This gigantic symmetrical triangle is About to be breaking out and Bitcoin is Literally about to be retesting once Again this massive resistance so in this Exact video I will be talking exactly About my bullish and bearish price Targets but more importantly I will give A update on my small little Bitcoin Trade I took two days ago here but more Importantly I will give you guys a small Little update about my Bitcoin trade and What I'm currently doing with it and What I'm expecting is going to be Happening next with this trade here and Many more charts will'll be getting Discussed on today's update video so Don't forget to slap the like button on Today's update video can we once again Smash it back up 400 likes that will be Absolutely incredible and with that of Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the imminent short term for Bitcoin and if I'm looking at the Imminent short term for Bitcoin we can Currently clearly see that we have been Creating somewhat of a w pattern and Ever since Bitcoin has been breaking Above 27.6k here we have seen a little bit More of an exponential movement towards The upside and actually right now we Have just been retesting this level the Previous resistance in the market Mar Like you can clearly see right here that

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Currently is providing somewhat of Support on the short term we have not Clearly seen the retest yet there but Personally if we're going to see another Retest around the 27.6k region I won't Be surprised to actually see a boun from Off this level since it has been acting As previous resistance and we are Currently trading above it so that is Actually looking quite good here as well Well everyone turned bearish on support Again on Twitter I mean you just had to Look through Twitter on um this movement Towards the downside while Bitcoin was Trading on 27.2k everyone was super Bared and I said to everyone out there On the channel that is also exactly why I open this trade this is not the time To be bearish because exactly on support You do not want to be flipping bearish Right so this was clearly previous Resistance in the market here it flipped Into support and I mean so far has been Playing out pretty well here but D on High alert that Bitcoin is still Creating a lower high on the 4ly time Frame if we do create the high right Here so I really want to see a Continuation above the previous high in The market and then really I could get a Little bit more excited and I mean on The end of the day right now on The Daily time frame we are currently Trading in a small little uptrend right

Since we have been confirming the daily Candle close higher than the previous One right here and the previous one Right here so in fact we are trading on A daily uptrend but yeah what you want To be looking at as well as potentially A support of this downward soing Resistance line potential retest over There I mean Bitcoin broke out of Symmetrical triangle price target has Not been reached yet so far and I mean This is the most important chart to be Maybe looking at and this also the chart Where I opened up my trades from in this Region where we're currently trading in I mean Bitcoin exactly got rejected from The range low on the on the top side Right here that is this level around 28.7k here this was previous support Exactly turned into resistance and I Mean that is the level to break if we Break above that level I've saided Several times before if we break back in Towards this region here on the top side I expect Bitcoin can go all the way up Here to 31.5k without a struggle so yeah That will be uh definitely a big thing Here it will be definitely very bullish For Bitcoin as well but in case we break This critical support this level around 27.2k where I exactly L Bitcoin on and That that is also why I've got my stop Loss in profit right now here if we Break below that level I will be

Expecting Bitcoin is probably going to Be dumping further down here to 24.7k And that would be quite bearish if you Would ask me here and that is exactly Why I'm doing so and at the same time we Can currently see that funding rates Actually remain to be negative what Means that more shorters are currently Active in the market and they are Actually willing to pay a premium to Still open up their short position what Means there is a bigger chance and a Higher likelihood on a potential short Squeeze then quickly looking at my Bitcoin trades I already took a little Bit of profit $150 in profit and Currently we're still $710 in profit uh I'm looking for my next take profit Somewhere around uh 27.6k the Range High In the market that is going to be my Second take profit and I'm going to take Out 50% of the trade and if we break Above it I'm just going to let the trade Roll and I'm going to adjust my stop Loss as time continues so this is a Little bit the strategy that I'm Currently looking at so yeah that is Basically my strategy that I'm currently Looking to trade with and yeah if you Are interested in trading yourself and And if you did join me on this trade Since I announced it here on my Twitter Page congratulations if you did join me With this trade since I announced it on

Twitter but if you interested in trading Don't forget to go to the links of Today's video description because if you Sign up a new account on byby using that Link below deposit $100 within 7 Days Complete kyc you will claim a free $1,000 us Bitcoin or xrp long or short Position it's super valuable it's a $11,000 position for only a $100 deposit So super valuable deposit bonus that Currently is running on the market and You can still claim it for the coming 26 Days here so make sure to be fast here Then also guys uh before going further Towards the charts yesterday the US Actually added 275 billion US dollars in depth in just One day what is absolutely massive uh And at the current Pace where the US is Adding its depth it's about like $1 Trillion in depth a month what is Absolutely crazy and to be on high alert Every single month the US creates that That big dep deficit it is literally two Times the market cap of Bitcoin so we Are so super early yesterday they Literally created $275 billion US doll Depth in one day and it's more than the Market cap of ethereum and it's like More than % of the market cap of Bitcoin So yeah the US government is printing so Much money they're creating so much Depbt and at the same time Bitcoin is Still so small so the opportunity is

Still massive in Bitcoin since Especially it's fair to everyone out There And I just think the growth Opportunities for Bitcoin are only Becoming bigger as the US government is Going to devault on its own depth here So uh yeah looking at the super Trend Indicator we know what this indicator is All about and it is currently flashing a Buy Signal then of course looking at the Massive consolidation phase for Bitcoin We're about to be having a massive Breakout and I'm expecting it's going to Be happening within approximately 15 Days here ahead of ourselves so it's Going to be happening anytime soon here You can clearly see we got rejected from This massive downward soing resist line Many times in a row here and actually Like three days ago we got once again Rejected by this level but the point we Break above it it's got an insane price Target sitting around $62,000 and so my bullish Target is $62,000 here on the top side and my Bearish target is somewhere around $12,000 us for Bitcoin that is in case We're going to be breaking barers so This is how it is going to be looking at And this is how I will be approaching it If Bitcoin breaks up or down here but be On high alert this is like a 95 we Downtrend and a 46 we uptrend it's for

Or 48 already uh but this is definitely A massive massive consolidation phase That we need to be paying attention Towards and I guarantee you if this Better embrace it's going to be having a Massive effect to the market so you Should be getting ready for that further On looking at Bitcoin on the 4-day time Frame I mean there is not something Really special going on right here Unless that we're seeing the Bitcoin is Bouncing towards the upside and I'm just Still waiting if we potentially could be Creating somewhat of that W pattern Right so if Bitcoin really moves up here To this range around $32,000 we could be In for a very very cool W pattern and That is definitely a thing I'm looking Out for right now on the price chart of Bitcoin but that's just the thing we Have to be waiting for at the same time Bitcoin is creating a cop and handle Pattern or you could even approach it Differently and you could say no Bitcoin Is not creating a cop and handle pattern No it's creating an bull Flack pattern So yeah we're looking at some very Interesting charts right now here Neither way either way we are creating a Massive weekly consolidation phase and I Mean this chart tells it all here this Is a massive consolidation phase here You can see Bitcoin has created a Massive upward sloping support line here

Ever since 2017 we've been moving Upwards as well for the horizontal Resistance this was the level that Holded up the bull market for Bitcoin And this is also the level that's right Now rejecting the bull market for Bitcoin since we can't bre be breaking Above This level so yes these are two Very important levels and they're going To be meeting each other approximately In July 2024 so next year so we still Got a lot of time for that potentially To be breaking out here but yeah at one Point we either need to be breaking Below it or break above the resistance Istance and that is really going to call Us okay right now we're going to go in a More exponential Rally or right now we Could be seeing some more bearish price Action so that is what I exactly will be Looking at because these are two very Important resistance and support levels And then of course looking at ethereum It's not much different than Bitcoin Right now here it has actually been Moving way less compared to bitcoin but Ethereum is really getting ready also For a gigantic Rally or a gigantic dump Either way is getting ready for a Gigantic move here so resistance and Support are about to be meeting each Other and at one point we're going to See this massive breakout and I will be Expecting it's going to be happening as

Well in approximately 33 days here but Bitcoin is going to be happening in 15 Days and if Bitcoin is going to be Moving exponentially ethereum will most Likely do the same so I expect in 15 Days we could be seeing a breakout of This massive pattern so that's Approximately two weeks from now on so It could be massive a massive massive Breakout could be on the horizon so get Ready for that so that was it for me in Today's up video if you did enjoy don't Forget to slop the like button and I'll See you guys on the next one peace out Goodby why

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