Bitcoin is still consolidating in this Very important consolidation range after It broke down of the ascending triangle We're right now looking at the Liquidation Heap map to see what the Next move is going to be for Bitcoin Once again the Bitcoin spill ETF data is Completely different compared to what it Was yesterday and I'm going to talk About what this means for Bitcoin right Now we going to talk about Reddit adding Bitcoin towards its balance sheet and Many more important stuff that we need To discuss on today's update video so Without any further Ado don't forget to Slap that like button once again back Above 800 likes that will be highly Appreciated and with that being said let Me jumps straight away in towards the Content and once looking at Bitcoin Right now on that imminent shortterm we Can clearly see that Bitcoin is breaking Down of the ascending triangle and after We broke down of the ascending triangle We clearly got a rejection here from the Upward sloping support line that flipped Into resistance and after that we Retested it once again another time and We clearly saw that Bitcoin was getting Rejected by this exact upward sloping Resistance line so like I said several Times before in on the channel I will be Looking at this consolidation phase Right now for Bitcoin and once we

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Clearly break below support we are going To be seeing that continuation downwards But once we clearly break above Resistance on the top side that is the Point where the bullish confirmation is Going to be taking place so right now We're just looking at the consolidation Phase for Bitcoin and we are just Moments away before we're having a Breakdown and if we were to be breaking Down what are my price targets I mean I'm first identifying this big level of Support below us sitting around 49.9k up To $50,000 and if we potentially break Below that level we've got the 48.5k and Below that $47,000 as support and if Bitcoin were to be breaking above the Top side of resistance honestly my next Price targets are going to be sitting Somewhere around 54 to 55,000 right now after yeah two days ago Bitcoin took out that exact liquidity in The market there's not been a clear Amount of liquidity being built up above Us or below us so if I'm looking at the Liquidation heat map I can't really make A good bias about where Bitcoin is Heading towards next so for this I will Let the chart develop a little bit here And once we are seeing a clear place Where liquidity is being built up I will Be pointing it out on the channel and Like we know always where liquidity gets Built up we always tend to be grabbing

It so that is very important to be Paying attention towards and two days Ago we saw actually that the Bitcoin SPF Has its first negative day once again in An approximately four weeks time and Today we're once again having a super Positive of day here what is actually Quite interesting to be seeing here Because I personally thought that oh Usually once the trend tends to shift Around here in terms of outflows it Stays for a little bit longer but Already yesterday we saw a large amount Of Bitcoin sport DF inflows once again Here so this is mainly also due to the Fact that the outflows on great BTC were Only 55 million us and yesterday it was $200 million us so yeah let's see how it Is going to be developing right now Clearly the trend remains to be that We're just accumulating more and more Bitcoin and you can clearly see it here On the chart we had a little bit of a Pullback here in terms of inflow but Once again we are consistently growing In terms of spot Bitcoin ETF US dollar Inflows so that is actually very Interesting to see you can clearly see We had that minor correction and already We are heading higher once again here And also yesterday we had some breaking News because Reddit said that they are Investing their cash into Bitcoin in Ethereum and into medic and they will

Continue to to do so in the future and This is of course a very bullish signal For Bitcoin honestly yesterday what it Did with the price was the small that to Push towards the upside and then we saw A big wick once again on the top side And Bitcoin moved even lower I mean Reddit doesn't necessarily have a lot of Cash but once again it's pointing out That there are corporations interested In Bitcoin and that is a super good Thing for the market so right now still Bitcoin is creating this bull flag Pattern here and honestly I will be Approaching this pattern as well as a Valid pattern we are gr now consolid Ating after we had to seen this Significant rally towards the upside and If we were to be calculating the price Target of this bull flag pattern if Bitcoin were to be breaking out on the Top side the price Target is laying Somewhere around $63,000 us so Bitcoin Is just having a slight consolidation After this significant rally towards the Upside of about what is it 25% in 8 days Here so it is only healthy that Bitcoin Is currently consolidating and it is not Bad that we are seeing so and usually The consolidation takes as long as the Move towards the upside so right now we We've been going sideways for 9 days so This should be also the time where Bitcoin tends to be creating its next

Move again if we approach it like a bull Flag so important to see important to be Paying attention towards every single Time the low side support is providing Support and the upward and the downward Sloping resistance line is providing Resistance so so if you were to be Trading this bull flag pattern or any Other patterns that I puted out on the Today's video make sure to trade on Decoin because if you right now signed Up an account to using that link Description of today's video you will First of all get an insane deposit bonus But you will also qualify to join copy Trading from other copy Traders out There that that are making more than $50,000 in the last 30 days and soon I Will also be opening up my copy trading Account once I clearly see a good Opportunity in the market I'm going to Be opening up my next trade here and Once I do open up my next trade you will Be able to be joining me using copy Trading and like you know my last six Six traes were all profitable but right Now I've been standing on the sidelines For the last 20 days here and I'm just Waiting for the next move to to get Initiated and then I can start to open Up my next position here on the market So if you're interested in trading that Go to the link description of today's Video where you can right now get an

Account where you can also trade Bitcoin So while this all has been happening I Mean yesterday we saw once again that The Central Bank of Europe has done Another tweet about Bitcoin and the last Tweet they did was exactly on the Bitcoin bottom and they said that Bitcoin was on its road to watchs in Relevance and of course that was tweeted Around $15,000 and currently we're Sitting above $50,000 and Bitcoin is Everything but irrelevant and right now They're treating Bitcoin has failed to Become a global decentralized digital Currency instead falling victim to fraud And manipulation but of course this is Totally not true the reason spot ETF Doesn't change the fact that Bitcoin is Costly slow and inconvenient argues the ECB block so yeah the Central Bank of Europe is once again hating on bitcoin And actually the last time they did so It marked the bottom and Bitcoin of Course went absolutely Skyhigh and is This once again a sign of denial from The central back of Europe I mean it Probably looks like it and then also Donald Trump that always was super Bearish on bitcoin right now is Embracing Bitcoin so look at this clip And look about what he's saying about Bitcoin China obviously has its own push In the Chinese uh digital currency but Isn't the next logical step for you to

Embrace Bitcoin because Bitcoin Obviously is decentralized the Government can't get its hands on it What about bit coin with all the young People including African-Americans who Are are very interested in well a lot of People are doing it I always liked One Currency I I call it a currency I like The dollar but a lot of people are doing It and frankly uh it's it's taken a life Of its own you probably have to do some Regulation as you know but many people Are uh embracing it and more and more I'm seeing people wanting to pay Bitcoin And you're seeing something that's Interesting so uh I can live with it one Way or the other I've always liked One Really powerful thing and that's called The doll Yeah so wow this is the first time ever That Donald Trump is talking positively About Bitcoin and he literally said many People are embracing Bitcoin and he is Seeing that more people want to be Paying him in Bitcoin so this is quite Massive especially if he potentially Becomes president this is a very good Thing for the industry so going further In towards the content so while we're Seeing a lot of fundamentally changes Which is very good going further towards The content Bitcoin on the weekly time Frame could potentially create here a Bearish Divergence this is of course

Something you need to be paying Attention towards because if we confirm This candle close like this we could be Creating a bearish Divergence on the Bitcoin weekly time frame and that Potentially could cause a small a slight Little pullback after we've seen such a Significant rally towards the upside of Course and right now Bitcoin is trading Against very critical resistance because Let me point out this resistance level Guys right so 52.2k is a very important Level why is because previously around We exactly got rejected by this level Right here so if Bitcoin confirms the Break Above This level like I said also Right here if we confirm the break above The high right here the next Target is Going to be literally around $60,000 so That is quite interesting because like You can see uh last time we broke Above This level we went up very quickly and We went down very quickly so this is a Very important stage where Bitcoin is Currently trading at and $60,000 is Arguably in my opinion the most Important resistance that we are yet to Be facing so like you know if you've Been following the channel in 91 days From now on the spot ethereum ETF is Coming and and that ETF is going to Change everything for ethereum because Just like it did with Bitcoin it cost a Massive uh yeah basically move towards

The upside it will most like most likely Cost the same to ethereum and right now We're still 91 days out before black R Can even buy ethereum so you could be Once again front running the big guys Here but no one is paying attention Towards ethereum right now here and that Makes it very interesting in my opinion So here on the weekly time frame we're Breaking above the 0.5 on the Fibonacci I think we're heading higher towards That 0.65 just like Bitcoin has been Done doing as well here and right now Here on the imminent short term ethereum Is creating this consolidation phase This symmetrical triangle and we're Basically about to be breaking out Anytime soon just like Bitcoin is also Currently consolidating in this sideways Consolidation pattern so I think and I Do believe that we're about to be making Another big move here anytime soon Whatever trade you're going to be taking Make sure to prepare yourself Accordingly I mean I have got a very big Spot position on ethereum right now Because I'm expecting that ethereum is Going to be outperforming Bitcoin in the Coming periods in the market so yeah Guys I told you many times before this Is how I trade this is what I'm Currently seeing and no one is paying Attention to watchs it well this is Literally happening in front of us all

Right now so this was it for me today's Update video thank you so much for Watching and I hope to see you guys back Tomorrow on another update video peace Out goodbye

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