PREPARE FOR THIS BITCOIN MOVE!!!! [volatility will hit today]

Bitcoin has been consolidating between Three hundred dollars for the past 11 Days and today the U.S markets will open Again for the first time after Christmas And today most likely volatility will Hit the U.S markets and I will be Exactly talking about where we could be Heading towards on today's update video I will be talking about some important Trend lines I'm currently spotting here On the market of course I will be going Over the volume what it means that Probably will happen today and much much More it will be discussed on today's Update video so don't forget to slap up That like button on today's update video Can we once again smash it back above 300 likes that will be absolutely Incredible and with that being said let Me jump straight away in towards the Content of course initially looking at The immature term from Bitcoin we can Clearly see that Bitcoin is trading in The sideways market for quite a long Time already of course there's a lot of Uncertainty on the market and that is Also the reason why we're almost not Moving here if I do open up the volume Indicator you can also see that the Volume has been drying up on the Christmas Christmas weekend Significantly what basically means that It is extremely likely that we're Expecting to see some volatility going

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In towards this week because yes usually Once there's almost no volume once Bitcoin going sideways for a long period Of time volatility tends to hit Afterwards and that is also what I'm Currently looking at we are spotting on The one hour time frame also a beautiful Over solving support line and a Potential resistance line here on the Top side you can better look at a box Here you can clearly see that this blue Box right here around to 16.9k basically On the top side of the 17 000 US dollars Is providing resistance every single Time and yet again this is the level to Look at we're currently creating an Ascending Triangle yesterday I talked About this pattern that we were looking At the symmetrical triangle that it most Likely was going to be a trap since the Volume was extremely low and like you Can see currently we still move sideways So yes yesterday we indeed saw a trip However right now we are seeing a Potential new pattern unfold and that is Of course an ascending triangle and that Will be also the pattern that I will be Looking at right now here on the four Early time frame it's quite quite a Beautiful pattern and also if I do open Up the bullish events you can see that On the 4la time frame the bullish events Is extremely narrow what also will mean That volatility will will most certainly

Hit any time soon if you also open it up On the eight hour time frame you can see The bullish events is squeezing up and Also in the daily time frame everything Is coming closer and closer and is Indicating and pointing just towards One Direction and that is that we will be Having a massive Market swing anytime Soon so that is also the thing that I Will be looking out for on the four Early time frame you can clearly see That the volume has been drying up here Over the course of the past yeah several Days here right now of course especially Due to Christmas volume tends to dry up Here but right now it's a significantly Low what means that once we do get a Volume spike it could be quite a big Move either up or down and the thing to Look at in my opinion right now is just To look at okay are we going to be Breaking below the previous lows in the Market so are we going to be breaking Below that red line here or are we going To be breaking above the previous high And that doesn't let me make it's green For this time are we going to be Breaking up that green line right that Green line is the previous high in the Market that got us rejected so that is Really the thing to look at here if we Do break above the top side I honestly Think it is likely to see a continuation Towards the upside do we break below the

Previous low on the market it is likely To see continuation towards the downside So that is also exactly how I will be Playing it and if we do take out this High right here somewhere around 16.9k With a four hourly candle close I will Scale up my Bitcoin long position Currently I am long with an Approximately 108 000 US dollars I am 1.66 leverage long on bitcoin and I'm Planning to scale up this trade whether We do break above seventeen thousand Dollars or whether we do break down Towards levels of fourteen thousand Dollars then it will also massively add More margin towards my trade so what we Are going to be moving up or down I have To take action with the straight and if You are subscribed to the channel you Will be knowing exactly what I will be Doing with the straight I'm currently in A small little loss of three percent and Approximately two thousand dollars but I Believe that in the long run that this Will be be a profitable trade and I will Show you guys exactly how I will be Trading this market and it will exactly Show you my trade in the coming days and Weeks ahead of yourself so if you're Also interested in trading if you sign Up with account using the link in the Description you can claim an additional Deposit bonus so make sure to check that Out right now and also if I really look

At the daily time frame we can currently Spot that the Bitcoin macd is currently Crossing bullish and confirm the bullish Crossover on The Daily time frame and That is historically a good signal for Bitcoin the daily time frame still Creating a falling Witcher and the Weekly time frame guys this is a very Important one still trading below the 1000 daily moving average and the 1000 Daily moving average you already hear it Is taking the last 1000 days for Bitcoin And the average price is basically the Orange Line you can see here and Currently the average price is somewhere Around thirty thousand dollars what Means that we're currently significantly Are trading below the 1000 daily average Price for a Bitcoin and you can see that Every single time once we're trading Below this moving average we tend to Have a good buying opportunity and this Is currently the longest time we've ever Traded below the 1000 daily moving Average what means that this is Historically speaking one of the more Better buying opportunities you probably Will have in the market of course is due To the fact that we're having a Worldwide recession but it doesn't take Away that this is potentially a very Good buying opportunity for the long run And I currently approach it like that if You did like the video make sure to

Smash of the like button it was once Again a short video but to be very Honest is there a lot of things Happening no and once there really is Something happening I will try to jump Live with you guys out there on the Channel or make a video so make sure to Subscribe to the channel right now and I'll see you guys on the next one peace Out goodbye

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