'm not going to Close today it's a swing trade so I'm Planning to hold it straight open for Quite a while and I'm only in with 1.7 x Leverage so the risk is extremely low And the potential returns are extremely High for this position so yeah that is Why I like swing trading it's basically Making profit with the least amount of Risk to take in the market then looking Also at the signal we've talked about Like four days ago here so once looking At the macd on the two week time frame We clearly cross bullish here on bitcoin And what you can see here is that this Is the first time we cross bullish in 400 Days like you know and also in the Previous bear Market it exactly ended Well the two-week macd cross bullish

Also quickly want to say if I'm looking At the monthly time frame we're also Getting a very similar pattern and a Very similar signal here because in the Previous bear Market the bear Market Ended once we were getting that light Red signal here on the macd also the Bear Market ended at that point right Here so here we also saw light red and It was approximately over here so this Is also a similar signal the monthly Macd is also flipping but most Importantly the two-week macd is Currently having that crossover very Similar towards previous markets and Historically speaking we at least tend To see a more significant uptrend in the Following days after we cross bullish Than another significant downtrend Anyways this was it for me on today's Update video it was not a very long one I discussed the most important things Here so if you do like it don't forget To subscribe to the channel and I'll see You guys on the next one peace out Goodbye

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