Bitcoin has exactly bounced from the Support and right now is still trading In this massive consolidation phase but More importantly the massive liquidity Grab has not happened yet so make sure To watch this video till the end for me To explain to you what this means for The Bitcoin price action I'm going to Discuss the most important resistance Lines on the imminent shortterm the Midterm and more importantly I will talk Also about the big support trading below Us that so far has every single time Provided massive Mount of support for Bitcoin so without any further Ado don't Forget to slap the like button back Above 600 likes and with that being said Ley jumps straight away in towards the Imminent short term on bitcoin and on That imminent short term while we were First seeing that massive upward sloping Support line providing support right now This downward sloping resist line is Once again providing resistance we got Rejected by this level more than six Times in a row already and once again Bitcoin has seen another massive Rejection from off this level but what You do have to understand is that the More times that Bitcoin is going to Retest this level the more likely it is Going to be that we're actually going to Be breaking above it and to be very Honest in my opinion I just think we're

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Going to be crushing through it anytime Soon and it's not only because there is Such a massive amount of liquidity Piling up on the top side on bitcoin Right now but also due to various other Reasons but first let me discuss the Liquidity because right now if Bitcoin Were to be hitting $44,000 it's going to Be seeing more than $700 million in Short liquidations already and if it Pushes back up towards 44.7 G it's going To be approximately seeing another $500 Million Bitcoin short liquidation so There are massive amounts of shorts Laying between 44,000 and 45,000 and yeah really once Bitcoin is Going to be breaking above that $44,000 Region I personally think we're going to Be climbing towards the upside real Quickly so yeah this is something you Need to be paying attention towards the Are massive amounts of short positions Laying over there in the market so those Could potentially Get Fooled out there I Mean a thing that I'm very worried about On bitcoin right now as well is of Course the funding rates the funding Rates are so extremely positive what is Of course absolutely insane and I Personally think that they are currently So positive out of anticipation of the Acceptance of the Bitcoin spot ETF so Maybe there is a possibility we're first Going to see another fake out towards

The downside before or pushing back Towards the upside again here but Anyways what I will be looking at is Just this consolidation phase here for Bitcoin once we eat a break up the Resistance on the top side or either the Support on the lower side that will be The point where that next big move is Going to get initiated for Bitcoin so Here on the 4ly time frame as well you Can clearly see the top side right here 44.2k is the massive resistance we need To be breaking above and we've got this Very important upward sloping support Line and as long as we're not breaking Below or above even either of these I Remain to believe that we are just in This consolidation phase right here so Bitcoin is just consolidating and Getting ready for another big move but We need to just be a little bit more Patient here on the daily time frame as Well you can clearly see that the Bitcoin prize action is coming closer And closer towards that final stage of Absolutely massive breakout territorium And I mean honestly what you have to Understand is currently that we're just Days out before the Bitcoin sport TF Windows going to be getting opened to be Exact we're currently stays out before The Bitcoin SP ETF Windows going to get Opened and that is just going to be a Massive thing for Bitcoin and honestly

We do know that the SSC has already Stated that they are ready to approve The first Bitcoin SP ETFs if they have Failed their final submission before December the 29th so there's probably Going to be a lot of things happening in This week as well here but I know for Sure it's going to be an exciting week It's going to be a volatile week as well So make sure to pay attention to watch The priz section of Bitcoin right now so If you want to be trading Bitcoin or do Whatever you want want with it make sure To go to buit because bit allows you to Trade here on bitcoin on more than 300 Different altcoins as well and if you r A sign up account using that link below You could get a $40,000 deposit bonus And on top of that you could claim a Free 1,000 Us doll trade on bitcoin Ethereum or on Pepe and all you need to Do for it is just sign up account using That link below deposit $100 in your First seven days complete kyc and you Could claim this insane free $1,000 and If you really concate and buy it check Out fmax in the link description of Today's video where you can trade Without kyc so Bitcoin is just getting Ready for another big move here and Honestly for me it's very hard to talk About something else right now here Because this is just all the things that Are currently going on here besides of

This there's just not a lot of things Going on so I can't also really discuss A lot of new things as well I mean on The three-day time frame we can clearly See Bitcoin is getting ready for just Another massive move here it looks like It's going to be happening anytime soon Guys so we're getting ready for either a Big move towards the upside a big move Towards the downside h i mean for sure What I personally think is potentially It could be a first a fer towards the Downside and then a pump or we're going To be seeing the pump already so yeah This is what I am expecting this is what I'm looking for on bitcoin it's not Going to take long anymore so make sure To prepare right now so thanks so much For watching and I'll see you guys on The next one peace out goodbye

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