PREPARE FOR THIS BIG BITCOIN MOVE!! [price targets revealed]

The Bitcoin bull flag is coming closer And closer towards that potential Breakout and in this exact video we will Be talking about the price targets of This bull flag and also I will be going Over the criteria on how we could be Trading this potential breakout of this Bitcoin bullflex so don't forget to Watch this video till the end it's going To be an extremely important one because I will be going over the most important Levels of support and resistance in this Market I will discuss my trade and much More important things here so don't Forget to slap up that like button on Today's updates video can we once again Smash it back about 400 likes that will Be absolutely incredible and with that Being said let me jump straight away in Towards the content and once looking at That immature term of Bitcoin we can Currently start to see the Bitcoin is Creating actually a beautiful bullflex Scenario currently you could also Approach the markup that works Consolidating sideways what we clearly Are also doing because you can clearly See Bitcoin is finding horizontal Support around the 22.4k and it's fine Horizontal resistance around the 23 100 US dollar targets so right now we're Consolidating between this range and What we really want to see here is a Breakout either towards the upside or

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Downside to have of course the potential Breakout trade for Bitcoin of course Once looking at these trend lines you Can clearly see that we are having a Damage slope in consolidation phase Because we're forming lower Highs at the Moment on the candle closes and also Lower lows and and that is of course Confirming that we're currently in a Small downward sloping Trend here after We had that significant rally towards The upside and that is usually how a Bull flag is created also in a four Early time frame I discussed it Yesterday already we are currently Creating a Bowflex scenario I have been Talking about the price chart of Bitcoin And the pure analysis of the market Structure you can see the first run up Was extremely parabolic we Consolidated Sideways we had another run up towards The upside it was less less exponential And now is the question are we going to Have another parabolic relief towards The upside and if it happens and let's Say the next parabolic run-up towards it Is going to be even weaker than the Previous one it could of course indicate That we're currently in a losing Structure or could confirm of course a Massive correction towards the downside For Bitcoin because then we're basically Seeing a loss of momentum getting Generated on each every single next

Parabolic move towards the upside so That is currently what I'm looking out For I'm waiting to see whether Bitcoin Is going to be having a breakout and Whether it is going to be seeing more Volatile talking than about that price Target of this bull flag you can Currently see that if I will be Measuring the exact price target of the Breakout of this bull flag it is going To come in somewhere around 25 000 US Dollars on the top side and that is also A very important level why am I saying So is because if I'm looking at the 12-hour time frame the 25 000 US Dollars Was of course the low here in the lunar Collapse and also the previous high that Got us rejected right here and if we Retest this level it's probably going to Once again provide a lot of resistance In the price section of Bitcoin so 25 000 is going to be also an important Level to break for Bitcoin but that is Exactly the price Target all of this Exact Bowflex scenario for Bitcoin if we Do breach above 25 000 then I'm actually Targeting for levels around 30 to 35 000 US dollars for Bitcoin but you know what Is very interesting right now here is That if we're looking at the previous Support slash resistance you can see Here we got rejected here we got Rejected here we got rejected then we Flip this level into support here we yet

Again got rejected and look about what Is currently happening we are seeing This level flipping into sport we broke Above it and currently we're finding Support around that 22.4 to 22.6 K level What is actually very interesting to see This level is currently providing Support significantly and Bitcoin is Still holding up the price above it so Things are still looking actually quite Okay for Bitcoin so right now really the Thing we should be waiting on for the Next big move for Bitcoin is either Whether we're going to be breaking a top Side of the downward solving resist line Or either once we're going to be Breaking the lower side of that down Solving support line right once we do Break above or below any of these levels That is the point where volatility is Really going to hit and how you could be Trading a bull flag is on the point Where we're going to confirm the Breakout towards the upside or the point Where we confirm the breaker towards the Downside that is the point where you Either open up your long or short Position and this could definitely be a Significant trade if we do break bearish The price target for me is going to be Somewhere around 21.2 K because this is Of course a very strong previous level Of resistance and I honestly expect if We have a retest of this level that it

Is going to be providing a significant Amount of support so that is what I'm Currently looking for if we do touch That level I am planning to scale up my Bitcoin long position that currently Isn't 37 000 US Dollars profit and if we Break bullish towards the upside and I'm Able to of course monitor the price Action on the exact breakout I will also Scale up my long position even more so That is my strange right now here if you Are interested in trading you can write An assign it but again using buy with if You significant using the link in the Description you can write again a 30 000 US dollars to post a bonus so make sure To check it out right now here and if You're maybe willing to trade this ball And you're living in the US and you Can't use use vibrate you can right now Use bitcap because bitcap allows you to Also trade Bitcoin with a 20 000 US Dollars to post about it and you can Trade in the US without VPN and without Kyc but the reason why Bitcoin actually Has been very boring lately for the past Three four days here we've been Consolidating Cyrus right here I have a Feeling that this could maybe last for Another week and the reason why is Because if I'm looking at the trading Economics calendar we can see that on February the 1st so Wednesday February The first we will have the US Federal

Federal Reserve interest rate hike Decision and that usually has a massive Effect on the market if I am looking at What currently is spreading getting Priced in in terms of the interest rate Hike we can see that approximately 98 of The market is pricing in a 25 basis Point hike if it is going to come in Higher than 25 basis points probably the Markets are going to dump and if we get 25 basis points it is already priced in So that is the thing that you need to be Aware of right now here and and of Course for the month after that we're Expecting another of 25 basis point hike Here so that is currently what the Anticipations of the market are right Now we also already have to wait and see What the tone of Jerome power is going To be is he still going to be very Hawkish is he's going to say that they Are really going to slow down the rate Hikes right now here that is really the Question uh what we don't know yet and That is also where the markets are Probably waiting for so be aware February the first is going to be Extremely volatile for markets I will be Live streaming this exact announcement So don't forget to subscribe to the Channel right now here and then you're Also going to say exactly up to date About what is about to go down next week On February the first because it's going

To be having a massive effect impact on The markets and looking at the 200 Weekly moving average for Bitcoin if you Don't know if you're like just starting In crypto trading you don't know about The 200 weekly moving average yet so far You definitely should do your research About it because the 200 weekly moving Average historically speaking always Provided support for Bitcoin in the bear Markets in 2015 in 2018-19 and also you Are in 2020 pandemic crash here and then At the moment the crash in 2000 the 22 Happened we went below it we moved above It we had a small vehicle we moved below It again and right now we are about to Retest this exact level yet again here And the 200 weekly moving average is Such an important historical level of Support and resistance that if we're Going to be having another Touch of this Level it could maybe provide a Significant amount of resistance this Time around here so it is currently Trading around 24.7 K here if we do Approach this level it's going to be Very important to know if we do confirm The breakout Above This level I will be Definitely very relieved but this is Definitely a very important level to pay Attention towards right now here are the 200 weekly moving average is just Extremely important to pay attention Towards and right now it's trading above

Us around 25 000 and really what we want To see here is a clear breakout above it If we get a rejection from it and we Move lower that could be a signal that Bitcoin could even potentially move Lower from off this point onwards then Of course the legendary support line Still dancing from Bitcoin and that is Of course a good thing to see if we ever Will retest this level again you will be The first one to know here on the Channel so don't forget to subscribe Right now I talked about it every single Day right here that I was buying in my Long position and that was that I was Buying Bitcoin around this level and if We will ever have the opportunity yet Again I will notify everyone on this Channel so don't forget to subscribe Right now but anyways this was it for me On today's update video if you did enjoy It don't forget to subscribe to the Channel and I'll see you guys on the Next one peace out goodbye

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